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Heroes 2.01 "Four Months Later..." [2007-09-24]

outside Kyoto, Japan, 1671

We all kind of called that Hiro was gonna become Kensei, right? I do really like that rather than having Kensei get killed and Hiro feeling responsible, Kensei turns out to be a white guy out to make a buck. (And I keep having flashes of Xena, which in my book is a good thing.)

Edit: I heart-ed Hiro's "Not again" (at the eclipse) like whoa. /edit

Maya y Alejandro

Hey, we met them in the comics. Nice.

When they're hiding in that house? Totally potentially 'cesty dynamic.

It's implied that Alejandro's immune to what Maya makes happen (they're wanted as a pair), but it could be that he actually keeps her in check (sort of like the Haitian). I wonder how long it'll take before we have confirmation of what exactly the deal is.

Molly has two daddies

I didn't think they were gonna do that, but wow, they did.

[Edit: Comic-con link from the comments in Amy's journal. /edit]

You know Ms. Gerber was worried about sexual abuse, right? I mean especially 'cause one of the drawings had a girl in a bed.

Molly's really grown up. The way she talked to Matt at home, all of it. (When she stood up and yelled at him? Intense.)

Matt, when she says you won't talk about your exams and she won't talk about her dreams, that's your cue to say "Okay, I'll tell you about my exams."

Edit: When Molly accused him of cheating, I assumed she meant the written part -- which we know Parkman has trouble with because of his dyslexia -- but it's frustratingly ambiguous, since the only test we actually see in the episode is the field test, where I would argue that as long as he can do his job well it doesn't matter what abilities he uses. Though probably she did mean his powers. See discussion here, for example. /edit

Costa Verde and its 86 straight days of sunshine

Aww, Mr. Bennet loves Claire so hard.

Um, sometimes trying to be absolutely invisible and unobtrusive makes you more conspicuous. Though in part, I'm just not used to schools that operate like tv/movie schools do -- what's up with bells to warn that you're supposed to head to class soon? since when does absolutely no one answer a question in class? (Sidenote: West for all his digging at Claire for being a "robot," sure wasn't making any attempt to speak up himself. Yes I'm sure his "alien" identity is well-entrenched, if he is a native of the school as is implied, but he's got the dark brooding loner thing going on)

Claire, why are you such a fuckup sometimes? What are the odds that someone's not going to see you put your hand in the flame?

West can fly? I thought we weren't duplicating powers. [I know that was never explicitly stated, but still.]

Does West remind me of whatsisname from the Buffy movie? [This is him, right? IMDb isn't being especially helpful for this episode. I think I recognize Martha from Without a Trace.] I would like to see Claire become friends with West and Martha, a la the Scrappy Gang that could have been of BtVS S7, even though I know that in this show, everything has to be intense and epic, so likely Claire and West will have a relationship like unto Buffy and Riley with the mutual hiding and the eventual revelations and obviously the romantic hooking up.

I loved that Mr. Bennet had a new job in a paper place and that letdown of it being a copy shop where you have those uniforms. I was less thrilled with his attitude. Dude, Noah, lay off the "I'm better than this" shit, especially since you're insisting that Claire be absolutely ordinary -- though it does add some resonance to his apology to her for all he's put her through . . . 'cause he knows he's still putting her through shit, holding her to a double standard, hiding stuff from her.

Have we seen Midas Touch guy before? He looked familiar. [Edit: Apparently he's been in lots of stuff -- including playing Principal Flutie in the unaired BtVS pilot! /edit]

[Oh, and, I know we are working on comic book logic or whatever, but you can't actually create significant amounts of money without having a significant effect on the economy. I keep thinking of that scene in one of the Hitchhiker's books where they decide to make the leaves on the trees be money.]

Wow, taking the Company down from inside. I did not see that coming. (Text is bad for conveying tone, but there is not actually sarcasm in that sentence.)

"Now there are nine."

Okay, so I thought of "nine pieces of eight" and the Pirate Lords. I already wanted to know more about their generation, but they're doing a nice job. I'm really intrigued by this marked for death thing. And the fact that it's supposedly one of their own. And Midas Touch guy basically said that the first generation of the Company were all specials, so that's intriguing as well.

Backing up...

I thought the bearded guy Ando bumped into looked familiar and lo, Nathan! Also: Apparently both our special-nonspecial married couples have split up (the Parkmans and the Petrellis).

The shot of Nathan in the mirror? I really wanna know what's up with that. My immediate thought was actually that really this was Peter, pining for Nathan, and I was trying to remember if Peter had ever encountered Candice. And seriously, what did happen to Nathan? 'Cause even if Peter pushed him away and then exploded, Nathan was already absorbing some serious radiation. Since we do find out that Peter is alive, I wonder if maybe that face is the last Nathan saw of Peter and it haunts him.

omg, Peter has amnesia. Did the show suddenly turn into fanfic? I don't even know what to do with this, it's like worlds collide. [Also: There had better be an explanation as to the necklace. Is it bad that I almost want an explanation for that more than I want an explanation for how he ended up chained in a giant warehouse box that was supposed to be holding crates of iPods?]
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