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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I have apparently entered a period of minimal free time.

Both Thursday and Friday, I had a good workout.

Thursday: Elliptical, interval program
1mi @ 11:00min
2mi @ 22:09min
2.69mi @ 30min

Friday: weight room
I'm pushing myself to do a steady 3 sets (of 8, 10, or 12 reps) of whatever machine I'm using.


Thursday I chatted with one of the people at the National Coming Out Day table at the Grille.  I fail at cognitive processing (if someone is going to their 5-year college reunion, that does not make them younger than me -- I've had a 2-year college reunion, and a 5-year high school reunion), and walking back to the office I literally walked into Eric (not his fault) and spilled all my french fries; but dude, I talked to strangers.


Friday: I skipped ALCS Game 1 with CAUMC people for this [IMDb] because I thought it would be dark and fucked-up and hot.  It is dark and fucked-up, with a heaping helping of crazy, and not really erotic at all.  What is up with my MFA film selections recently?

I had already bought tickets for Lemmings Parts 1 [Arcades] and 2 [Injuries] for Saturday or I would have declared myself done with Haneke.  Lemmings was less bad, though still hardly uplifting.  [And what is up with Haneke and hysterical women?]  There was one great line in Part 2, though.  Eva says it's like they're children in front of a pile of "precious and complicated" toys, but the problem is that no one ever taught them how to play with them, so either they walk away from the pile of toys, "or we break them and call it a game."

Eva also talks about how they don't seem to be able to connect or communicate with each other except by hurting each other.  I kept thinking of that line from Crash: "I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something" -- even though none of the characters in Lemmings actually had much of "why" for their behavior.


What's up with the reddish-pink lighting outside the MFA?  I don't think it's related to the Napoleon: Symbols of Power exhibit, though maybe it is.  I should have just asked someone who actually works at the museum.


I picked up a brochure for the Boston Jewish Film Festival: November 1-11.  I am wowed at how international it is -- UK, Israel, Mexico, France, USA, Canada, Ethiopia, Russia, Poland, Uzbekistan, China, Germany, Brazil -- plus multilingual as well: English, Hebrew, Spanish, Yiddish, Russian, French, Arabic, Tigrinya, Tunisian Arabic, Chinese, German, Portuguese.

I can only make the Wednesday and Saturday night showings, but that still leaves me with double-bookings.
Saturday, 11/3
    Coolidge Corner
7pm - My Mexican Shivah
9:30pm - Orthodox Stance
7pm - What a Wonderful Place (also 11/10, 9:30pm, at Arlington)
9:15pm - Bad Faith

Saturday, 11/10
    Arlington Capital Theatre
7pm - Three Mothers
9:30pm - What a Wonderful Place (also 11/3, 7pm, at the MFA)
9:30pm - Jellyfish

Sidenote: I hear there is Noodle Kugel Ice Cream and Manischewitz [spelled right on the first try!] Sorbet at JP Licks.  The website lists October flavors, and these are not on there, so I don't know they still have them, but still.


Friday, OriginalRoomie told me she's moving out in 6 months (May-ish).  There's family stuff back in Wisconsin, plus in Michigan her friend-of-ten-years was leaving her abusive-husband-of-six-years the next day (Saturday).  Roomie said growing up in Wisconsin never felt like home, but Boston does, so she really doesn't wanna move somewhere else, but . . . .

Gillian: When I mentioned the possibility of your moving to Boston after your program ends, Cate literally jumped up and down.


I went to collegecate's "house-warming"/"burning-down-the-house" party on Saturday night.  Turns out she lives on the same street that I lived on when I was born.  I came via Cambridge St. and found myself walking with another partygoer -- we were both looking at the number on each house we passed.  We actually passed Cate's house (its number is on an exterior porch post, which in the dark is often in shadow), so I got to say hi to my old house.

We arrived c. 7pm (a half-hour after the start time I had been told), and there was still lots of food yet unmade.  It was like a Layna or Nicole party.  I was definitely not expecting that much food.

At least two people asked me, "Do you hug?"  Nice.

And lots of people asked about my dogtag.  All liberals, though, so it's boring, as I haven't gotten the "but queers should oppose the military anyway" responses.

I actually talked to people other than Cate.  Mostly her friend Hannah, but still.  I mentioned how I took a massage class and getting people to actually commit to coming over so you can get practice hours is a challenge (despite people's theoretical enthusiasm), and she boggled and basically volunteered herself and her friends.  This actually makes me consider taking the class again this summer.

I was leching on Cate, and Jason said this raised the question blahdy blah "on a scale of, say, zero to six," and I laughed and said "three" before he even finished the sentence.

Around quarter to 12, Hannah was making leaving noises (she too lives in Davis Square).  Mark has a condo in Arlington and drove us to Davis (I suspect he would have been willing to do door-to-door service, but Hannah said Davis T would be fine).  We actually spent like 10-20 minutes standing chatting after he dropped us off.  (Cate, Hannah and I agreed that we should exchange contact info via you.)

I decided rather than calling/texting Layna to see if her party was still going on, I would go home and go to bed.

I checked the baseball score online before going to bed at 1:30am -- 10-6 Cleveland at the top of the 11th (with Cleveland having scored 4 runs in the 11th, the first runs since they tied it up in the 6th).  Found out the next day that ultimately the Indians won 13-6.  Given that Saturday morning I heard people commenting on Friday night's game (10-3, Sox) saying at a certain point they felt like "Red Sox: could you just stop hitting the ball?" I felt kind of like it was fair.  (Though my initial reaction to the comment on the 10-3 game was to recall that the Red Sox are great at ripping defeat from the jaws of victory, so . . . )
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