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HIMYM 3.09 "Slapsgiving" [2007-11-19]

We all know I'm spoilerphobic, so I really didn't like the idea of SlapCountdown.com, but this episode made me okay with it.  Barney trying to convince himself/Marshall that the bad part is the suspense.  (And dude, you had to feel bad for him when he finally broke down.)  LOVED "P.S. Fire is my one weakness."

And Lily's "The hostess in me who's using her wedding china for the first time wants to say, 'Hell, no,' but yeah, I'm gonna allow it," and then delcaring a day of peace when Marshall was focusing on nothing besides Slapsgiving, and then giving Marshall the okay when Barney was being so in-your-face about not-Slapsgiving.

Lily: "What kind of Thanksgiving is this?"
Barney: "Um, most Thanksgivings."
     Because everyone stresses out trying to make holidays perfect, and so often they are big messes, and you just kinda roll with it.

Wow, Canadian Thanksgiving really is about an explorer who failed to find the Northwest Passage.  Okay, it's "to give thanks for surviving the long journey" as Wikipedia put it, but it is kind of entertaining the way Robin phrased it, which really is "Why are you guys even a country?"  (Note: I don't actually have anything against Canada.)

Ted: "We're two people who pretend to be friends because it would be inconvenient not to be."
And Robin looks so sad.  And she said that way back in S1, that one reason not to hook up is because she didn't want to lose him as a friend.  We watched "Brunch" at work today, and I can handle the heavy-handed ending better knowing that the creators had planned to break up Ted and Robin in like November sweeps.  I was honestly worried they really were gonna stop being friends, and I'm glad they didn't.

Sidebar: I didn't know where I knew old!Bob from and apparently it's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.
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