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"Been looking forward to the future / But my eyesight is going back"

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On CNN, Jason Wright (from PoliticalDerby.com) talked about Do's and Don'ts for picking a VP and said Don't pick someone just to get their state 'cause that doesn't always work and Don't pick someone with more starpower -- said that's not so much an issue for Obama . . . he'd have to pick Hannah Montana to have someone with more starpower than him.  Heh.

On SquawkBox, a former Shell bigwig [John Hofmeister, former Shell CEO] was talking about Arctic drilling and said other countries will drill if we don't, so we need to develop infrastructure to ensure that we do it and do it in an environmentally safe way [CNBC video].  He sounded genuinely concerned about doing it in an "environmentally safe way" and protecting the "marine mammals," which was interesting to me since earlier he had said that some environmental groups want to stop Arctic drilling "for their own narrow purposes."  The guy was a very calm speaker and sounded like he always knew exactly what he was talking about (watching live video conferences on CNN, I've gotten a sense for how often people fill their speech with "uh's" and etc.), but some of his sentences I thought, "I'm really not sure what that sentence is saying at all."  At least stuff like this I can follow -- as opposed to some of the stock market etc. stuff which is just way too much jargon and concepts I'm not familiar with.


I was debating a second breakfast (I had a light breakfast of cereal before I left the house) but by the time I was seriously considering it Spangler had closed (they break between breakfast and lunch for an hour or so).  However, folks brought in leftover sushi from last night's jr fac party and there was indeed some vegetarian sushi.  Score.

Later in the day, Katie changed the Description section of the Work Info on her facbook to say, in part, "i work at the edge of a bottomless money pit which provides a never-ending supply of sushi and chocolate cake. that's in the summer."

There was talk of going to the Square for lunch, but then it started to look threatening and then was in fact threatening.  (Greg had cacti on his windowsill and got attacked by them thanks to the wind.)


Rest and Bread ("Nation")

Psalm was Psalm 9:9-20
"Sacred Text" was Langston Hughes' "I, Too, Sing America."
In the Reflection, Laura Ruth talked about working with the deaf community in Athens, Georgia.  She talked about keeping in mind both the good and the bad things about this country.

Althea lives right near Seven Hills Park and basically invited me and Becca over for dinner (though I couldn't actually stay as I had an apartment to see).  I have new friends?  (I was touched when Althea introduced me to someone as her "friend" -- I mean, I know most people don't say things like, "my casual acquaintance of a few weeks," but still.)  I had thought she lived near Central Square, but I must have been conflating her with someone else because actually she lives right by Seven Hills Park.  Becca's moving to Worcester and mentioned a MetroWest bi women's network, and Althea has rainbow magnets on her fridge and mentioned something about an ex-girlfriend.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that I found a queer tribe at the UCC.


I was telling Katie that I kind of hoped the apartment I looked at tonight (Cate's friend Melissa's) would be like, "This is awesome, you're awesome," 'cause I was tired of looking at apartments.  And I was thinking later that I don't usually fall in love with things right off the bat -- both my current apartment and my current job I accepted initially feeling like, "Well, this is good enough," and now I'm big fans of them . . . so that's good to keep in mind as a balance for my pickiness.

Anyway, Melissa was very chill about my lateness in arriving (oh bus schedules -- and it turns out the 96 takes an indirect route, so I could actually have just walked up College Ave [it took me about 20 minutes to walk home (downhill) ] but I didn't realize any of that at the time) and I remembered her from Cate's green party, and she was so relieved to not have to explain about "alternative lifestyles" ('cause hi, I already knew Cate) and it seems like it would be a good fit.  It's not perfect, but nothing is.  I want to take a day to sit on it, but I 99% think I'll take it.

I could say something about it being too hot to think of a Subject (but really I'm just bad at them)

I kept waking up this morning -- hot and sticky, wanting to sleep longer but clearly not sleeping well.  I napped a little around 3pm, but still.  I did put a fan in one bedroom window tonight.  (Yes, it was a combination of stubbornness and forgetting that I'd bought window fans either last summer or the summer before.)


