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[Why are the only songs I can think of either sad or angry?]

E-mail from my mom this morning:
Subject: "a happy ending"

In the words of the technician, "the story has a happy ending."

I went back this morning for a repeat mammogram. She showed me the image from last time and there was a white patch -- what you do NOT want to see on a mammogram. She said they wanted to flatten the tissue more to make sure it was healthy tissue and not a problem. Aside from the pain of being squashed like a bug, it was fine.
Then she said I was to wait for the doctor to review the images -- which I did, and the tech came out and said, "the story has a happy ending" -- it's all healthy tissue and no problem.

So, one more thing to cross off your worry list

I called Terry this evening.  He said he had just turned his phone back on a couple days ago, said he wasn't sure why he had turned it off.  I suggested it was probably because he didn't want to talk to people.  He said he should have called me 'cause he wasn't there that Saturday we had said I'd come visit.  I said it wasn't exactly his fault and I figured he was probably pretty overwhelmed.  He said he was actually gonna call me soon, which I thought was sweet.  [He asked how I'd heard, so I explained, and said I'd e-mailed him that night but had waited to call because I figured he'd be busy and likely not want to talk to people.]

He asked what was going on in my life, and I'm so bad at answering that (I bumped into Becca C-T getting off the Red Line this evening, and she said "What's new with you?" and I was like, "...").  I felt bad, because I should have been prepared for that question.

He asked how the gym was, which I was impressed by -- remembering details of my life?  Not always his strong suit.

At one point he asked, "Have you found a man yet?"  I laughed and said no.  In sort of exasperated surprise he said something like, "What are you waiting for?"  I replied, "It's not like going to a store to pick up a new dress."  He agreed, said wouldn't it be easier if it were, which I agreed.

In general, though, he seemed quieter than usual, more subdued.

He had to go do some work and said next time I was in the area to give him a buzz, now that his phone was on again.
I said, "Would you like me to visit this weekend?"
He was all, "If you're not too busy; I don't want to intrude in your schedule."
I said, "You sound almost like you don't actually wanna see me."
He insisted, "That's not what I said."
I pointed out, "I haven't seen you in two and a half months, of course I wanna see you."
"Has it really been that long?"
I explained that he took me out for my birthday and then I was away most of August and then the first time I was in town in September he wasn't working that Saturday and then the next time his father had just died.
Finally I said, "Okay.  I currently have no plans for this Saturday.  Unless I get a better offer, I'll come visit you.  How's that?"
He got all mock offended at the "better offer" thing.
"Okay.  I would like to come visit you this Saturday, if that would work for you."
"There you go.  Now that wasn't that hard, was it?"
"You're such a brat.  You made me go through that like three times."
"I'm just teasing."
"I know."

Amy, I'd be taking (at the latest) the 5:05 back into Boston, so we could still hang out this Saturday evening if you'd like.  (And if you'd rather not, that's fine, too -- we can totally do it another time.)


Other happy things:

Vaguely NSFW scene deleted from the HIMYM S3 premiere -- YouTube link via the comments on Amy's entry.

jadelennox's post about great moments in local baseball she has experienced recently.

I got a box of Godiva truffles!  Rae gave them to me in gratitude for my help with her last-minute recruiting information request.

I didn't get lunch until about 2pm, but the GlobalVegetarian had yummy mushroom stuff, and I also got potato leek soup which I ended up not being hungry enough to eat, so yay for dinner.

femslash_today 1000+ watchers porn battle accepting prompts until midnight EST tonight.


Elliptical, interval:
1mi @ 11:00min
2mi @ 22:06min
2.7mi @ 30min

MaryAlice was saying yesterday that when she does the machines she doesn't really pay attention to the distance, is more concerned with burning at least 500 calories in a given workout.  My workout this morning was ~300cal.  I am very okay with that.


CHPC Book Group tonight.  Karl had talked about doing something like Diana Butler Bass' Christianity for the Rest of Us: How the Neighborhood Church Is Transforming the Faith.  What really grabbed me from his pile was Alan Jones'  Reimagining Christianity: Reconnect Your Spirit without Disconnecting Your Mind.  Liz (in absentia, as she had ExecEd tonight) suggested Thich Nhat Hanh's Peace Is Every Step because we're doing a video program on him Nov. 11.  Karl also suggested the new Barbara Kingsolver (about eating locally produced food) or Thoreau's Walden.  I got my hate on re: Thoreau -- and said that it made a lot of sense to me to do a TNH book in conjunction with that.  Karl pointed out that the program isn't until mid-November, so we're doing the Alan Jones one first.  (Anyone who wants to come discuss it with us: Wed. Oct. 24 @ 7pm).

P.S. Katherine took Chet Raymo's Skeptics and True Believers: The Exhilarating Connection Between Science and Spirituality for the plane ride to Albuquerque. Also: I learned on Sunday that we share a maiden name -- even spelled the same way. I need to look into the genealogy on that side. (I remember my brother started putting together a family tree after the family reunion.)
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