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"a testament to youth in verse"

I did like 5 minutes in the weight room this morning.  I tease Katie for being intimidated by the weight room, but I have a few machines I've gotten comfortable with and that's about all I do.  I wasn't feeling wiped out when I finished, but there wasn't anything left that I felt like doing, which is unfortunate.


We watched part of the "Rolling Rally" on live tv over lunch today.  [And then continued watching on thebostonchannel.com]

MaryAlice said: "I think our team plays best when they're having fun."

I remember being in the gym one morning when they kept showing footage of Papelbon dancing, and of course there was no volume, and my visual interpretation was that he appeared all "nyah, nyah, in your face," which was not appealing to me at all.  It possibly took days before I learned that no, he's just crazy.

There is like nothing to say in announcing a parade like that, so I wish we could have had more of listening to the Dropkick Murphys and the chanting crowd and suchlike and less of pointless announcing.

MaryAlice said NPR did a thing on Red Sox music this morning (which I couldn't find but I did find a New Pornographers concert).  One of the Channel 5 announcers said that "Sweet Caroline" was first played in honor of someone's daughter's birthday and the crowd just ate it up.  [Edit: Found the NPR.]
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