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Problematizing everything. (Subject: gun control)

Some time ago i read a comment on a November 7, 2002 entry here which said:
Couple of thoughts on the pro-gun and anti-gun forces. First, as seductive as the idea of banning all guns (or handguns) might be, in practice it's entirely unworkable. Just look at illegal drugs, for example. Any broad societal attempt to ban guns will only succeed in disarming the law-abiding citizenry. Making guns illegal won't get rid of them any more than outlawing marijuana or methamphetamine illegal got rid of those drugs.

Second, assume you did pass and enforce a ban on handguns. What would happen? Fortunately, there IS real-time evidence because Britain banned all handguns after the Dunblane massacre in 1996.

Joyce Lee Malcome of Harvard has done a lot of research into the results, and now ENGLAND HAS MORE VIOLENT CRIME PER CAPITA THAN AMERICA. I personally think the underestimates the influence of third world immigration on British rates of violent crime, but the conclusion is still very clear. Good stuff may be found here:


Then in my Sociology class we started reading Barry Glassner’s book The Culture of Fear. In the Introduction, he says:
We have more guns stolen from their owners—about 300,000 annually—than many countries have gun owners. In Great Britain, Australia, and Japan, where gun ownership is severely restricted, no more than a few dozen people are killed each year by handguns. In the united States, where private citizens own a quarter-billion guns, around 15,000 people are killed, 18,000 commit suicide, and another 1,500 die accidentally from firearms. American children are twelve times more likely to die from gun injuries than are youngsters in other industrialized nations. (xix)
[Statistics from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, Centers of Disease Control reports, and Timothy Egan, “Oregon Freeman Goes to Court,” New York Times, 23 May 1998, pp. A1, 8.]

I was talking to my professor about that a bit and wondering what really constituted that vague phrase “violent crime” and she was telling me about how the method of coming up with the statistics is problematic.

Then the next day i saw Bowling for Columbine, and in that, Michael Moore points out that while Canada only has about 65 gun deaths a year, it is a nation of hunters and something like 7 million Canadians own guns. [I think something like 70 million Americans own guns. Canada has a population of about 31 million and America of about 281 million.]

I kinda wanna see Bowling for Columbine again with a notebook and pen in my lap so i can jot down statistics, things i found interesting, things i find problematic, things i want to research more, etc.

Since it seems to keep coming up (synchronicity or whatever again, right marginaliana?), i now want to research gun control.

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