In the CHPC liturgy this morning, I found myself really struck by the bits on forgiveness -- thinking about what I crave forgiveness for.

excerpt from the Unison Prayer of Confession:
    We confess our selfishness of heart and meanness of spirit; our slowness to forgive as we have been forgiven; our faltering attempts to love others and our awkward responses to those who want to love us.
    (from "A Call to Prayer" edited by C. Micklem, adapted)
In the Words of Assurance, Karl said, "in that forgiveness comes freedom and joy and possibility."


The ecumenical Somerville Pride service tonight went well.  (And it was not as warm in the chapel/fellowship hall as I had feared it might be.)

The Opening Hymn was "Gather Us In" and I saw Laura Ruth signing along.  I was gonna talk to her afterward, but I didn't see her during fellowship.  I have her e-mail from Molly's e-mailing everyone involved in the Reader's Theater, though.

During fellowship, people seemed to actually mingle with people other than the ones they came with, which pleased me.  Okay, I didn't really talk to anyone I didn't already know, but hey, I already knew 3/5 of the congregations.

At one point, Tiffany mentioned that Laura Ruth had told her I'd started going to their Wednesday service, and I told her the story about how I  was like, "Do I really need to be involved in four churches?"  She said maybe I'd become that which they're all striving for... where all the different colors come together in that white light.  (Yes, this was a metaphor from tonight's service.)  She suggested I could be a mediator 'cause I'd know what was important to the different groups and suchlike.


As post-CWM fellowship was winding down, I switched seats to where Sean and Marla and people were sitting.  Marla mentioned that Will's moving out in July (he got an appointment in Hull) so if I know anyone who's looking for a place to live...  I said I'm looking for a new place to live as I'm moving out of my current apartment August 1st, said I was weighing whether Marla and I would kill each other :)  Marla said we wouldn't, looked genuinely surprised at the suggestion that we would.  She also joked to Sean that I would complete the... she didn't say quota, but I forget what exactly she did say... but anyway, as a bisexual I would complete the GLBTA representation at the Collective :)

The idea of living with people I already know and like definitely had appeal -- and they're just over the border into Arlington, so it wouldn't be much of an adjustment from where I am in terms of how I commute to work, where I get my groceries, etc.  And there's definitely low risk that they'll be moving any time soon (one of my few Wanted items in my apartment-hunting this time around is people who are gonna stay more than a year, after having lived with the revolving door of graduate students).

She drove me home with them to check out the place.  It's a little smaller than my current room (10x11 vs. 11x11), but Marla's sympathetic to my "I know a move is a good excuse to go through the boxes of crap I haven't touched since I last moved two years about, but that may not actually happen..." and they have basement storage, so that would alleviate a lot of the problem.  And it's got a double sliding door closet like my room in my parents' house.

They have washer-dryer in the basement, and the totally reasonable rent (more than I'm paying now, but I know what I'm paying now is far on the low end of anything I would find) would include all utilities (thus making it about equal with what I pay in total each month).

They don't have cable, but they do have HD and a dvd/vcr, so I could tape stuff in high-quality, and if there are any Sci-Fi/Lifetime/whatever Original Movies I desperately need to see or whatever (I heard about Circuit with Michelle Trachtenberg premiering on ABC Family tonight at 8 thanks to facebook sponsored links or whatever they are on your mini-feed homepage) I'm sure I can obtain them from Amy or whatever.
professional me, self

I'm somewhat surprised my mother hasn't e-mailed me pining for updates.

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I feel like I've been on summer vacation since Wednesday.

Friday was the now traditional "Light Lunch" followed by an afternoon off.  Peter and Greg walked over to lunch with us.  I picked up a small whoopie pie for dessert, and Nicki was asking me what the filling was, like was it flavored, and I was like, "Um, it's a whoopie pie... it's just cream."  Katie reminded me that we'd had a conversation before about how whoopie pies are a New England thing.  (Greg didn't know what they were, but we're used to that 'cause he spent a good chunk of time in Israel.)

