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Heroes 2.04 "The Kindness of Strangers" [2007-10-15]

Claire's parents suspect her of having a boyfriend. [Edit: Okay, I missed the first minute or so of that scene when watching in realtime -- caught it on nbc.com later in the week -- and yeah, I really agree with the people who have said in response to this episode that they wish Mr. Bennet had told Claire about the painting. /edit]

Molly's having two nightmares a night now.

teacher to Nathan: "You know you're not supposed to be here."  Interesting.
And he thinks he's coming home soon?!

So Derek really did steal Claire's car.  I thought it was just more Nissan product placement.  So Costa Verde's mascot is the "Conquistador(e)s"?

Maya is observant and smart and speaks and understands English.  Alejandro doesn't know English.

I called Sylar soon after we zoomed in on the body, which I was kind of impressed by as I'm often v. bad at visual recognition like that.


Okay, possibly I'm influenced by Amy's Big Boom fic, but watching Micah at the Dawson Home it was like he so loved having a family, siblings.  And the relationships were great.  Damon with Nana and Monica, Monica and Nana.  I was also thinking of how a number of people have commented that Heroes isn't great at romantic relationships but does family very well.

Damon: "I need $65." / Nana: "So do I."
"grown men jumping around in their underwear" / Nana: "You can walk down Bourbon Street for that."
Monica: "Who's got time to do that?" / Nana: "Unfortunately, I do."

When West said he wasn't abducted by aliens it was a guy with horn-rimmed glasses and Claire said, "It's my dad," and I was all ready to give props to her for being honest, and then it wasn't.

Dude, Parkman, let it go.  Angela is warning you.  She's serious.  Though I certainly can't fault the writers for being inconsistent with your characterization.

Matt: "We're all connected."

Nathan: "I know this photograph."
I've been waiting for someone to come up with another print of the full photo.

Wow, I love Angela so much.
"Just because you shaved doesn't mean you're clean and sober."  And "don't let your children hate you -- not if you can help it."  And "I have done so many bad things in my life that it really doesn't matter what crime I confess to."

Oh, and "What you want is redemption, and you're not gonna get it by helping me, you'll just get killed, and I can't bear to lose another son."


Someone had mentioned before that it looked like Maya was reading a copy of Suresh's book in Spanish and wow, she is.

He's going by Gabriel Grey!  I heart this.

Monica's white friend from kindergarten, Camille.  I was totally loving having all these characters of color in the Dawson house, and I also love that there are white people in this world, too, 'cause that's true to New Orleans.  And they've got these soft Southern accents, which I like 'cause it feels like they're not giving everyone that news anchor "non-accent" but they're also not exaggerating like, "Look!  These people are not from where you live!"  And she lost her mom etc. in the storm, but they're not overplaying the pathos, which I appreciate.  I really liked Camille's line about how she's been like this since kindergarten, always having a scheme that never comes to anything, because it makes her character more organic, not just being a Katrina survivor or a "special."

The tomato thing: Does she have Charlie's power?  I knew we were gonna meet someone named Monica who had a power, so when we had all these significant shots of her looking at the tv I was like, "technomage like Micah?  Charlie's power?"

Love Nathan's "Why are you telling me all this?"  And it's kind of sweet that Matt feels like he should share since he knows all this stuff about Nathan.  And Nathan's response is a dry: "You wanna unload, go ahead," and Matt does.

Bob's in the photo.  And Matt's father!  I did not see that one coming.


When Monica first started saying she wondered if God was punishing her, I felt like, "Aren't we already doing this with Maya?" even though I know it's a common enough reaction to, well, everything.  But I really like her admission that she prays to get out of there while everyone else is praying for the community.  That reaction, as well as the guilt around it, seem very human to me.

As soon as West said the word "jump," I knew his intention was to catch her.  I think we're supposed to like him, but I can't even read it anymore, because it's so colored by so many people's comments on how his pushing her really isn't something one would normally want.  (More generally, I dislike plotlines of hiding a romance from a parent.  I winced last season when she snuck out for Homecoming and all, and while I understand the various uses this plot serves, it still makes me wince.)

Micah to Monica: "I just wish I could fix your dreams for you."  Heart!

Obviously as soon as we learned that Damon wanted to watch pro-wrestling on pay-per-view I thought "WWE," but then when they actually got picture I was like, "I recognize that ref!"  And the 619 is a real wrestler's move -- is in fact that move, iirc.

Matt's dad left when he was 13: gave him $120 and a pat on the head.

Matt's dad is the nightmare man!  I saw that coming even less.  The symbols showing up in her eyes seemed overkill, though.

Oh, and I somehow forgot to mention:
Love Mohinder bitching Matt out for his insistence on using Molly.  Loved his sarcastic "Oh, so it's all about helping Molly."  Yeah, facing her nightmare might be a healthy thing, but usually that's true when it's a product of your subconscious and not An Actual Scary Guy!  Dude, Molly, such a people-pleaser -- agreeing to do it for Matt.  (I thought Mohinder was your favorite, sweetie.)  And she's in a coma with Nightmare Man!  That's freaking scary -- and of course Matt feels guilty, as he should, though I can't bring myself to feel actual schadenfreude.


Nathan and his collection of Peter photos I immediately thought, "The shippers are very pleased right now."

And the return of the guy in the mirror.  "Get away from me!"

Okay, killing Derek makes sense since you don't want the police chasing you, but death makes me sad.


Mr. Bennet: "I had no idea cheerleading meant so much to you."
Claire: "It took me by surprise, too."

Windchimes!  Haitian!

Haitian: "Odessa."
Mr. Bennet: "Texas?"
Haitian: "The Ukraine."

Haitian: "It's a long trip.  What will you tell your family?"
Mr. Bennet: "I'm sure I'll think of something."
The way he says it, I almost feel like he knows Claire's lying.  (Sidenote: It makes me sad that I suspect that we are supposed to sympathize with Claire lying and hiding because Mr. Bennet is doing the same thing.)
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