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Heroes 2.05 "Fight or Flight" [2007-10-22]

I was actually really glad we didn't have any Hiro storyline.  I've never had the love for him that most of fandom has -- his brand of enthusiasm just doesn't win me.  (In my rec of Zahra's 1.05 missing scene fic "You Can Be Mean and I'll Drink All the Time" I literally wrote, "Hiro doesn't grate on me too much.")

I did notice the fact that the New Orleans robber was black, but since the manager was also black, I felt like the theme was that this was a black neighborhood.

Oh, and people complain about Maya being so naively trusting.  Which is a fair criticism, but it oddly doesn't bother me.

I know that Claire hiding her relationship with West from her dad is realistic teenage behavior, but I still don't like it.


comic #54: Petrified Lightning
His "new love, Caitlin" ???
The actual story, though, is interesting.

#55 - The Trial of the Black Bear
Duh, as soon as I saw the bear cub I knew a Momma bear was waiting in the wings.
I really don't know what the point was of that comic and am somewhat disturbed -- Hiro as some sort of chibi animal, what?


"Suresh, Parkman, Walker - Brooklyn"

Matt: "I can't just leave her."
Mohinder: "You have to."
Mohinder: "Molly faced her worst nightmare for you."

I get that Matt doesn't wanna leave her, but yeah, get over your daddy issues and go do something.  (Which actually sounds meaner than I was feeling.)

Obligatory: Don't say "You're gonna be okay, I promise" -- Don't make promises you can't necessarily keep.

The police are black, which contributes to my stance that having the robber be black is minimally problematic because the whole neighborhood is predominantly black.

Peter: "There's a side of me I can't control.  Maybe it's best I don't dig too deep."
I'm not sure whether I believe him or not, but that's an interesting take that I hadn't thought of.

Caitlin: "Bound to be someone looking for you."
Yes, I totally expected the next scene to be Nathan.

I've literally never seen Veronica Mars, so all I know of Kristen Bell is her being on crack in Adrian Pasdar's Emmy vid.  And as I told Kath on Saturday, we don't exactly need another young blonde chick.  Her acting was perfectly acceptable, though.

She works for the Company . . . has electricity power, so she must have been around when Peter got dumped in that crate (hence why he has her power) -- though why they would want to dump him in a crate and leave him for, however long it's been.


I knew Nathan was gonna go with Matt 'cause Adrian Pasdar was on one of the morning shows and they showed footage of the two of them outside the #9 apartment door.  Yeah, I am coming to really like Nathan.  "Officially, neither are you."  "I'm not a cargo jet, Parkman."

Matt: [I've imagined what I would say to him, yadda yadda] "Now I can't even knock on the door."
Nathan: [knocks] (off Matt's look) "You're welcome."

Nathan: (with shotgun) "I'm good."


Nightmare Man: "Slapping the cuffs on your dad feel good?"
Matt: "Oh it's starting to, yeah."

Micah plays piano?  Is this connected to his affinity with all things electronic/mechanical?  'Cause I don't particularly see him doing music as an extracurricular, and no way Niki had a piano laying around for him to practice on.

I'm glad that she can mimic anything she sees, not just on tv.  And that her body does stuff before her mind even realizes it?  Nice puberty metaphor, but also really scary, which is easy to elide but which I think was shown well when she started playing faster and faster and finally jerked her hands back.

Mr. Bennet: "The moment you trust them with with what you value most, they'll have you."
Mr. Bennet: "Don't forget whose side you're on."
Mohinder: "I'm on her side."

Matt: "You don't get to be proud.  You don't get to be anything."

And yet he still totally falls for it.  Nightmare Man saying he tried to stop his generation when they went bad is totally playing Matt.  He doesn't tell Matt anything Matt doesn't already know, so he's in no way proved he can actually read minds, he's just appealing to Matt's desire to reconnect with his father.  Oh, and when he said he was just protecting himself, because they're after him too, the correct response would have been, "Don't worry, Molly's with us, we'll protect you, we won't let them get to you, tell us what you did to Molly and let her go," not "Okay, you're gonna have to tell us every crime you ever committed."

I heart the snowy roof.

Nathan: "This is impossible.  We saved the city."


Hiro: "It's like living in a storybook.  Only more tiring."
I liked that line.  Mostly I'm not really into this plotline -- and how does the translator not say, "This is the most bizarre thing ever.  It seems to date from Kensei's time, but this guy must be seriously drugged out, saying he's helping live the Kensei stories he grew up on."

St. Joan -- muscle mimic, or copycat
When Monica repeated the word "copycat" I was worried she was gonna get all low-self-esteem-y, so I was glad that didn't happen.

"Niki's loose."
That's gotta be Jessica.  Niki never looks confident in quite that way.


Double Dutch!  And the neighborhood continues to be predominantly black, with the occasional white kid.

Caitlin paints!

soundingsea points out that a passport, a plane ticket, and a picture of him and Nathan in formalwear is a bizarre collection of stuff to have on him after exploding above New York, so maybe it was planted?

The white eyes are still fucking creepy.

KB: "Do you have haggis?"
Ricky: "That's Scotland, love.  We have stew, and mussels, and stew."

KB: "I'm looking for a guy."
Ricky: "Best time for that's after a match."
Okay, insulting her is not the brightest idea, but it still made me happy.

Niki sounds like such a fucking victim talking to Mohinder that I desperately hope she's playing the Company somehow.  Though if she's there to integrate Jessica (the MPD thing) rather than get "cured" of her super-strength power I do feel at least a little bit better about her current plotline.

I was hoping Nathan would wake up out of sheer force of will.

face!Nathan: "You won't feel anything.  You never do."
Interesting.  I love how they have to face their fears.  Okay, the fact that they do so by physically fight people isn't my favorite thing, but . . .  It was neat that it segued into them fighting each other, though.


Nathan realizes that Matt woke up first, asks how, and Matt says he doesn't know.  I can't tell whether Matt's lying or not, but I'm intrigued regardless.

Hiro telling Yaeko to stay behind = lame.  I'm hoping it's because he uses his powers to help Kensei win and doesn't want to reveal that to her, but it comes off as really condescending.

Monica's the one Mohinder's sent to get!  I suppose I should have called that, but I totally didn't, and I'm worried about how it will play out.

Closed-captioning says KB's character's name is "Elle."  For serious?

KB: "Alright, I killed him.  What's the big deal?"
Given that she works for The Company, it's a true story.
I called that she was talking to her dad fairly early on, and I could really do without that petulant child thing -- the dynamic makes sense, but it bothers me 'cause I'd rather see more metaphorically empowered women.
(Thought after episode: Is her dad Bob and she's gonna join the fight against Nightmare Man after he dies?)

Painting = Montreal?

And dude, KB seriously fried Ricky.  Kinda ew -- 'cause she obviously didn't need to go that far just to kill him.  (I am hoping she tried to torture the information about Peter's whereabouts out of him, though, 'cause otherwise she's stupid.  Not that I wish pain on Ricky at all, just from a logic standpoint.)
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