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HIMYM 3.08 "Spoiler Alert" [2007-11-12]

I should have been annoyed by an episode that was all about annoying habits of characters which were basically invented for this episode (though we have at least seen Marshall's singing before -- "Being a lawyer had better be awesome" -- and Ted's correcting and Robin's "literally" feel in character) but I laughed so much.  So many great lines.  Starting even from Ted's individualized list of why they should all like Cathy -- "she's open to the existence of UFOs... she's hot... she's not hotter than you."  Ted's scenarios of what might have happened while he was away at dinner (put her English teacher in jail, working at a pound, formerly had a penis) were priceless.  And nice meta joke with Ted telling his kids "can you imagine?"  I loved Marshall's "I'm surprised she didn't tell you herself already -- there are only a finite number of combinations of words in the English language."  And "she's loyal, wears shiny belts, and I resemble a young Harrison Ford."

Amy: When Robin said "She didn't stop to swallow her food.  I was scared for her.  I didn't want her to choke.  [Beat]  At first" and we get that shot of Barney looking approving at her joke?  Yeah.

I loved the return of Ted's ASL at the end, though hi, if the fiancée's deaf it's a lot less likely that he just won't notice that she's talking incessantly, 'cause lipreading is hard.

Oh, and I was also pleased that we actually got a non-white one-episode woman.  [IMDb]
Tags: tv: how i met your mother, tv: how i met your mother: episodes

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