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Heroes 2.08 "Four Months Ago..." [2007-11-12]

Thought 1: Wow, this show never stops being incestuous, huh?
Thought 2: Wow, so a lot of the stuff we thought couldn't be f'real actually is.

Alejandro got married to a woman who totally cheated on him with her violent ex on their wedding day.  Which continues the show's dodgy treatment of women -- though the man is worse, as he appears willing to kill Maya to keep her quiet -- but clearly the narrative importance of this is Maya's jealousy.  I'm a little confused by Alejandro's "Family is something we never had" since didn't they go to a family friend for help in crossing (the ep with the healre woman who tells Maya she has power greater than the devil)?  But Maya's "So why start now?"  Yeah.  And Maya runs away to a nunnery and Alejandro tracks her down.  Admittedly he appears to have brought law enforcement with him, and with the entire wedding party dead it's not like he had a whole lot of options as to what else to do with his life, but still.  And Maya tells him it's something about the two of them, pointing out that they're the only people who survived, and I'm like, "Yes, you have guilt about your incestuous love."

And we actually got real city names (Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic; Zulia, Venezuela), not just "somewhere in Mexico."

And Adam tells Peter: "Think about what matters most to you.  Do you know what that is?"  And Peter pulls out the wedding photo, and Adam says, "His name is Nathan."  And if you hadn't been watching the show before, you'd be like, "He's gay married!"

(Sidebar: Someone pointed out after last week's episode that Peter has mind-reading powers, so when future-Angela insists he remember, she may not actually be doing anything with a power of her own but just projecting memories really strongly, and he's trying really hard to focus since she's insisting that he remember.)

I don't buy that your brain can actually restore memories if it heals itself, but it is a neat usage of the healing power.

So Elle's a diagnosed sociopath, huh?  And Peter calls her "sadistic."  I did like her "I don't have the luxury of being more interesting than that" line, but mostly I feel squicky about her.

Adam tells Peter, "If it were possible to kill me, they would, I assure you," but hi, we know the Haitian can dampen people's powers, so they could just bring the Haitian in and then kill him.  Or shoot him with a tranq gun and then chop off his head. And the Previouslies included Adam's "As long as I have breath, anything you love I will lay to waste," so I'm guessing that we're supposed to be suspicious of his purpotments to want to save the world.  I'm not sure whether we're supposed to handwave how he got plane tickets and Peter's passport or if this is part of a leadup to him having accomplices.  (I do like that we've explained why Peter-in-a-box had no shirt and had only that photo, his passport, and a plane ticket to Montreal on his person.  I wonder what the Haitian's motivation was in giving him his necklace.  Oh, and do we hope that Elle's flippant "Haitian pills" was at least a touch of self-awareness as to how sketchy it is that The Haitian doesn't have a name?)

Angela was mad creepy with touching Heidi's hair and such.  And dude, what hospital has a mirror directly across from a patient's bed when said patient has serious burns?  And wouldn't he be all bandaged up?  Yes I know it's for dramatic effect so we could have Nathan be haunted by that image of himself as he's racked with guilt about his brother, but still, couldn't the writers have worked in something more subtle like him catching a glimpse of himself in something accidentally?

Niki still has MPD?  F'r serious?  And she doesn't even wait for a possible 'nother personality to manifest before trying the pills.  Which is understandable given her characterization, but still.  And, um, whether her MPD is related to her power or not, shouldn't she be in therapy as well as on medication?  Also: wow, that is an intense guilt trip that D.L. got killed right next to her going to rescue her from herself after she ceased treatment and didn't tell anyone.

At the facility, Niki says "Thank you," sincerely, and Bob says, "Yeah," and sounds regretful.  Which I find interesting.

Also: They can dampen Peter's powers with a pill cocktail, but they give field agents a syringe of the virus?  Hi total lack of continuity.

[As always, I'm avoiding Previews.  Thank you for your consideration.]
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