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[CAUMC] Thanksgiving (food) [2007-11-15]

Our reading was a UU sermon: "Getting Real About Food" by Ana Porter

She talked about God telling Moses to take off his shoes in the story of the burning bush.
Moses had to have the humility and intimacy of his bare feet in direct contact with the earth before he could begin his conversation with the divine.

Our sun is a fire that burns like that burning bush. For all intents and purposes, it burns without being consumed. And the light from that great fire travels all the way to earth and gets transformed by green plants into substances that we can then eat. Plants grow in the ground and they turn sunlight into food which literally becomes our bodies. Surely any ground in which such miracles happen is holy ground. Perhaps we should all be taking off our shoes.
She talked about our dislocation from our food and challenged her congregants to pledge to spend $10/wk on locally and/or organic food.

In the discussion that followed, Trelawney said I inspire her every week with my vegetarianism. I said this was funny because I can so easily get complacent. Trelawney said that's one reason she thinks community is so important -- that we keep pushing each other and suchlike. She said we all inspire her in different ways -- and then went around the circle. And then did a round of real Affirmations.
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