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CSI 8.03 "Go To Hell" [watched on cbs.com: 2007-10-16]

Opening monologue: "You may believe you have to die before the judgement comes, but I say the fire is not around the corner [...] the fire has already come.  [...]  I say we are in hell now."

The bee falling down dead made me sad.  And then the wino.

Catherine: "Anything under 110 is manageable."

Grissom: "We have one too many Bibles."
Catherine: "I don't think they helped."

Attractive woman of color!  [Though it makes me sad that as it turns out she kinda can't act.]

Sara: "Ants are scavengers; they tend to stay on the surface."

Sara: "Ronnie, I'm gonna have to limit you to 20 questions per case."
Ronnie: "Really?"
Sara: "19."

Brass: "Enjoying the sunshine?"
Sara: "Not really."

[umpteen fingerprints found -- "Those are just the felonies; you want the misdemeanors, too?"] Yeah, those motel rooms are not exactly gonna get a thorough scrubbing between occupants.

Wow, seeing an aerial shot of Vegas and then a chunk blacks out.

Love Nick's "that's a hundred dollar fine right there" at the sprinkler.

An icon of that shot of the cross on the table with the shadow would be v. cool.

Don't they ever turn on the lights when they go into a house?  And Nick turned the burner off with bare had (i.e., no glove).

Filipino delicacy -- Warrick's grandmother's best friend was from Manila.

David: "No visible signs of sexual trauma, if it's any consolation."
Warrick: "It's not."
      Which, okay, but the fact that she looks peaceful . . . that she doesn't appear to have suffered  . . . that's worth something.

Rhodes: "My Partner is the LORD."
Brass: "Well I'm sure it's not his DNA on those sheets."

Ronnie: "Know why I picked Vegas?"
Sara: "I know you have 9 questions left."

Sara: "New socks, happy face sandwich wrapper, it's gotta be handouts from a shelter.  Make some calls . . . you get to ask some questions, Ronnie."

Warrick: "For a guy with his own flip-down ironing board, his shirts look pretty wrinkled."

I called exorcism as soon as I saw the tapes, 'cause I've seen enough movies.  (Plus innertube spoilered it -- "The CSI team investigates the murder of an entire family, except for one daughter who supposedly is possessed by the devil."  Which also meant that as soon as we saw the bees in the attic I called that was what was causing the "possession."  So I was sad that they served no purpose other than visual interest.)

Rhodes: "Do you believe in a separate, living, evil?"
Grissom: "[...] We have the genes of the ones who ran.  We're genetically hardwired to believe living forces that we cannot see."
     Grissom, you are so For The Win!

Rhodes: "The Devil's slyest trick is making us believe he isn't real.  But call his name loud and long enough, guess who comes knocking on your door?"
Brass: [breaks the mood] "Usually guys like you."

Rhodes: "You have to let me leave."
      There's something really sincere there.  Let him go, and follow him.  He knows something.  (Except I turn out to be wrong.)

Sara: "COD?"
Doc Robbins: "Being homeless in Las Vegas.  Cardiac arrest due to dehydration."

Sara: "You know what, that question I will answer.  We're not here to protect anyone, Ronnie, not even the cops.  We're here to figure out what happened.  If you can't do that -- you should get a different job."

Sara: "You missing me yet?"
     I love her tone there.
Greg: "A little more every day."

Grissom: "There's no hard evidence to support that.  But the world will end.  Some day."
[full exchange on tv.com]

Amy: "He made me do a lot of things."
      Why do I feel like she's not talking about a human guy?

Amy: "Jefferson."
Catherine: "Jefferson High?  I don't know that one."
Amy: "Jefferson Middle."
Catherine: "Amy, what grade are you in?"
Amy: "Sixth.  I'm 12."
     When Amy said "sixth," I wondered if Catherine was gonna have to take a moment to try not to vomit.  So how old is her daughter?  I remember her age being mentioned, but I don't know what episode.  (Is there a handy way to search your own livejournal?)  Wikipedia tells me: "The show's writers advanced Lindsey's age several years after the death of Eddie, turning the character from preteen to teenager."  And this website says she was born in 1994, which would make her 13.

She goes home to get her computer and kills her little sister.  So I start calling "sociopath," right around the time Amy smiles.  So when they freaked out at the news that the minister was with her, I assumed they were concerned for his safety.  I did not call that he would exorcise her to her death.
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