Cate joined later, and some I ended up telling her about due South fandom.  I don't think I'd really realized before that CKR was in due South and that's where everyone initially knows him from.  (Yes, apparently I think of The Canadian Actor Mafia as its own fandom.)  I've never seen due South, but I was recalling that I did sporadically watch some tv show with Mounties when I was younger, and really, how many tv shows about Mounties aired on broadcast American tv in the 1990s?  Dad, do you remember anything about this?

Speaking of fandoms I'm not in...
via sharpest_rose: Steph in Africa (on scans_daily)

Anyway, we hung out for a couple hours and then went our separate ways.  I did a couple errands -- though not as many as I should have.  We reconvened for dinner at CPK at the Pru.  Cate was running late, but we still had our food (I got the mushroom pizza.) with enough time to eat and not feel rushed.  (We ended up getting to Park St. like right at 7:30 -- minor T delays was something of a theme with me that afternoon -- but ASP never starts on time, so we were okay.)

That morning, I bumped into Layna on my way to the T and Allie at the T, and on the Green Line to Prudential I saw Meredith.


ASP's 4th season wrapped up with King John, which neither Cate nor I had ever seen/read before.  (And I didn't look at the synposis, opting to just go with the flow of the play)

Turns out it was really good.  Both the play and the production.  It was very modern -- people in suits, drinking martinis, brandishing pistols, etc. -- and that made SO MUCH SENSE.  And the play itself is interesting and engaging (and okay there were a few bits I could have done without, but that's usually true of me and lots of the comedic bits Shakespeare sticks in the histories).  I told Cate afterward that it was probably my favorite of the season, definitely made me excited about giving them money for my subscription for next year.  She commented that the other productions this year had schticks, like the all-female Macbeth, the Henry V with only five actors, and she was like, "See, when you have a multi-gender cast of more than half a dozen, you can do great things."  I commented that while this one also had a "schtick" (the contemporary, shades of mafioso, setting) it was more of a theme -- we agreed that this was like Titus, which was the play we saw last season and which was also awesome.  I also said that they didn't overdo it, which she agreed, and she commented that ironically, she thought if they'd done more with the schtick in their production of Tempest this season it might well have worked a lot better for her.

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As I expected, I had mixed feelings about the apartment I looked at this morning.  It's a two-level two-bedroom condo.  The woman living there is looking for someone quiet, and part of me is like, "I'm never home, and when I am I'm mostly just playing on the internet," but part of me worries that I would be on edge, worrying.  The two bedrooms abut each other, and she mentioned that for example, "If I make a late-night phone call I go downstairs" (the upper level is the two bedrooms and a full bath, the lower level is a living room and eat-in kitchen and half-bath) and yeah, that kind of quiet consideration feels maybe excessive.

It's got a nice basement I could use to store some of my boxes (though yes I know I should purge before I move) plus washer-dryer.  She has RCN wireless internet; I would need wired Internet and would like cable tv.  The bedroom is good-sized (11x14... my current one is about 11x11) and with a good-sized closet.

There's a nice little playground across the street, including checkerboard tables with attached seats.  It's something like a 15-minute walk to Harvard Square, and I could pick up the 86 (direct to my campus) like five minutes from the house.  It's near a Market Basket, plus the FoodMaster by Inman and the Union Square Farmer's Market and it's a 5-10min. walk to the 87 to Porter (Shaw's).

She rents from the absentee landlords (they're in California, but apparently there's a local repairperson who's good... and the condo was built in the 1980s and is in good shape) and was talking about a month-to-month lease, which makes me nervous, though it also provides flexibility should I decide it wasn't working out and wanted to move (and I do trust that if she decided to move -- she's been flirting with the idea of buying a place herself, but doesn't think that'll happen any time soon -- she would give me plenty of notice).

I'm not under pressure to decide SOON, which I appreciate.

Part of me feels like I should just wait until July, when the bulk of the August 1 openings will be posted.  And part of me thinks I should actually check out July 1 openings 'cause if there's something that's a great fit then it would be worth double-paying rent for a month.


