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Heroes: comics 35-51


35-38: It Takes a Village

Bob the Haitian! (for reference, see UserInfo of bobthehaitian)

Oh my god... so much love. (Though okay, part of me is worrying that they've actually gotten the culture totally wrong -- I wouldn't know, but I'm sure there are fen who would, and I think creators should do actual research when representing something that exists in "our" world as well as in their fictional world.)

Interesting that he can bring memories to the fore, not just remove them.

They also continue to leave ambiguous whether he retains the memories he takes or not.

#36, last page [7/7]: "My shame, my fear, my love for my father... leapt from me... like fingers... no... like machetes... slashing carelessly through the soft everything around them. Leaving nothing. Nothing but empty shells."
#38, penultimate page [7/8]: "I wanted to take back that which I had taken ... but it was not possible."

I remain somewhat annoyed at the inconsistency regarding the specials' powers activating. Mostly they have to choose to activate them (though the first time they manifest is kind of by definition unintentional) but some work even when unconscious (Claire's healing, for example, kept her alive during autopsy even though the branch to the base of her skull kept her from activating visible healing). Peter absorbs without trying but has to do some touchy-feely stuff to activate an absorbed power (and the finale is unclear as to whether he can only use activated one absorbed ability at once or if it was just that he was overwhelmed by trying to control his new radioactive power).

#38, page 4/8: "I knew nothing then of genetics, of bio-chemical aberrance. Or of how shame could cripple my own abilities. [...] But I was still a boy... and I could not leave my father without one last touch. [next page] I became one with my father's mind [...] memories, moments, hidden like jewels scattered in a muddy field. But I could find them. I could find them and show them to him, in all of their radiance."

So shame stops him from muting powers but doesn't interfere with his ability to manipulate memories?

39-42: Betty

From the get-go, I wondered if this was gonna be our Candice backstory and was kind of annoyed that it was so traditional 'cause I like the open-ended-ness that onscreen S1 canon gave us -- it was hinted that her "true" form was a fat black woman, and some ficcers have even gone further than that: e.g. apocalypsos wrote "All The Popular Girls In High School."] -- and if we were gonna get "canon" backstory I was hoping it wouldn't be something so obvious.

In Clueless, a "betty" is an attractive woman, so I was really thrown by the beginning of this arc.

The shadow in the last panel distresses me because if it's only an illusion then her shadow should reflect her actual physical body -- but at that angle maybe her shadow really would be that skinny anyway.


Forgot to mention, I did like that she started an epowering rumor that then mutated, as rumors so often do.

And when she started "burning down the gym," I totally thought of Buffy -- and then remembered Carrie.


43-46: Golden Handshake:

1: Man Overboard

Claude had a partner before Claude-Bennet? Interesting. (I'm used to the fanon that he was found by the Company and then trained by them to work for them, with Bennet being his first partner.)

[Haram -- 17 years ago]

2: An American in Paris

Neat that Fusor was a woman's accomplice.

3. One More for the Road

Interesting... he chooses reaching for the gun to kill the girl, rather than helping his partner, and it gets him killed.

4. Severance Pay

Oh, he's not actually dead. ("Now be quiet and die" -page 4/8)

Her power only activates through her palms? (He holds her wrists with bare skin touching bare skin and forces her to touch her own face -- which also means her power has to be uncontrollable, which seems weird . . . and you can't say she hasn't learned how to control it yet, 'cause she's been at this a while and is very pro.) That seems kind of bizarre.

47-48: Heroism is Found in the Heart

I could do without relentlessly heterosexual Ando.

Motorcyclists with swords!

I love how capable Kimiko is.

49-50: Blackout

Okay, so we kind of already did this plotline with Ted, but I still like it.

51: Maya y Alejandro
Evolution is a matter of choice. When mutation is introduced, a decision is made. Nature asks, "Does this new characteristic have value? Does it represent progress? Will it benefit the species?" Let's take human flight as an example. One can imagine the ability to fly would enhance a person's chance of survival AND be attractive to the opposite sex. This makes choice easy. But, as a contrast, there are mutations that could harm the positive evolution of a species. Like the ability to host a deadly virus. Naturally, this type of trait is often rejected because ... if left unchecked, the worst case scenarios can occur ... the extinction of the species. But in some cases ... the very mutation that seems most destructive ... can be cured, corrected, or eradicated. Or, better yet ... take the virtually immortal cancer cell. Some scientists believe it actually holds the secret to keeping healthy cells alive longer. A seemingly unattractive mutation ... holding the potential for something great. And that is why, as beings capable of inserting ourselves into evolution's decision making process ... we have the obligation to fully understand our own species' mutations ... in order to ensure that the right choices are made. In order to ensure we do not ignore ... a hidden gift from nature.
--an excerpt from Chapter 5 of 'Activating Evolution' by Chandra Suresh.
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