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[CHPC] neither worship nor committee

As I left work, I realized that no Small Group tonight meant I could attend the CHPC Worship Committee meeting scheduled for 7:30 tonight.  I figured it was unlikely to run more than an hour and if it did I'd just beg off and go home.

I showed up a few minutes before 7:30 and it ended up just being me and Karl.  So we chatted.  About housing in Somerville and academia and my dad and the education system and div school classes (apparently BTI has a a collected course listings for all the div schools in the consortium) and what I might do with my life and blogging and LiveJournal and why it is that I hang out in churches.  A little before 9 Karl said he was gonna go home and I thought, "Nice, I'll catch CSI."  And then he kept talking.  We talked about Biblical imagery of the divine and gendered/inclusive language and tweaking hymns and ways of approaching religious faith and my inclination towards wanting there to be capital-T Truth (even if I don't actually expect humans to discern [all of] that truth) and how the Bible is such a complicated document.  He told a story of an Irish priest at a Sabeel conference in Jerusalem a few years ago who talked about how the foundational Biblical text for Liberation Theology is the Exodus story but we so rarely look at the second part of that story, which is about occupation and slaughter and suchlike.  Around 10:10 I headed home.  So I watched the remainder of Without a Trace in realtime and will watch CSI on innertube tomorrow.

Edit: Oh, and I forgot to mention, we were talking about liberal v. conservative, and he talked about how "liberal" used to have a primary meaning of "generous" and mentioned that there's a Pauline phrase "grace of liberality" that now gets translated "grace of generosity" and talked about the idea of "generosity of spirit."  I commented that "generosity of spirit" is hard -- oh and he talked about how criticism is easy, but building things is hard and important. /edit

We also finally set a lunch date -- next Friday, at Algiers (which I've never been to).
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