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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

It sounds like a more productive day than it felt when I write it out like this.

* online cataloguing

I finally signed up for GoodReads.  And updated my LibraryThing catalog.  Feel free to friend me on either or both.

P.S. I wish GoodReads had a spell-check function.

* backing up my hard drive

As I noted in the edit on my last post, I beat the CD burning program into submission this morning.  So I now have basically the entire contents of my hard drive backed up.

I have still not managed to upgrade to XP (my brother as a Plan B, though),  so I still can't use my external hard drive, but we're getting there.

* fixing my tv

My genius brother took apart my tv and put it back together, saying if anything he'd made it worse.  It actually turned on, though.  The color was mostly grayscale with patches of purple and some green, but he knew how to fix that -- he'd replugged in something backwards -- so he took it apart again, fixed that, and the tv still turned on after he put it back together (complete with correct picture this time).

The clock is still frozen, and on his VCR you can't program channels [your options are like L1, L2, 59, 76, 118, 124], so tomorrow I'll go to the Best Buy at Cambridgeside Galleria and hopefully come home with a VCR and a coaxial cable.  (And hopefully my tv will not die again in the near future.)

* house decoration

My brother locked his keys in the trunk, and AAA took ten minutes shy of two hours to show up.  (They sent someone to Dorchester!  After repeating back to my brother the address in "Somerville.")  So one of the things we did to pass the time was to finally hang up my painting from Maureen of the Boston skyline at sunset.  We also hung up a small blue painting I bought from the spray paint artist at Harvard.  I decided I didn't really want the big red one I got, so I'll be posting a photo of that (when I upload from my digital camera on Tueday) in the hopes that someone else wants it 'cause he does high quality work and I'd like it to go to someone who really wants it.

* massage table setup

The doorway at my parents' house is basically the width of the room/s, but in my house it's actually a doorway, so it's maybe five-feet-five wide and seven feet high, so I do only need one room divider, which is nice.

My brother suggested a curtain rod.  Can you even get a six-foot curtain rod?

I think I am gonna buy this (unless someone talks me out of it with a better offer).

I'm thinking I'll head up to Palmer after work on Wednesday to get sheets and oil.

Yeah, I say all this as if I'll actually get to use any of this, but hope springs eternal, no?

* other

The measuring tape in the chest of drawers in the dining room seems to have vanished, but the drawer does contain assorted screwdrivers and suchlike -- as does the large flashlight I have; who knew?

I have also been deemed the family member most likely to actually use a set of champagne flutes.  Clearly I need to start having fancy dinner parties.

My mom sent my brother over with homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Nice :)

I bought cranberry black cherry juice the last time I was in the supermarket, and it is yummy.

* Yuletide

I'm not doing yuletide, though I think I'm gonna do Secret Slasha again (a decision I'll live to regret, I'm sure), but all the talk about it makes me feel almost like I should offer to write fic for people as gifts.
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