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HIMYM S2: special features

I have yet to watch any of the commentaries for any of the DVDs I own (BtVS 1-7, Firefly, HIMYM 1, etc.) -- though I did see (probably at trijinx's urging -- the other special features (gag reel, etc.) on the Firefly DVDs.

However, Amy (fox1013) has, since the day the HIMYM S2 DVDs came out, been insisting (to her flist at large, not just me): "Have you seen the HIMYM S2 special features yet?"

My tv died before S2 came out, but I started watching them last night and finished today. Peer pressure, what?

Where Were We? (Commentary)
15 drafts
"We had to refine that wig all season."
something about The Grapes of Wrath
"In takes 1 through 5 of this scene, he was completely naked." [one of the scenes of Marshall on the couch]
"A shot of Robin holding a gun -- I'd tune in for that." [They said something about having Robin be a gun enthusiast feeling like an out of character choice. It seems far more OOC to me that she smokes, but I acknowledge that this may be my personal bias showing through.]
"We wanted to make this if not a good episode, at least a good commercial."
"panderiest episode" -- "America, please watch us!"
"She's Wonder Woman -- give her a gun instead of an invisible jet." [Hee.]
Originally they had planned to break Ted and Robin up in November Sweeps, like episode 8 or 9, but the actors were so good together that they decided to have the season be the full chapter of him being with Robin (since he'd spent so much time the first season trying to get her) -- so that's a big reason why they got Marshall and Lily back together so early: because they thought they'd be breaking up Ted and Robin soon.

Swarley (Commentary)
Greg Malins, the writer, said of Marshall's pumpkin joke, that it's a lazy writing technique: when you can only think of one joke, make that the joke.
Hee, as soon as Tom Lenk shows up onscreen, Alyson says, gleefully: "Tommy!" (I was so sad when the writer said, "Who's Tommy?")
Josh is highly allergic to dogs.
Alyson re: Morena: "She's hot" (but with an accent that makes the vowel sound like a flat "a")
writer Greg Malins: "That slam on Billy Joel, I felt bad about."
Greg: "You gotta trust Carter with his crazy genius ideas."
I liked the 2nd base joke.
They had to get Writers Guild permission for the credits.

Slap Bet (Commentary)
The choreographer the Robin Sparkles video also did the choreography for Marshall's solo in "Okay Awesome" and played Barney's cousin (the woman he was grinding on all episode) and after like the fourth take, writer Kourtney Kang realized she was her cousin.
"Kourtney Kang can bust a move." / Kourtney: "What can I say, I'm not afraid of some mainstream mid-90s hip hop."
The menu Robin gives for her menu is the actual menu for Kourtney's wedding (which honeymoon she had just come back from when she got handed this episode).
"Cobie's inner Debbie Gibson is a half a scotch away."
If they had the budget, they were gonna have an animated character rap in French.
Cobie: "I demanded that my entire band be crew members."
The video went live on the Internet when Barney hit Play.

Single Stamina (Commentary) writer Kristin (Elizabeth) Newman and NPH (who emphasized the "Patrick" when he said his name -- huh)
NPH was at the upfronts for S2 in Pasadena and was asked about Barney's family and he joked that LeVar Burton would play his brother. "Craig went pale, like I'd given something away."
They referred to the episode as "Barney's Black Brother" for a while.
Kristin: "It's nice to have this set as a standing set because we have parties in it as a crew sometimes."
NPH: "Often the drinks aren't just flavored tea." / Kristin: "During the shoots even? Interesting." / NPH: "Sometimes."
Kristin: "I do love that we get to see Barney who is vaguely sociopathically misogynistically a womanizer completely comfortable with getting men for his brother exactly as he likes to get women for Ted."
"Tramp stamp" is used as a throwaway line -- and they didn't realize until later that yeah, AH totally has one
NPH was saying how it was ironic that the week they were filming this episode he was dealing with all this shit in his own life, answering press phone calls all the time between scenes -- "I had to act all drunk and loud -- I was chewing the scenery."
Kristin's milk-free piña colada (club soda)
T-Mobile Sidekick commercial
The photo of Wayne Brady's boyfriend is of Rob Fox -- who has a wife and 3 kids, one of whom (Sawyer Fox) plays the baby in the ending scene.
NPH: "I drink so much Red Bull, they sent me my own refrigerator."
AH's red dress at the gay club -- Kristin wore to the Emmy's.

