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CSI 8.04 "The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp" [watched on cbs.com: 2007-10-23]

Nick: "Mutilated tranny, strung up on a tree -- bet I know how he got up there."
Grissom: "Hate."

18 years old!!!  *weeps*

mom: "I had a mastectomy 8 years ago.  Cancer came back 3 months ago."
mom: "I never thought I'd outlive my son."

Ronnie: "What made you pick Vegas?"
Sara: "It kinda picked me."

tech: "chesticles... man boobs... gynecomastia"
I love the look on Grissom's face.

tech: "Maybe he's a do-it-yourself-er."
Hey Grissom, it's valid.  Or something in the water . . . but wouldn't that affect everyone?  And as I wrote that I wondered if maybe it caused his mom's cancer, too.  I assumed from the beginning that the vials they found under his bed were samples from the water treatment plant -- I just initially assumed he was up to something shady with Jonah Quinn.

Paul Cyden: "Brian occasionally does odd jobs for me."
Cath: "How odd?"

The Boy Meets World dad (who's been in like everything -- we saw him recently in tWW S7) is the foreman at the plant.  When he said anyone who doesn't wanna cooperate with the police in finding out who killed Brian can go clean out their locker and look for another job, I was like, "Yeah!  You go!"

Doc Robbins: "You look disappointed."
Sara: "I was hoping, just once, Vegas would have to honor its past."

suspect: "This is between us, right?"
Nick and Warrick: "Oh yeah."
At first I thought, "Are you an idiot?!"  And then later I wondered if maybe he was actually really smart -- an alibi that places you there but doesn't finger you as the murderer.

Greg geeking out over original blueprints of the Rampart.  Is at least consistent, rather than giving Greg an umpteenth possibly-obscure interest relevant to the case of the week.

Sara: "Did the Peking Pimp ever wear anything like this on his arm?"
Greg: "Nope.  Just French cuffs and platinum blondes."

Greg: "Careful with those.  They're like the Dead Sea Scrolls of Las Vegas."

Cath: "So you think that's a message or his dinner?"
Nick: "That's a carp.  Nobody really eats those."

Hodges: "To quote Sherlock Sanders, 'This town was built on dead bodies.' "

Hodges: "Do I look like the Ghost Whisperer?"

Hodges: "This works?  I write the paper for the forensics journal -- sole credit."
Sara: "Deal."

casino take on opening day ... um, "Fergus" is  obviously a who not a what

Grissom: "Oh I love it when you dress up."
Sara: "Well, y'know, whatever it takes to get some time with you."

Paige had posted "Gil Grissom likes his coffee like he likes his women. COVERED IN BEEEEEEEES." so I'd been waiting for the bees to return.

Sara: "Alright, I trust you."

Grissom: "Y'know, maybe we should get married."
     She gets stung -- and then
Grissom: "So, um, what do you think, y'know, about--"
Sara: "Yes."
And then he tries to kiss her despite their net hoods.

Grissom: "I could process those fish if you'd like."
Cath: "Do I know how to turn you on or what?"

"sharp as a marble"

Nick: "Ah yes, Tuscon the capital of Texas."
      I'd forgotten until that line that Nick is from Texas.  (I couldn't tell you what the capital of Texas is, though.  *fail*)

Lily: "That lump in his jacket ain't a heart full of love."

The mom killed Paul.  I get that she was freaked that her son might have been planning to get a sex-change operation, but I'm annoyed that she jumped to assuming Paul was having a sexual relationship with her son.

I guess Warrick was right that it was a suicide?  The kid clearly had serious depression and stuff if he stabbed his breasts with a broken beer bottle and then hanged himself, just from getting laughed at by these coworkers and cute girls.

mom: "I worked two jobs to keep us in our house because Brian loved it so much."

woman: "She's a widow, with breast cancer, who lost her only kid.  No way I get her in front of a jury and ask them to convict.  Nice work, though."

Cath: "Lynn Towne goes free."
Grissom: "It's all out of our hands now."
Cath: "It's not enough for me.  If their lawyers can hogtie the EPA for years, someone's gotta go around them.  They've gotta take Brian's story, and the research, to the press.  I mean, if this happened here, who's to say there aren't other Brians out there."
Grissom: "You can't give information about a case to the media.  You'll get fired."
Cath: "As a mother, maybe I don't care."
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