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Heroes 2.07 "Out of Time" [2007-11-05]

Last week, Nestra pointed out the parallel to Sylar's attack at Homecoming in the prank played on Debbie.
     I'm still unsure how we're supposed to interpret West.  The recap has the part where she's pissed at him for the trick, but then in the actual episode her only distress seems to be around getting found out.  Yes, she protests his showing up uninvited, but I feel like that's because she's worried about him meeting her dad.
     The shots of Claire in her bed I thought of similar shots of Buffy and then hey, look, her mysterious stalker boyfriend.  Who understandably freaks out and runs away when he finds out that HRG is his new girlfriend's father.  And yet despite the fact that he's not answering her texts, she insists that her family can leave without her.  I get that she's a petulant impulsive wounded teenager, but still.

When they first suggested killing Maury, I was like, "Matt, where is your single-minded focus on Molly?"  I would have accepted reactions of either "Killing him might release Molly; woe, I am conflicted" or "But if we kill him, will his victims -- i.e., Molly! -- be trapped in their nightmares forever?"  And then when Bob told him he had his father's powers --"anything the brain controls, you control" (which, sidenote, seems a bit of a late-in-the-game writerly cop-out) -- his immediate reaction should have been, "Maybe I can save Molly myself, then!"
     I did love that he got that aspect of his power to work by trying so hard to make Molly hear him telling her how much he loves her.  And aw, she wakes up and he says "Oh god I love you" and she, in a voice which sounds like she's crying, says "I heard."
     I'm unconvinced that the night Maury left is his nightmare rather than Matt's, but I'm willing to accept that Maury stuck Matt in Matt's nightmare and then Matt pulled Maury in and left him there.

Angela tells Peter "You need to remember," and apparently she has some power like unto Eden's.  Unfortunately, his freakout at Caitlin's deportation meant he went back to his own time before his mom could tell him how he was supposed to stop this virus.

I liked Yaeko's "They always underestimate women.  Their folly.  I am a sword-smith's daughter," but I thought she was gonna ambush the long-haired guard and steal his(?) armor but no, she revives Hiro so he can save them.  Blergh.  And we never get clarity as to whether he rescues Yaeko's father or not, which bothers me.
     I like that Hiro's attempts to make a person into someone they're not backfire.  Its sad that he and Kensei don't manage to reconcile, but it's believable.  And Kensei as a bad guy is really well-done.  "As long as I have breath, everything you love I will lay to waste.  You will suffer." Hiro finds the mask and helmet in the wreckage, but he knows Kensei wasn't wearing them; I fear he really does believe Kensei died in that explosion, though.

It annoyed me that Niki didn't tell Mohinder the first time she was having visions.  [P.S. Hello, The First.]
     I was a little thrown by Nathan's insistence that he could step in and somehow talk her out of her nightmare.  Yeah, they have some history, but it's not like they're tight.  It's also interesting to see his protective side coming out with someone who isn't family.
     "I couldn't get the nightmare out.  I didn't know what else to do.  I had to stop myself."  I do actually understand this, but how many times are they gonna make the super-powered blonde woman helpless/vulnerable/self-sacrificing/etc.?  Oh and look, everyone's gonna be fighting over obtaining the cheerleader now.  (Her father, West, The Company.  And I don't have high hopes that she'll manage to insist on getting complete information and making her own informed decision.)

Bob tells Nathan about Adam, showing him the newspaper with the "Snow Falls in Miami" [magic snow!] headline, saying it could have just as easily read "Tsunami Wipes Out Eastern Seaboard."  So I was not at all expecting Adam to be Kensei, 'cause hi, that power is in no way related to cellular regeneration.
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