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Nicole: "Aquinas... summa summa... angels on the head of a pin."

elliptical, interval program:
1mi @ <11:46min (I'd looked away, so I didn't notice exactly when it changed over)
2mi @ 23:37min
2.51mi @ 30min

I'd heard predictions of snow showers for Monday morning. On my way in to work there were flecks of snow, easily confused with cigarette ash (a reverse confusion I made leaving Berklee Friday night). Watching the news at the gym this morning, I was jealous of New Jersey with its footage of snow (over an inch thick) coating cars etc.

Katie: "Why would you ever be jealous of New Jersey?"
me: "I hear Pennsylvania got inches of snow, too, so I could be jealous of Pennsylvania."

I woke up at 7:05 this morning, which was problematic, but I managed to get out of the house at 7:30, which is about the upper limit for when I can leave the house and still do a full cardio workout (half hour plus five-minute cooldown) and get in to the office by 9am. She's continually impressed that I do the morning gym thing and said, "You inspire me."

Speaking of my influence on her... she was in Best Buy with her friend Ben over the weekend and saw HIMYM S1 DVD and had to buy it. (We recently finished S1 in lunchtime viewing, and she fell in love with the show early on.) She made him watch the first 4 episodes, and he enjoyed it. She almost e-mailed me yesterday to tell me but decided it could wait until today.

This afternoon Ian asked me for cookies. I asked what kind he wanted and he said anything, "emergency sugar." I made some sort of noises about how he should really have his own stash. "So I stop bothering you?" he said, and before I could respond, he offered, "So I don't die?" (He's diabetic.) I was like, "Yeah, that." He says he has stuff in his car.

Nicole was talking about podcasting -- NPR, Berkeley courses, etc. -- noting various stuff I might be interested (i.e., religion). I mentioned that I don't have an iPod -- and more generally that I'm just more comfortable engaging with stuff as written texts rather than as listening to radio programs for example. During our conversation she mentioned that oh yeah on my walking commute in to work I do "prayer and meditation." I was a bit abashed because honestly it mostly turns into distracted planning of my day and suchlike, but I was touched that this is a dominant piece of information she remembers about me.

Speaking of... prayers appreciated for: family friend Ginny H. who fell about a month and a half ago and damaged her knee and now has a nasty infection, for Lorraine who's chosen to leave her Ph.D. program and is job-hunting, and for a dear friend I'm not naming because we have mutual friends but who's going through a really difficult time.


Princess Tickybox (aka, minim_calibre's two and a half year old daughter) is phenomenally attractive.


from Friday's Smith eNews:
LGBT Alumnae Forming Affinity Group
At Reunion in 2007, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) alumnae, those with LGBT children, and other alumnae allies from the classes of '05, '97, '82, and '57 held a gathering to share their stories. It was such a positive experience that participants wanted to form an ongoing group, with the goal of becoming an Alumnae Association affinity group. The idea is to create a broad-based group that would link members across generations to engage in conversations that affect the LGBT community personally and professionally and to renew connections to Smith through online discussions as well as events at college reunions. Does this interest you? Would you help in putting together such a group? What are your ideas about it? Let us know by contacting [redacted]. We want to hear from you.
Dude, I was totally a queer '05 at Reunion in '07 and I don't recall this.

Edit: I forgot to include (via friendsfriends) Cracked.com takes a look at the next nine children's characters that should come out of the closet.
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