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HIMYM 3.01 "Wait for It" [2007-09-24]

I missed the first couple minutes 'cause I have class until 7:30, so I'll have to catch that on innertube tomorrow.

It makes me sad that my enjoyment of an overall solid episode ("I wouldn't let you take care of the imaginary kids I make up to score single moms" // "I am never speaking to Ted again?" / "Even if he had butterflies flying out of his ass?") is sullied by the fact that some of it makes me wince -- Amy insulting Barney by saying he has a giant vagina, a lower back tattoo being a "tramp stamp." Come on, HIMYM, you're better than that, aren't you?

Edit: I did really like that Amy was a "12" and appeared to actually have some meat on her bones. /edit

Gael playing music reminded me of Giles at the Espresso Pump. I was also trying to figure out what he was singing and got "I don't know who you are. You don't know who I am." before it got too soft for me to make out the Spanish.

I love that Ted really can't do the irrational yelling thing. And oh Barney, ignoring a hot chick telling you she'll do anything right now here in this hot tub to argue with Ted that he shouldn't get a tattoo.

And Robin's wearing the same dress the whole episode, I think -- a dress which feels very out of character for her, which I approve as it fits with her whole Argentina thing. I liked the reveal that she was lonely and crying the first three days, that she wasn't trying to "win" the breakup (which is a total Ted thing anyway), just survive it.


I watched the opening online.

Yellow umbrella? (This helps to explain why we panned to the crowd shot in the rain at the end of the episode.)

I'd seen "cirqu de so-laid" in other people's writeups, but: "Finish line of a women's 10K: salty girls on an endorphin high who just wanna lie down." Heart.

Also, things I loved about this episode included Barney's fixation on the fact that you can't "make love" and windsurf at the same time -- "Seriously, don't giggle, tell me."

::continues playing episode in background window::

Yeah, I love this episode a lot.

Edit 2: "He's the Cadillac of rebound guys" -- and "this encore presentation is brought to you by Cadillac." Heart.
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