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BtVS 8.7

No Future for You, Part II

Opening panel is a voiceover bubble "This is friendship" with a scared looking Faith reflected in a mirror. Looking more closely, I thought the reflective surface was the scythe, in a dungeon room (a chain hanging down from an outcropping beam) but looking again after reading the story to come, I realize the reflective surface is Faith's dagger, and it's her hand holding it . . . with a handcuff around her wrist.

Faith voiceover: "Anyway, live and learn. Almost die and learn way more."

Faith, tossing the earpiece: "Sorry, Giles. I've got enough voices in my head already."

doorman: "You're one of them, all right."
Interesting that Faith's attitude marks her as one of the society girls (since usually it marks her as an outside).

Lady Genevieve: "Just hand me your inane birthday cards and be on your way."
(We don't see Faith talking her way out of the fact that she clearly doesn't have a birthday card.)

Faith voiceover: "I've done worse than this without losing a wink... So why the hell am I shaking so bad right now?"
Because she's a Slayer. She's like Buffy all over again.

Roden: "Girl is making my wand tingle, and not in the good way."


The Dawn interlude felt pointless, but I love Dawn, so I was okay with that.

Willow: "I'm as sensitive to profiling as the next gay Wiccan Jewess, but not every stereotype is untrue."
Oh, Joss. Has no one told you that Willow is in fact not a Wiccan? (Also: Does anyone say "Jewess" these days?)

Dawn: "He was the only guy on campus who treated me like a friend, not a... a walking pair of boobs."
Willow: "Oh, sweetie, don't talk like that. / Boys are into you because of your legs, not those itty-bitty things."


Lady Genevieve: "Mind if I bum a fag?"
Faith: "What do I care? / You can bum whoever you... // Oh."

Ah, Amy Winehouse. (One of the few things I heard anything about glancing at free newspapers during my time in the UK this past August.)

Her name is Hope. "These three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love." (1 Corinthians 13:13)

Faith: "Why am I such a dick to every guy who's the least bit nice to me?"
I'm not quite sure emo introspective Faith rings true for me (plus, you were good to the Mayor, weren't you, Faith?). I do like the line about having "throw[n] away" Giles, though.

Roden: "I'm begging you, snuff her out now."
Genevieve: "No, she isn't one of your disposable street urchins. This Slayer is a fellow blue blood."
Roden: "She's a viscount's kid, not a sodding princess!"
Genevieve: "Precisely. The whole point of this little soiree was identifying possible threats to my impending coronation, which a lowly banker's daughter is clearly not."
Roden: "Not a threat? She turned my boys into rubble."
Genevieve: "After they attacked her unprovoked. And she was brilliant. I could use someone like her on my side. / Trust me, this girl and I are on the same wavelength."
Roden: "One cigarette and you're ready to make her your best mate? You don't even know--"

Genevieve: "This is Roden. He's from Belfast, but don't hold that agaisnt him." Am I noticing this because I was just in Belfast, or did we really only know that he was "Irish" before? I am now having thinky thoughts about the relationship of Northern Ireland and England -- which probably won't actually play into anything, since I don't think Joss thinks about global stuff that much.

Genevieve: "I'm talking about an ancient force that you and I and a lot of other girls have tapped into. // Roden says I'm going to lead the lot of us to take our rightful place at the head of this wretched society. / Right after I destroy the woman holding us back... and take her mantle as queen."

We of course knew that's Buffy.

Now I'm trying to remember what exactly Giles said about what kind of threat this girl posed -- and I can't find my copy of "No Future for You, Part I."

Edit: Found it.
Giles: "If the girl in question were merely guilty of the same mistakes you once made--considerable though they may have been--I would opt for rehabilitation. / But according to every augur in my employ, including the great bearded wizard of Northampton, unless the young lady is terminated before fall's end, she will usher in--"
Faith: "--the end of the world, right? / You've got apocalypse written all over your face."

Wiki reminds me that Buffy had a dream of "The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen."

And Googling (which led me to said Wiki) tells me that the Sex Pistols had a song called "God Save the Queen" which contains the arc title in its refrain.
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