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"So she said, 'What's the problem, baby?'"

I tried the new cardio machine.  Apparently you have to actually start moving on it before it actually kicks on.  It's not quite an elliptical and not quite a stair stepper.  It's really easy to not push myself very hard on it, and it's almost an awkward motion, so I haven't quite figured out how to really push my body on it.  Think I'll go back to the elliptical on Monday.
1mi @ 13:09
2mi @ 26:31
2.25mi @ 30min

VH1 actually plays music videos.  This morning I saw J.Lo's "Do It Well" (YouTube).  I . . . don't even know.

I forget how it came up, but I told Greg and Katie about the modern day Trojan Horse experiment.

I go back and forth about how much I want to see Southland Tales (see May 29, 2005 entry and May 31, 2006 entry).  Today I saw this entry.  I was not taken with Donnie Darko, but I inexplicably wanna see Southland Tales.  [IMDb lists a limited US release date of Nov. 7, 2007.]

At lunch, Katie got brussel sprouts with her salad, and I said I thought I really didn't like them as a child, but I tried them once in college and thought, "Well, doesn't suck."  She cracked up.  I'm still not used to being considered funny -- and I'm a little concerned, because it feels like laughing *at,* but I know she means it well.  She said I remind her a lot of Daria.  Is that not one of the highest compliments?  (Why is that show not out on DVD, btw?  Okay, wikipedia provides me some answers.)

Over lunch, the Muppets came up somehow.  Eric said there was gonna be a "Who Wants to Be a Muppet?" but I think he is either lying or delusional.  (Yes, I Googled.)  MaryAlice talked about the Swedish Chef lobster sketch, which sounded hysterical, but I found it on YouTube and didn't think it was that funny.

One of Prof.B's former students e-mailed:
Hope you're doing well.  Not sure if you remember but I was in your Incentives class during the 2003/2004 school year.  I don't think I ever got to tell you, but I really enjoyed your class and it has been instrumental in my career over the years.  Not sure if you've seen this video but it could be a fun one to show your classes.
Attached was a .wmv of the bud.tv "swear jar" commercial.  (YouTube)  It is hysterical.

On my way out of work, I think I saw two guys kissing.

And I am up to an audience of 4 for my most recent sowrong fic pairing.  Guess I really do have to finish that fic I was working on *checks* 2 years ago [early August, 2005].


Game Night tonight at Trelawney and Eric's new place in Wakefield.

Her twin sister and family were there at the beginning, along with Michele from CWM.  I learned that Michele watches HIMYM -- and Heroes.  Nice.  She brought Scene It, but Mike and I weren't really excited about that, plus (more importantly) Mike's work acquaintance Tyler and Michele had both never played Apples to Apples before.  Michele had to leave not too long in, but we did play a few rounds, and she won one hand giving Eric "My Love Life" (the "my" on a card always refers to the Judge) for some positive adjective (Luxurious?).  Later we got the entertainment of Eric arguing that Trelawney's baked beans are Revolutionary.

I got Intelligent (for Men in Black?) and Stereotyped (for Sunday Drivers).  I gave Michelle Dangerous (for Snakes, beating out toys -- which could have won for the entertainment value, if people had argued it in a sexual fashion -- because she argued Snakes on a Plane) and Sue Mystical (for Swiss Chocolate).  Oh and I gave Friendly the win with "Canadians" -- which Michelle validated as beating out Carnival Workers (which I think was her card); I think the winner was Tyler's card.

Mike drove me to and from Game Night.  Tyler just moved to the area (from Ohio?) less than a month ago, and Mike was telling me about how he was asking Mike about places to meet people.  I said I wouldn't even know what to tell people, and said I was so grateful that I found communities of people (church and work) relatively quickly, but finding available people I'd be interested in and who like girls?  Yeah, hard.  And honestly, I'd rather spend what limited time I have cultivating the friendships I have, but I know sometime I will want that and I really don't have good ideas for how to go about it.


I watched the CSI premiere (see preceding entry) and found that CBS doesn't show streaming video of Without a Trace.  Not watching the show wouldn't be all that much of a sacrifice, but I am gonna have to get a new tv soonish so I can watch DVDs etc., so I'd like to be able to just jump back in.

A TV/DVD combo is like $200. Even just a tv is like $100.  A DVD/VCR player is like $100, and I think I'm gonna get that, so that if the TV craps out I can still play VHS as well as DVD.

I also need to solve my CD-burner problem.  (In case you missed my post/s, I can't find the USB cord.)

I know, I know, first world problems (as gloss put it recently).
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