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Heroes 2.06 "The Line" [2007-10-29]

comic #56: Molly's Dream

Matt: "Can't you revive her or something?"
Mohinder: "She's not a machine, Matt.  There isn't a manual for coma revival."

Molly's biggest fear is bugs?  I was wondering whether it was maybe supposed to be cockroaches as symbolic of Sylar (who killed her parents).

I love her defiance.  (And oh, she's wearing socks.  This somehow seems such a vulnerable image to me.)
Molly: "None of this is real.  And you're not the boogieman."
"You're right, Molly...  It's not real... It's something I made just for you, and it's much, much worse."

Neat image of the eyes and symbol-nose in mid-air.

Whereas HIMYM really pleased me tonight, Heroes not so much.  I practically am moral grey girl and I was often uncomfortable this episode.  And it took me until the last few minutes of the show to really be excited about stuff.

I like May, the girl who stands up to Debbie.  (Plus, she's non-white!)  The prank didn't go as badly as I had feared it might, and I was pleased to see Claire getting pissed at West -- except that feels like a weird discontinuity 'cause hello didn't they discuss what they were gonna do beforehand?  I do like Claire's suspicion of her father.

I would think Monica would be one of the last people The Company would want to depower; wouldn't they want to use her?  And while I sympathize with Mohinder's ethical struggle, Bob's exactly right that there are plenty of other people who are willing to do it in his place.  (And yeah, destroything their lab is gonna work out well for you.)  And does he really think he can just walk out of there with Molly?  I love Monica: "Support, advice, now gifts.  You're like my own personal Oprah."  I'm glad it looks like we'll be seeing more of Niki in a role of agency-having, and I'm feeling more confident that she's got something up her sleeve.

I'm kind of annoyed that Maya's willing to black goo the border patrol but not just drive right through them.  I get the psychology behind it (we're more comfortable the more we can distance ourselves from our actions) but still.  I'm annoyed that Maya is being posited as so naive (with her brother being the one who actually has good instincts, even though Maya's the one who has useful skills like speaking English) and Gabriel's not so much empowering her as encouraging her to be more morally grey.  (She was totally already a murderer, he's just making her into a killer -- someone who's okay with killing.)  I'm glad they forcibly reminded the audience that Gabriel Sylar is evil.  (And we finally got a Mexico location other than "somewhere in Mexico" as they were nearly at the U.S. border.)

I'm glad we're done with the scrolls (I hope).  The suspension of disbelief is really a bit much.  Doesn't the translator think Ando's crazy that he says stuff like "My friend's not back yet"?  And the last thing Hiro wrote was "That kiss broke the space-time continuum," but he doesn't seem to know that he really has ruined everything until Kensei turns on him (which we totally called once Kensei confronted Hiro, right?), at which point he's incapacitated.  I am interested by the guns vs. swords Japanese history plot -- though I have no faith in Heroes to actually do good research and do it well.  I've been kind of indifferent to Kensei, not really being sold on his turn to hero but not seeing any textual indicators that I'm supposed to doubt it, but when he found out about Yaeko and Kensei and we see that shot of his face I actually really felt sympathy for him.  And I'm actually interested, at least for the moment, in the plot now that he's turned to the dark side.  (And now it'll make a lot more sense for Hiro to become Kensei, which we had sort of been calling.)

Ukraine!  (Though the closed-captioning says "speaking Russian."  I hope they are in fact speaking Ukranian.)

Mr. Bennet: "You taught me well.  You said make it look like you were never there.  So we never were.  There was a simple home invasion, a senseless murder -- "
Ivan: " [...] Shoot me there's no turning back!  You'll condemn yourself to hell."
Mr. Bennet: '"I know."

Adam Monroe, huh?  Sounds like a white guy kind of name.  'Cause we need more of those saving the world.  *sigh*  (At least our dead body count these past few episodes have been only white guys.)  Plus, given "Eve" I have no hopes that they'll do cool allusiveness with "Adam," which will make me sad -- or they'll do something a la Professor Maggie Walsh which will squick me, which will also be sad.

June 14, 2008 = NYC evacuation order.  So NYC is the Hellmouth of Heroes, huh?
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