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Without a Trace 6.08 "Fight/Flight" [2007-11-22]

I only have a couple real things to say about the main plotline of this episode.


Martin: "He would have passed out before he could have refilled the syringe."

Brett talks to Keira, wondering why he fights, and she says, "I never met a guy who bothered to ask."
He wonders if "I enjoy beating guys bloody so I don't feel like that scared little kid anymore."

Brett spends the summer with his sister and father... won't go swimming... his sister finds out he has this wicked bruise on his upper arm, suggests they both wear their suits with t-shirts, their dad suspects something, and she tells him what Brett told her.
Brett's sister: "It took years for Brett to trust me again."

The guy who used to beat up Brett (and who went to prison because of Brett, where he converted to Islam): "You saved my life. Let me return the favor."

Martin: "If I were you, I'd think twice about lying to a federal officer."
But we're not supposed to mind when the federal officer lies to the suspect. I hate when they do that. Especially since I seriously believed Kiera.

Jack: "I don't care, you can handcuff him to a table for all I care."

When he's dead, Brett's face is clean, even though we saw him bloody from the fight when he and the trainer had their locker room altercation.

So... the trainer killed the black kid to frame him? That bit of the plotline seems to have been dropped.


And the Sam-arc:

The flashback? I remember that scene. I think the phone call's about her sister. *checks* Yup, 5.19 "At Rest."

In Brian's apartment building, Sam's bra is visible through her shirt -- wicked classy.

Brian: "How'd you find me?"
Sam: "I work for the FBI."

Sam: "Yeah, um, this can't wait. I'm pregnant."

She wants him to sign a waiver of custody, which somewhat understandably he doesn't wanna do without thinking about it a little bit. I worry that the show will end up doing an annoying arc wherein Brian wants to be a part of the kid's life and Sam doesn't want him to and we're supposed to side with Sam because Mommy's rights trump all. I am sympathetic to the argument that the mother should get final say in whether to carry a child to term or not since it's a far greater physical investment for her than it is for the biological father, but I get uncomfortable around the idea that the mother's rights trump the father's at all costs at all times ... it perpetuates a fetishization of motherhood and a dismissal of fatherhood which ultimately feed into the systemic problems these same people decry (plus it just feels patently unfair to me).
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