Neil: "I'm gonna get married."
Kristin: "Ya think?"
Neil: "Season 9."
Kristin: "Interesting, interesting."
Neil: "We call that: Season Jump the Shark."

Arrivederci Fiero
writer Chris Harris: "Normally we have to do so much makeup and camera post-work to hide Jason's naturally occurring acne, and braces... and mullet."

So, I hadn't been especially in love with the commentaries, though there were some very enjoyable moments, but when we got to the shirt taking off bit, I recalled Amy's "current music: JASON SEGEL MARRY ME." And yes, I loved this segment a lot.

[the scene where teen!Marshall goes up to the drive-thru]
Jason: "That's my naked body."
Chris: "Phenomenal naked body."
Jason: "Thank you, thank you."
Chris: "Y'know, it's supposed to be played for comedy, but then people are just awestruck."
Jason: "Yeah, no, a lot of people didn't hear the jokes because of my body."
Chris: "Yeah, unfortunately it just draws attention to itself."
Jason: "Thank you -- I could take my shirt off now?"
Chris: "Actually, would you mind?"
Jason: "No."
Chris: "Aright, aright, I appreciate that."
Chris: "The great thing is that he actually is taking his shirt off now. And it's gonna get even more awkward for the rest of the commentary."
Jason: "How's that, Chris?"
Chris: "Okay, this is weird, his shirt is actually off."
Jason: "Well it's hot in here, right? Or am I crazy."
Chris: "Yeah yeah, I'm definitely feeling a little -- sweaty... or something."
Jason: "Do you wanna take your shirt off? Let's just take our shirts off. Take your shirt off, will ya?"
Chris: "Aright."
Jason: "There he goes -- hey, hey, you look great."
Chris: "Thanks -- come on. I got a gut... I got -- "
Jason: "No, you look terrific."
Chris: "This is weird not wearing a shirt and wearing pants, y'know, so..."
Jason: "Should we? I mean, if it makes you feel more comfortable, I don't mind."
Chris: "I'm not s-- oh no -- oh you thought I was should -- I was saying -- nh nh -- only if -- "
Jason: "Yeah, well, okay, I'll go first and you see how you feel and then we'll move from there."
Chris: "Okay, okay -- Guys, this is -- this is a joke that has gone horribly awry."
Jason: "There's nothing funny about this, there's no joke."
Chris: "It's definitely true that there's nothing funny about this."

[the scene of Ted and Marshall driving in the snow]
Jason: "Funny enough, Chris, Josh and I are not wearing pants in this scene."
Chris: "I realize that. Wow. Actually, I'm kinda hurt. So this is just a regular thing for you."
Jason: "Well no no no."
Cris: "That's fine."
Jason: "This is for recreation and that is more -- "
Jason: "It's just hard for me to act with fabric around my thighs."

Chris: "Waldo had an earring."
Jason: "Yes, Waldo was kind of a punk."

Jason: "I'm never uncomfortable."

[the scene where Robin and Lily clean the spilled Chinese food out of the Fiero]
Chris: "This is stolen almost word for word from Pulp Fiction. It's much easier to write when you're just transcribing."

Chris [talking about what Josh was screaming during the teaching-Barney-to-drive scene]: "You throw the idol, I'll throw the whip" (from Indiana Jones) and "Screaming is fun."

Bachelor Party (Commentary)

Pam: "Bob, get your hands off me."
Bob: "She shouldn't be in a bikini."
Pam: "It's warm in here."
Bob: "That's why I'm in my sumo wrestling outfit."

