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"thank you for letting me stay here"

Beth was very glad to join my family for Thanksgiving.  Apparently the past four years she hasn't had anyone to spend Thanksgiving with.  (It's not physically/financially feasible for her to travel to her family.)  She says everyone thinks of Thanksgiving as a big family holiday so they don't think to invite people, which is sad.

There was traffic on 95 on the way to my house, so we took the "scenic" route back.  I learned a tiny bit more about how places are connected to each other.
I think of the Green Line branches as being far apart from each other*, but driving on Chestnut Hill Ave. we hit Chestnut Hill at Comm. Ave. [B Line] and Cleveland Circle [C Line] and Reservoir [D Line] in rapid succession.
*Okay, an actual map disabuses me of that notion.  Clearly I've gotta learn my geography better.

Beth brought "fruit casserole" (pineapple, whole cranberries, apples, with grated almonds on top -- I had some, and it wasn't excessively pineappley, which I was grateful for).

My brother had the plate of beige (mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, etc. -- he was gonna get salad etc. second round) while I had color (mashed potatoes, green beans with almonds, baby carrots, black olives, fruit casserole, sample portions of squash and cranberry goop).  We took photos to prove it.  (I've really gotta bring my digital camera around more places.)

And I had Riesling with dinner (my mom knows me) and non-alcoholic eggnog with nutmeg with dessert (crustless pumpkin pie, with whipped cream).


I see people on the flist being all, "Okay, Thanksgiving's over, can it be Christmas now?" which is not so much where I'm at.  I regret that we're almost at the end of the day and I haven't done a proper gratitude list (though duh, I know I can post one anytime, the fourth Thursday of November is not the only date I'm allowed to give thanks), and Advent begins the Sunday after this one and I still haven't figured out how I want to observe it this year.

Last year I think I spent one Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas in my own apartment, was constantly back in Norwood/with my mother doing hoilday stuff.  I seem to be repeating that this year. 

Fri. Nov. 30 - Handel's Messiah with my mom
Sat. Dec. 1 - UCN Christmas fair
Fri. Dec. 7 - Christmas Singspiration
Fri. Dec. 14 - Black Nativity with my mom [note to self: order tickets]
Sat. Dec. 22 - help my grandma wrap Christmas presents
Mon. Dec. 24 - UCN Christmas Eve service

I was watching CSI tonight -- yeah, I know I'm behind in writeups -- and JCPenney (and Kohl's) opens early for Black Friday -- at 4am!  No lie.  (I am however apparently jaded as to the fact that many places open at 6am on Black Friday.)


My mom has a copy of The Measure of Life: Virginia Woolf's Last Years by Herbert Marder which she was underwhelmed by but perhaps someone more into Virginia Woolf would enjoy it more.  Any takers?
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