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Heroes 2.02 "Lizards" [watched on nbc.com: 2007-10-02]

Mrs. Bennet: "We do have a colander here. No need to be flashy."

Mr. Bennet: "We simply asked you to lay low."
Claire: "High school doesn't work like that, dad. You lay low, and you get noticed more than anyone. They have metal detectors for people who lay too low. I have to be someone."

Very glad that she brought that up -- since we saw in last week's episode that it's true.
Then she says maybe it's easy for him (which we recognize as ironic, having seen last week's episode), which allows him to sidestep the issue and be all "We all make sacrifices, Claire."

Mr. Bennet: "I knew this would happen. Kaito."
Mrs. Bennet: "How'd you know this was gonna happen?"
Mr. Bennet: [sighs]
Mrs. Bennet: "Hey, that's not the way we do things any more. No more secrets. That was the deal."

I love that she's being all backbone-y.

"series of 8" paintings by Isaac.
Ooh. Am very intrigued. Linderman was collecting Isaac's paintings, but who has control of his assets now that he's dead?

Parkman (re: Hiro): "I need to talk to him."
Ando: "So do I."

I like that Claire is smart enough to suggest growing organs and whole limbs for people who need them, not just being excited at there being mainstream science related to her "special-ness" and then having nothing to say after having brought attention to herself.
Huh. The teacher says the next step is phasing out the stuff we don't need -- the appendix, wisdom teeth (for grinding bone), pinky toe (for balance) -- saying it's "all just junk."

Mohinder gets sent to Port-au-Prince.
Midas Touch guy: "Right now, your blood is the only cure for that virus. Try not to get yourself killed."

Okay, the siblings (now in Guatemala) are twins, with Maya just a few minutes older.

We're introduced to Caitlin, and hear about this McSorley they're doing the job for.

Mohinder speaks French! (It's in yellow like the Spanish is, which makes me sad, except there are only so many colors you can make a subtitle to have it easily readable.)
The guy says in English: "I do not want your cure."
Mohinder: "Without it you could die."
guy: "God gave me a power. I abused this gift, so He took it away. Now I suffer His judgment."
[me: Hey, I saw this storyline in the comics -- 35-38: "It Takes a Village." Nice.]
Mohinder: "Then perhaps we should leave it to God to decide? Chances are you carry one of a hundred viruses I can do nothing about, but if you somehow carry this one virus, there is only one cure, a distillation of my own blood. And I was guided to you. Surely that's a sign, just the same as your suffering."
guy: "A sign of what?"
Mohinder: "That God isn't quite done with you yet. So my friend, shall we see if He still offers redemption?"

woman: "He watches over you."
Maya: "My brother has always been there to protect me. From the day we were born."
woman: "Twins."
Maya: [nods]
woman: "Nidia is helping you cross too?"
Alejandro: "My sister is not well. We are going to get her medical help."
woman: "It must be serious to make such a dangerous journey. Perhaps I can help. I am a healer."
Alejandro: "We are going to America to find a real doctor."
[me: Hey, don't be mean. Even though I know that narratively you're going to accept -- under Maya's insistence -- and then get the woman, and everyone else, sick.]
woman: Let me... please. [takes Maya's hands] Don't be afraid. It is a new illness. You fear it will spread. "You fear... yourself. What you carry inside you is black. Enough to kill the devil."
[The spoken Spanish of this last line is: "suficir de muerte a matar el diablo"
Nice flashback to the Suresh excerpt from their introductory comic -- "there are mutations that could harm the positive evolution of a species. Like the ability to host a deadly virus. Naturally, this type of trait is often rejected because ... if left unchecked, the worst case scenarios can occur ... the extinction of the species. But in some cases ... the very mutation that seems most destructive ... can be cured, corrected, or eradicated. Or, better yet ... take the virtually immortal cancer cell. Some scientists believe it actually holds the secret to keeping healthy cells alive longer. A seemingly unattractive mutation ... holding the potential for something great."]