AH babysat Bob Saget's kids -- they took her to Hawaii when she was 14 or 15.

I was amused at how the commentators kept bringing up the fleur-de-lis on Ted's sweater.

"Cobie has a great nose, doesn't she? And lips and eyes and forehead and cheeks and chin -- excuse me, I'll be right back."

Josh: "Bob, if you get married again, will you invite me to your bachelor party?"
Bob: "Hell yeah."

On his first honeymoon, Bob Saget went scuba diving with Buzz Aldrin.

[re: Lily opening the box from Robin]
Josh: "Our props guys are second to none."

Josh [on this episode]: "I didn't enjoy shooting it because I hate bachelor parties and I was starting to feel like I was at one."
Josh: "I get nervous when there's not women around."

Josh talked about this time they all got followed paparazzi before the show was even out.
Josh: "We'd just come from a photoshoot, so I did say: At least our hair and makeup is done."

"Setting 3 is amazing" -Robin to Lily in a line that was cut from that last scene

Showdown (Commentary)
They asked Neil if he was familiar with The Price Is Right and dead serious he said: "I tivo it every morning."
When Barney's practicing how he's gonna come down from the audience, one of them says he comes back so fast, it's like we did an edit. "Neil does his own edits. He's sort of spring-loaded."
I don't even really get the BSG reference, but I enjoy that the creators of this show are geeky enough to make such a reference.
"Neil was correcting us on the minutia of the games."
"It was kind of amazing how easy it was for them to rig it -- It was a little scary."

How We Make Your Mother

[discussing the knife salesman joke at the wedding]
These two writers had a bet as to whether it would make the cut or not.
"A dollar -- and one of us makes it look like we slapped the other, and the sound gets edited in post."
*loffs their geekiness*
winner: "I'm giving this to charity" -- then slaps the other, who falls and everything.

They had an actual wedding proposal in the Ted and Robin restaurant scene. Heart.

Gag Reel

Ted: "I hate San Francisco, I hate it I hate it," and then he folds his arms all petulant-like.
Robin: "I sleep with this man."

I was mostly unimpressed by the gag reel, but then I adored this one:

Robin: "When I see that lamp I see -- "
[lamp morphs into a guy]
lamp-guy: "He calls you jellybean? He used to call me jellybean."

And then the montage of non-canonical pairings!

Marshall: "You're a good friend, Ted." [and they almost kiss]
Lily with brownie mouth [and she and Robin almost kiss]
bro leans in for Marshall
Barney leans in for Angela Petrelli Ted’s mom
Lily in Santa hat -- she and Ted make out
Lily and Marshall are holding hands in the bathroom (recall Ted's G-rated toast) and Robin walks in they all join hands (that manages to be an astonishingly erotic moment, btw)

Barney: "I'm buying three of you massage flippers."

Barney: "I can't go. I have a thing."
Lily: "What?"
Barney: "A penis."
Robin: "Me too."
Ted: "It's true."

(See also: Robin: "I used to be a dude." in the Slap Bet sequence where Ted lifts her veil.)

Moving Day (How It Really Happened)
Barney continues his list of things he would have named Ted's truck. Highlights: vulvo, poon-buggy ("Can you say that on--?"), barely-18-wheeler, snatch-back, and the Volkswagen hug

Showdown (How It Really Happened)
Barney's toast -- which intends to "subtly" make all the women in attendance want him -- including mention of his "solar-powered yacht"

Bachelor Party (How It Really Happened)
The stripper unpacking her bag (which cut scene got mentioned on the Commentary).
stripper (tossing them this giant blow-up thing): "Blow this up." / Stuart: "Oh yes ma'am."

Hey Beautiful video
The pastede on mouths freaked me out.
"Wow, that was a great story, dad. We're gonna go watch tv now." When the kids get off the couch, I noticed there's what looks like a wedding photo behind the couch -- with the heads cut off, of course.
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