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CSI 8.05 "The Chick Chop Flick Shop" [watched on cbs.com: 2007-11-08]

I was seriously disturbed watching that opening sequence, even though partway through I realized it was staged.

guy: "Let's shoot this bitch."
girl: "Not you, babe, the shot."

This line weirds me out 'cause dude, they're hardly gonna actually shoot one of their actresses. Is she really so stupid that she doesn't realize what they actually mean? Though it does serve an interesting meta function in terms of the blur between staged film and reality (and yes, I know the whole thing is a staged film in the sense that I'm watching a scripted tv show).

Stanley: "Let me count the ways."
     His litany? Kinda made me ill.
Stanley: "When Weatherly Adams dies, that's money in the bank."

David really annoyed me with his love of these slasher films, which seemed so close to snuff pornos.

Zarco: "The smell of her skin. Like fresh lemon poppyseed scones baking in the oven. Gold flecks that dance like Valkyries in the emerald depths of her eyes."

Zarco: "I don't do that anymore. I'm in therapy now. Lots of therapy. Freudian, Jungian, gestaltian, all that crap. I've let go of my anger."

Zack Putrid: "I bang all my stars. Builds trust."

Zack Putrid: "Brass. Look at my ass. Freaking claw marks."
Brass: "Are you trying to make me throw up, Mr. Putrid?"

Wendy: "I got 600 bucks for that. What? What? I was fresh out of college. I really needed the money."
     Which so totally sounds like a stint as a porn actress -- not gonna lie, when I first saw the description of this episode I thought they actually were snuff pornos, not just regular slasher films with a buxom blonde.

Ronnie: "I don't get it. What's the thrill here? It's always babes with huge breasts falling out of their shirts, getting hacked to bits."
Wendy: "Mine are kind of medium."
Hodges: "But perfect. Ly. Adequate. Better in fact."

Zarco: "What happen, Lafoon? She get too old so you killed her for real?"

I enjoyed Brass just watching the show as Lafoon and Zarco verbally go at it at the station.

Sara: "You know in the slasher movies, when they go after the the dark haired girl, she always dies."
Greg: "Yeah. And the blonde always lives. Aren't you glad it wasn't a movie?"
Sara: "I think I am sick of having my face shoved in death every day. The murder rate has gone up every year since I've been here, it's totally out of control, and we're not even slowing them down."
     I actually wish her bit had ended with "I think I am sick of having my face shoved in death every day." It's not their job to slow down the murderers, and given that every episode an entire shift seems to be working on a single case it's a weird suspension of disbelief to have a statement that the murder rate is continually going up.

Catherine and Ronnie investigating is so shot as a setup like one of those slasher films -- Stan stops his sentence when he sees Ronnie, Catherine's rack framed by slats as the camera follows her

Catherine: "I don't go out with persons of interest in an ongoing investigation."

Catherine: "Don't call me 'pookie.' "

Don't put your phone down just because it's dead, Ronnie!
Ronnie, you gave the gas station attendant cash, not your credit card, right? Okay, you must have, because now you're hurriedly driving off.

[Dickie calling Catherine] An incoming call doesn't show name unless you put it in your address book.

Catherine: "If you're screwing with me, I will string you up and beat you senseless."

Zack Putrid: "I think the pain is preventing me from enjoying the irony."

Interesting, that Zarco cross-dresses (as his dead love?) to do the revenge killing.

Zack Putrid (to Ronnie): "This is life imitating art imitating life -- you are so beautiful."


I'm not sure how I feel about this episode. I was frequently disturbed watching it, which I think is partly the point, and it's clearly consciously imitating. I remember reading something (which of course I now can't find) where someone was saying she didn't like watching stuff like SVU because while it wasn't promoting the violation of the vulnerable (women, children, "deviants") it was still exploiting it in a way.
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