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CSI 8.08 "You Kill Me" [2007-11-22]

tv.guide.com/listings: "Hodges stages hypothetical murders in the lab so his colleagues can play CSI; Grissom's team members reach out to him after Sara's departure."

Meh. They knew they'd have low viewership on Thanksgiving, no? I didn't hate the episode, but it took quite a while for me to get into at all. It felt at first like a "Oh aren't we clever" kind of episode, and it also felt sloppy like they could just caricature stuff ("No sign of sexual trauma") because Hodges was creating all these scenarios. Not that such caricature was out of character for Hodges, but I felt like it was as excuse to not try very hard at the writing -- not only did they not need to keep the main CSI in character for scenes of any length, but they also didn't have to generate any cases with any logic to them (since Hodges' cases got progressively more ridiculous and gave the perp no motive at all).

I like Brass's "Where's she at?" (re: Sara)
Grissom's "I can't talk, I'm really busy" amused me because it reminded me of HIMYM "Return of the Shirt."
"We've talked a little" is interesting, since her farewell note felt to me like very final.

Wendy: "He says it's not a game."
Archie: "Well I want to play anyway."

Archie's informed that he's the dead guy and responds: "Well then I'd have a vested interest in the outcome, wouldn't I?"

Wendy: "We're not supposed to care about the why."
Archie: "Whatever."

Henry: "Archie told me about your sick thought experiment and I wanna play but I can't believe that even hypothetically--"

Catherine: "How're you doing?"
Grissom: "Why?"

I kinda rolled my eyes at Wendy jumping in with a description of her shoes, though I enjoyed "flirty, not whory" -- it felt like a Buffy-ish line.

I did like Wendy's "Hey, it's a neck wound!" as we panned down her torso -- even though rationally it's kinda weird since Hodges can't actually generate that imagery through narration, I mean, did he really say, "And as they examined her torso" or something?

Wendy: "There was a motorcycle battery in the ventilation duct? Who's the killer? Wilie E. Coyote?"

The audio recording felt pastede on. Couldn't he just take notes?

Wendy: "Hodgkins. You named yourself after cancer?"

Mindy Big Boobs? Didn't we just have an episode wherein we verbally stated that Wendy has medium-sized boobs?

Wendy: "You are the dumbest smart guy I know."
Hodges: "You think I'm smart?"
*rolls eyes*

Grissom: "Hey, Greg."
Greg: "Yeah, whatever."
I'm curious as to what's up with Greg, 'cause we didn't seem him connected with the murder game at all, so it's unlikely to be that.

Hodges: "Based on this place -- but not in any legally actionable sense."

Grissom: "What have you got against Bobby Dawson?"
Hodges: "Nothing, running gag."

Grissom: "No gun guy would ever position himself down-range of a shot."
This line made me so happy, because one piece of information I have totally internalized (despite never having spent any time around guns) is that you never point a gun (regardless of whether you think it's empty or the safety's on or whatever) at anything you're not willing to shoot.

Hodges says he is a mere Padawan to Grissom's Jedi Master, or something.
I loved Grissom's deadpan "True."

I could deal with Hodges speech about how sometimes you've "gotta let them go" because it was partly pompous speechifying and largely thinly veiled him talking about Wendy taking the field test and potentially leaving the lab, rather than the show being painfully earnest and teaching Grissom a Valuable Life Lesson. Especially because I think this episode actually indicates that while yeah he may be throwing himself into his work (double shifts) to help him through the grieving, he does actually basically have a healthy understanding of the situation -- he genuinely does want Sara to be happy, and I think Hodges' conversation with him about how Sara was ready to leave all this but Grissom isn't was more for the viewer's benefit than to clarify anything for Grissom because Grissom already knew that.
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