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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Without a Trace 6.06 "Where & Why" [2007-11-08]

I came in about 20 minutes in. The lighting is so much, well, lighter than CSI.

Grissom: "You approach with stealth."
Sam: "Just something I picked up in 'Nam."
     And Grissom looks like he doesn't realize she's joking, which is a little weird. I mean, he's not that oblivious.

Grissom: "lady friend... escort... hooker..."
Jack: "In New York we just call them ho's."
     Is that casual degradation of women supposed to be funny?

I was really surprised that Jack was so honest with Winker, and while I was pleased I was worried the whole time that it would backfire on him.

Winker's "It doesn't matter" (to Jack's persistent question of where the kid is) iirc I first thought it meant the kid was dead, but I called Winker's suicide shortly before it happened. I really liked that he told the kid to run away, that he loved his son enough to try to protect him from himself. (The cicada sounds he told the shrink he heard... does that map on to any known DSM-IV diagnosis? It feels familiar, like from SVU or something, but I can't actually think of it.)

Jack says when he came here 6 years ago he thought, "How in the hell can anything bad happen here?"
Really now? He can't have been that new to the job 6 years ago, can he? I mean, he was team leader or supervisor or whatever back when the show started, right? And pretty quickly you learn that bad things can happen in even the most idyllic-appearing places.

Grissom: "Doesn't seem to have changed much in 6 years."
Jack: "Well, 6 years of not knowing must have changed something."

Jack: "You every think about hanging it up?"
Grissom: "Every day."
Jack: "At least you get the pay."
Grissom: "That I do, yes."
Grissom: "What do you got, Jack?"
Jack: "The people we get back."
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