woman: "No one can heal you. You are cursed." [begins gathering up her children, saying "Vamanos"]
Nidia: "She's just a little girl -- please wait."
woman: "No! We will not cross with them."

swordsmith's daughter (Yaeko): "You don't deserve to call yourselves Samurais. You feed on suffering."
bandit leader: "Today we will feast on yours. I need your father alive, but I have no need of you."

bandit, re: Hiro-as-Takezo-Kensei: Why does he keep saying his own name?
Hee. I love how confident Hiro is. And I also enjoy how he works to maintain the historical narrative.

Hiro-as-Takezo-Kensei: "I don't need a sword. I have all of yours. [...] Go now. Before I take your clothes next."

Go Caitlin with her self-defense. Yes, we are reminded that having a weapon can be dangerous since your attacker can use it against you, but still.

West: "So... lizards, huh? [...] I figured you'd be more into whales or something. Unicorns."
[me: Okay West, now you're starting to annoy me.]
Claire: "You know, you make a lot of assumptions. Is my hair really that blonde?"
West: "I think it's cool, actually. I'm sort of into genetics, too."
Claire: "I didn't say I was into genetics."
West: "You don't have to hide everything interesting about you. Biology is supposed to be our destiny, but people forget: genes can change."
Claire: "I thought guys like you were supposed to sit at the back of the classroom and hate everything."

Um, "Chandra Suresh" is not hard to pronounce, West. Don't front like you're all not really into learning.

Who steals a car from a high school lot?

Hiro: "Sorry. Back home, my friend Ando usually did the driving."

Hiro: "The cherry blossoms are in full bloom. We have met in an auspicious time."
Yaeko: "A tree that brings so much beauty, yet bears no fruit. Even the deer have come to enjoy them."
[me, at the "Bargaining"-esque shot of the deer: Cue something ominous.]
Hiro: "My father once told me... Deer are the messengers of God."
[me: You love your father so much and you don't even know yet that in "your" time he's dead! Sadness.]
Hiro: "If you tell a deer your wish, it can pass on the message."
Yaeko: "Heaven has already sent me what I most desire. Someone to save us all."
[me: Okay, you're clearly in love with him, but I like that it's not being explicitly phrased as just that.]
Yaeko: "And bring us hope."
Hiro: "You are too kind."
Yaeko: "Take off... your mask."
Hiro: "There are things I could not say if you looked on my face. You... disarm me. It is no surprise Takezo Kensei's love for you will be the stuff of legend."
Yaeko: "Will it?"
him: [nods]

cherry blossoms falling... how does one make that happen, exactly?

Mohinder: "How are your hands?"
guy: "Steady as faith."

The shot of the guy sitting up, I thought: Wait, is that The Haitian?
Okay, so Port-au-Prince is in Haiti, but I thought they were just being a bit sloppy, running out of places to find other "heroes."

Mohinder: "I have trouble believing in any God that would allow a pathogen like this to exist. It killed my sister. It seems like it's becoming even more virulent. With a replication rate this aggressive, you would have been dead by morning."

Haitian: "Of course. There's always a company."

Midas Touch guy: "He wouldn't have been able to take your memory unless the vaccine worked, so apparently it did. Full recovery, thank you Dr. Suresh."

Maya: "What if we get caught?"
Nidia: "Here they do not catch. They shoot."

It seems like if she's apart from her brother she manifests. Possibly with anxiety as a trigger.

I couldn't make out her whispered Spanish prayer beyond "Jesus." Maybe "corriamos."

Alejandro sings: "Duermete Maya. Estas en manos antiguas. Maya . . . "
The black vanishes! And from Nidia, too!

Nidia: "She was right. You are evil! Both of you. You're cursed!"
Alejandro: "Wait. We don't know where to go. Please... she didn't mean to --"
[me: Wouldn't you want to tell them the way to go so they don't return to your house?]

