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CSI 8.06 "Who and What" [watched on cbs.com: 2007-11-16]

I started watching this on innertube the weekend after it aired, but my Internet kept cutting out, and innertube wouldn't let me skip ahead (over the parts I'd already seen), and then work kept being busy -- turned out I'd only missed the last five minutes. (Possibly I should take this as a sign that I shouldn't be watching on innertube -- strike and all that... since the writers don't get a cut from Internet broadcasts.)

The mom in the opening scene looks familiar, and I realized she reminded me of Amy Gardner from The West Wing -- though this actress definitely wasn't Mary-Louise Parker.

Catherine: "What do you know about this guy?"
Jack: "Including everything you just told me? Everything you just told me."

Jack: "Random kidnappings are exceptionally rare."
Grissom: "Except in the US last year, there were over a hundred."
Grissom: "Some things are just random."
Jack: "Have you ever tried telling that to the parents of a child who's been kidnapped?"
Grissom: "Yes, actually, I have."
Jack: "And how'd that work out for ya?"
[pointed silence]

Jack comes out from behind a slot machine and punches the fleeing suspect. Great look on Jack's face.

Brass: "He doesn't look like much. But then again, they never do."
Jack: "If you don't mind, I'd like to talk to him first."
Brass: "You don't gave to be polite, Jack. This is a federal case. You don't need my permission."
Brass: "How you gonna go at him?"
Jack: "I don't know. I usually just make it up as I go along."

As soon as the suspect said he was embarrassed I knew he wasn't the killer (leaving aside the fact that I'd seen the Part 2 already so obviously I knew who the killer actually was), that he was running thinking they were after him for some other crime he'd committed.

Wow, Brass gets pissed at Jack's abuse of the suspect and says this isn't Gitmo.

Mr. Michaels (the suspect, on the photo of the dead boy): "That's my son."

Grissom: "That is an irradiated fetal pig. I use it to determine the effects of radiation on tissue."
Jack: "But why?"
Grissom: "For fun."

Sara: "I hear your abduction case is now a serial murder."
Jack: "Yeah."
     Jack sounds almost as if he hadn't quite thought of it that way before and is now kinda depressed.

Jack: "Is Hank your kid?"
Grissom: "Hank's my dog. She walks him for me sometimes."
Jack: "That's how it starts. I have some experience dating in the workplace."
Grissom: "Oh yeah? And how'd it work out for you?"
Jack: "Undetermined."
     Man, Jack, are you and Sam dating again? (I haven't been watching WaT this season due to lack of functional videorecording, so this is something of a rhetorical question. And there wasn't Small Group on Thanksgiving, so I ended up watching episode 6.08, which answered this question.)

Grissom: "Does the victim have circular indentations on her head?"
Doc Robbins: "Yeah. Wanna do the autopsy, too? Just lemme know."

Sara: "So the husband was here and alive while his wife was being raped and killed?"

Sara's wearing a really pretty necklace. I noticed the prettiness and was also thrown because it feels weird that she would accessorize while on duty, though far less weird than the fact that they don't pull their hair back much at all while on duty -- contaminating a crime scene, what?

Sara: "They were spending the night on the sofa watching a movie. It's just -- it's just wrong."

Hee, Nick takes Archie's pen, writes on his [Nick's] hand.

Nice going, Nick -- he asked how much the guy won, and when told ~$2500 asked for his W-2-G, saying if you win over $1200 Uncle Sam gets his cut.

Jack: "Starting to miss the lab?"
Grissom: "No, I like a good field trip."

Jack: "Where'd you get that hat?"
vagrant: "A man. Gave me a hundred bucks to get on this train."


tv.com tells me:
Vi-CAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program)was started by the FBI in 1985. It is used to track and compile information on violent crime, especially murder.
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