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"Life isn't always fair, but God is always faithful." -UCN front lawn sign

I'm feeling better, having spent much of Saturday processing, but to spare me the trouble of retelling the story umpteen times,

My mom e-mailed Friday night (because my brother and I sometimes complain that no one ever tells us anything).  She recently had a routine mammogram, and she got a follow-up call that the radiologist wanted additional images of her left breast.  It's probably nothing, but a woman at church, younger than her, is being treated for breast cancer, and my mom said, "Makes it more concrete than I would like."  And then, instead of getting to just come home and spend an evening "curled up on the couch [...] sucking [her] thumb" (as she put it) she couldn't get through to her mother when she called (she calls her every night) and no, grandma wasn't dead, her phone service wasn't working, so my mom got to spend lots of time and energy fighting with Verizon.

(That was the long explanation of why I put the universe on notice in my previous entry.)

Saturday morning I took the train out to Norwood, visited my parents first, and then went to the library.  Nobody interesting was around, so I headed toward the custodial office -- and was surprised to bump into Rocco, one of the part-time custodians.  We exchanged pleasantries and he said, "Did you hear that Terry's father passed?" and I said oh, no I hadn't.  He said it just happened, on Thursday.  (Terry told me back in January that his father had cancer, and from what he said, although he never used those words, my understanding was: "His father is dying."  I wonder how long it would have taken me to hear about this if I hadn't visited the library, as it usually takes some pushing, or at least some conversational time, before Terry will talk about anything "real" -- he's always "I'm fine, everything's fine" -- and I usually don't think to ask about his father, in part because he almost never mentions it.)

I had time to kill before the next train back to Boston, and I knew there was a 50th wedding anniversary happening at United Church in a couple hours, so I thought I'd swing by there and say hi to people (hoping that wouldn't be too weird since I'd just been back last weekend and wasn't actually staying for the anniversary party).  My mom was in the parking lot just getting ready to leave.  (She had dropped off cookies.)  I said, "I would like the universe to stop being mean to the people that I love."  When I explained, the very first thing she did was to hug me tight.  ♥

She drove me to the train station and sat with me, holding me, until my train came.  We also talked some, including some about her mammogram, and she says it's probably nothing and she plans to live to be 100 and worst case scenario with this anyway would be having to do chemo (which is not good but also not death).

In an e-mail that night, I told my mom that my distress was focused far more on Terry than on her, which seemed out of whack to me.  She said, "Your priorities are exactly right. Death trumps unlikely health issues."

So yeah, if anyone wants to call some other evening just to say hi (I have extension school class on Mondays until 7:30, and Thursday is CAUMC small group from 7-10, but otherwise...), that would probably be lovely.  (Prayers are also appreciated, if you are so inclined.)


Happy things:

* Stephen Colbert wants a sign he should run for President. [via kita0610]

* After a Grade 9 male student at a Canadian high school is bullied (including being called a homosexual) for wearing a pink tank shirt, two Grade 12 students (also male) distribute pink tank tops and other pink items for students to wear. [via kita0610]

* "The youngest 'Hero' suits up" -- Noah Gray-Cabey goes shopping for the Emmys (though I checked IMDb, and the girl who plays Molly Walker is a year younger than him) [via sigrun]

P.S. fox1013 wrote Micah and Molly fic for heroes_bigboom.

Also, Ari came to CWM with me tonight (observing churches being a requirement for one of her classes), and due to train schedules we also got about an hour and a half to hang out beforehand.  (And we bumped into Layna on the way to church.)

Oh, and Jessie, I think I am lame and never thanked you for the collage you made for me, but it is lovely.

And worth_the_trip informs me that "YA author Lee Wind has recently launched his own blog about LGBTQ teen lit called I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the Hell Do I Read?"
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