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"This Is Just To Say:"

Leaving work this evening, the air was just so beautifully winter -- the temperature, and something more than that that I can't place, the smell maybe?  And walking over the bridge, the cool blue of the sky ... that made me sad that next week it'll be dark when I leave work (I'm like the opposite of SAD, so I'm usually unfazed by that).

I love winter.

And I got a strawberry-pineapple-banana fruit smoothie.


Reading the metro this morning, I was intrigued by the Maureen Fleming dance performance at the ICA, but by the time I got to looking into location and T accessibility and ticket purchasing, it appeared to be sold out.

Metro also informed me of: Southland Tales "sneak screening" at Harvard Film Archive (Sat. Nov. 3, 9:15pm, $8)
     Hi, I am so there.  My phone was being lame, so I went to purchase a ticket in person.  Now, I know where Quincy St. is, so I figured I'd fine.  Wrong.  I forget how completely non-intuitive college campuses are.  It's housed in the "Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts" (which the banner signs do suggest, as does the Metro listing to its credit), but getting anywhere in said Center basically presumes you already know how to get where you're going.  I'm very glad I asked someone when I did.  The guy at the counter said they weren't selling advance tickets, but that if I arrived a half hour early I should be fine, that they weren't expecting to sell out.  So yeah, I will totally be there.  I'll be up on the North Shore most of the day tomorrow, but feel free to contact me if you would like to meet up somewhere and go together.

I was sold on Wristcutters: A Love Story from the top of the review with its photo of a dark haired woman leaning out a window with the caption "Sossamon, on the lookout for love in the afterlife" and it got better when I actually read the review and learned it was about a "special suicides-only afterlife."

I'm undecided on ImprovBoston's "The Wasteland Comedy Hour with T. S. Eliot" -- Every Friday through Dec, 14, 8pm
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