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CSI 8.07 "Goodbye & Good Luck" [watched on cbs.com: 2007-11-16]

tv.com says:
This episode went through several name changes; some of them included:
Hello, Goodnight
Hello, Goodbye
Goodbye & Goodnight

The promos for this episode used Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You," and while I love Sarah McLachlan, using her songs feels kinda overkill (not that I don't have fond memories of BtVS's S2 finale -- but that was 9½ years ago). The previous week's episode seemed to be much more of a buildup to Sara leaving than this episode -- which was fine, just somewhat surprising since the promos had billed as the ZOMG Sara Leaves episode.

Sara: "Zolpidem -- that's good stuff."
Warrick: "Yeah, it's to help me sleep."

Ronnie: "Sara, she's got a very bad back."
     And we see she has a knife in her back. Eep.

Ronnie: "There's gotta be something we can do."
Sara: "We'll be back for her body next month. Or his. Or both. There's nothing you can do about this, Ronnie, don't kid yourself."
     Wow, that felt jarringly callous.

Marlon West -- and his sociopathic little sister (high school senior at age 12, prodigy)
Nick: "She's a pint-size Machiavelli."

Sara: "She graduated later that summer, became legally emancipated from her parents, and went off to Harvard."
Grissom: "You keepin' tabs on her?"
Sara: "Not recently."

Sara: "I want this case."
     Shouldn't you not give the case to someone who's emotionally invested?

Hannah: "graduate school"
     And then she gets up to teach, and I realized almost immediately that oh yeah, graduate student => TA, but I had an initial freakout (as I suspect Sara did as well).

Archie: "What made you think to check her Twitter page?"
Greg: "Most date rapes are people you know... I knew Kira was an active blogger... figured if she was having trouble with someone she'd talk about it online."
Greg: "Some people don't value privacy."
Archie: "They don't expect privacy. Some people value openness."
Greg: "Whatever."
     Come on, isn't Greg the one who, much like Grissom, is usually unfazed by people's weirdnesses -- and in Greg's case half the time has done the weird stuff.

Marlon: "I've never lied to you. Not once. You just never believe me. When I'm guilty, you want me to be innocent. When I'm innocent, you want me to be guilty."

Hannah: "College has been a difficult adjustment for Marlon, especially after the death of our parents."
Sara: "I'm sorry about that."
Hannah: "You're not really, though."

Hannah: "When can Marlon leave?"
Sara: "Well we're going to keep him here as long as we possibly can."
Hannah: "At least that's honest. It also seems a little vindictive."
Sara: "Given your brother's history, think it's pretty sensible."
Hannah: "What's wrong, Sara? You're different than you used to be. You're angry. And a little sad, too. Why?"
Sara: "If you wanna spend more time with your brother, I suggest you invest in a good lawyer, Hannah."
     In her interactions with Hannah, I don't see Sara as coming off as particularly different than normal, and is she really that amazing a reader of people? -- though I a few days later I read something that mentioned sociopaths as being highly skilled at reading people's emotions, so perhaps it's not as far-fetched as I had been interpreting it as.

Duh, Hannah's the killer.

Sara: "Stop playing games with me."
Hannah: "You're the one who's playing games."

Grissom: "I'm worried about you."
Sara: "That just makes this worse. I can't talk about this right now."

I liked Ronnie's thing about how she was helping the woman when she was off-duty, noy getting any OT, but as far as she was concerned it was part of the job, "at least that's how I want it to be, for me."

Kira: "Aren't you gonna tell her to get out of here? I hope you two are really happy together."

Hannah: "She doesn't deserve you."
Marlon: "You're right. She doesn't."

Marlon: "If Hannah wants me in jail, that's where I'm gonna be. There's nothing I can do about it."
Sara: "There is one thing." [commercial break]

Marlon asks Hannah why she set him up.
Hannah: "Because I love you."
Marlon: "And I love you too."
Hannah: "No. You don't. But you will. I promise I'll visit you every week."
Brass: "Well, he gave it a shot, but she is way out of his league."
Sara: "She's outta mine, too."

Sara goes to talk to Grissom, seems almost cheerful, then is interrupted by phone call -- pretty quickly I called that it was Marlon having committed suicide. (Though I'm unclear as to how he managed to hang himself like that since he seems to be standing, which means his body weight didn't tighten the 'noose,' and you can't tie it strangle-tight on yourself I don't think.)

Sara: "I know that you killed Kira Dellinger. I just can't prove it."
Hannah: "That must be very frustrating for you."
Sara: "Hannah, Marlon's dead."
Hannah: "Wow, that's a really sad and desperate ploy, Sara. It's beneath you."

Hodges and Grissom are talking, Sara kisses Grissom, then walks away, and it's totally dramatically shot almost like he knows it's Goodbye.

As she enters the locker room I realize what the opening shot is: her taking her nametag off her vest.
She writes "Good Luck," and puts it in Ronnie's locker.

Wow, such a bad picture of Grissom and her [in Sara's locker].

Sara has feminine handwriting like that?

tv.com has the full-text of her farewell note:
You know I love you. I feel I've loved you forever. Lately, I haven't been feeling very well. Truth be told, I'm tired. Out in the desert, under that car that night, I realized something, and I just can't take it. Since my father died, I've spent almost my entire life with ghosts. We've been like close friends, and out there in the desert, it occurred to me that it was time for me to bury them. I can't do that here. I'm so sorry. No matter how hard I try to fight it off, I'm left with the feeling that I have to go. I have no idea where I'm going, but I know I have to do this. If I don't, I'm afraid I'll self destruct, and worse, you'll be there to see it happen. Be safe. Know that I tried very hard to stay. Know that you're my one and only. I will miss you with every beat of my heart. Our life together was the only home I've ever really had. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love you. I always will. Good bye.
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