Mr. Bennet: "You left it . . . unlocked."
I thought, He left important secret stuff in that car -- and then I realized that if that were true he would have freaked from the news that it was stolen. Plus, it's her car now, so he wouldn't have been that stupid.

Okay, Claire, don't say shit like "What's a stolen car when you're running for your life" in the middle of the store. Come on, I'm more discreet about the affair I'm not having.

She really is genuinely interested in helping other people, I think. *is touched.*

Mr. Bennet: "I have kept you out of danger your whole life so you wouldn't have to find your limits. Because if they find you, that's what they'll do. They'll cut you, they'll test you, they will push you so far past your capacity for pain that you'll wish you could die. Believe me, you may feel confined here, but this is far freer a cage than the one they'd put you in."

Angela, re: possible motives for killing Kaito: "Well, I don't need the money, and I wasn't sleeping with him. Not for a long time."
Ooh, intriguing.

Love her screaming, "Get out of my head!"

An invisible figure slashing at Angela = creepy.

Caitlin to Peter: "Make up a story. Tell me you lost your memory of tonight, too. But don't pretend I'm stupid."

Peter: "Fine, next time I'll leave him alone with your sister."
Ricky: "You turned a fixable monetary problem into a blood feud."

And yet his plan for getting out of it involves making monetary amends. Which, okay, not like there's a better plan possible -- I suspect McSorley's idea of justice would be getting to cut on Peter.

Ricky: "I thought common courtesy would do it. [...] You might want this... Peter."

I forgot that Peter did have pants on when they found him in the iPod crate.

And as soon as he said "Maybe a love letter," I thought, "You're totally bullshitting, in part to get your sister from being interested in him, but clearly all of fandom is now thinking: 'Love letter from Nathan ftw!' "

Hiro, you can totally be Takezo, we established that earlier this episode with the battle of the twelve. Though, okay, it means you're stuck here for decades. You can go back and forth through time, but you can't actually make yourself younger.

The gaijin heals! Are we really repeating powers?

So, after finishing the episode, I was thinking about the Kensei legends. How do the stories go? 'Cause he's gotta bow out of legend some time.

Browsing heroeswiki:
"I understand, Father. To save what is most important... I must be strong enough... to cut out my heart."
-Hiro in "Landslide"
So then I tracked down the full legend:
Kensei fought his enemies and won, thus saving his people. But then, the dragon came to Kensei's palace, demanding the life of the princess. Instead, the warrior drew his sword and plunged it into his own heart. Kensei then handed the heart to the dragon and said, "My love is in here. Take it." And then he died.
Added bonus: "The documentary Sword Saint notes that [...]. Some believe that after Kensei's death, the Dragon brought Kensei back to life and that, together with the princess, they away together."

Mr. Bennet: "Was it a productive trip?"
Mohinder: "You should have the answer to that yourself very shortly."
Mr. Bennet: "You didn't arouse any suspicions...
Mohinder: "I don't think so. Bob seemed more upset with himself for having trusted the bumbling professor."
[I was thrown by "Bob" because of bobthehaitian.]
Mohinder: "They'll be watching me more closely now."
Mr. Bennet: "That's to be expected. Don't worry, I'll find the other paintings myself."
Mohinder: "Are you sure?"
Mr. Bennet: "You've given me everything I need."

Mr. Bennet, to the Haitian: "Welcome to Copy Kingdom, how can I help you?"

Claire looks at her toes, and the scissors, and I wince. Even though I know those scissors won't cut bone anyway. -- Except that apparently they do. Um, okay. I totally expected Mr. Muggles to go for the chopped off toe.

Ah, creepy looking in the window a la Angel. I was surprised to see her run out the front door 'cause I just assumed she was on the second floor (in which case upon seeing a face she would have rushed to the window -- which okay, I would have done on the first floor anyway) since we already know from the previous episode that he can fly. I like that we're reminded of that by Mr. Muggles jumping up and down as if trying to reach someone higher up.
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