I went to Gusti's graduation party (at the Nave Gallery at CHPC).  The official start time was 4:30, so I left my house at 4:30.  (I live about a five-minute walk away.)  It was really nice that so many of Gusti's communities were there (people from her neighborhood, people from CHPC, people from school -- including her undergrad [she just graduated from HDS]).  I actually chatted with people I didn't already know.  *proud of me*

SarahD. was talking about Adam Sandler's new movie (the Zohan one), which apparently includes Israel-Palestine issues.  I now feel like I need to see this movie.  (She also mentioned how she walked out of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11.  I was so pleased.)


I was chatting with mjules after I got home, and it's good to have someone who knows what you're talking about when you wtf at "The Devil Is Bad" by the W's (Track 8 on Disc 1 of WOW 1999 The Year's Top Christian Artists and Songs).

Track 12 is the Supertones' "Little Man," which brought me back to the Supertones concert Tim took us to back when I was in high school, which I had totally forgotten about until now.


I was okay in the heat today, and my apartment still feels decent.  I am very pleased by this.  (Though I expect it will get worse as the days continue to high near 90F and it only cools off to like 70F overnight.)

"Oh, silent, I the hunter, til the answers clear"

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I seem to have lost my earbuds.  I remember sticking them in my bag on Friday and thinking, "Wait, I'm doing weight room today, so I don't need these, oh whatever."  And now I can't find them.


Good things about today:

I can has librarian status (on GoodReads).

Ava facebook messaged me: "hey girl. so, i'm kind of in a really crummy mood riht now, so i'm not going to write much; but i did want to say how proud i am of you. you have just grown into this amazing woman who does so muich and is in such control of her life and it's just so wonderful to see. it sounds like you have the most amazing summer planned and i'm sending all my positive energy and love and prayers to make sure it's the best it could ever be. i hope we can hang out before you go, but, it seems to always be tricky for me to get together with people and you seem especially busy. well, i love you very muhc and miss you and just wanted you to know how i think of you and keep you in my prayers, etc. and it reminds me that as long as i keep pluggin' away, that i'll be in the position you are soon. happy and on my way to italy. haha, well hopefully next year it will be sweden, finland and norway, but same idea, right?"

JoeF. + my mom = win

Amy's post (and associated YouTube clip) about Barney and Robin from HIMYM and Lex from Smallville.

My department cracks me up.

I had feared it was gonna be grossly hot today, but it was actually really nice out at lunchtime.  (We ate inside anyway, but still.)  Supposedly it was 79F at 5:45pm, but it felt far nicer than it did yesterday afternoon.

I did work for Prof.D., which took less time than expected, and when I sent him the results, he replied:
[his initials]
On Cailin's suggestion, I looked on HRES for further housing search (and she said she would talk to Mike and Leslie about their apartment).
She was asking me my financial constraints ("Can I ask you a semi-personal question?  And feel free not to answer.") and I was like, "I can tell you what I get per paycheck 'cause it shows up on my bank statement, but I honestly don't remember what my official salary is," so I pulled out the salary calculator (Excel spreadsheet -- which they sent out back in mid-March, but whatever).  5.19% salary increase (as of July 1).

Introducing me to a friend of hers, Cate said, "Elizabeth is a friend from my Smith days.  She is an avid reader and writer, has a strong interest in all things fanish, and is a student of popular culture."

I got to leave work with Katie (a rare occurrence).

I haven't been on Y!M much recently 'cause I've been busy, but I was on tonight and had nice easy chat with mjules.


I'm dithering about the apartment I saw tonight.  I was really excited about it going in, and I want to like it.  It has laundry in the basement, the three housemates are all working women who probably won't be moving any time soon, it's fully furnished and there's a tv with dvd + vcr + cable in the living room, and there's a guest room and a breakfast porch...  They steal wireless internet (can I even do that with a desktop computer?).  The bedroom is small, but it would be really good for me to purge these boxes I've barely even touched in the past two years.  I still feel like the bedroom would be small, though.  They've got a lot of storage space (many closets, plus a basement) but I feel like just in terms of fitting a bed/dresser/desk/bookcases/etc. it would be kind of cramped.  Though it's not like I need a lot of space -- I mean, witness my dorm room my last three years at college.  I feel like I wouldn't fit with the people, like they're too "normal."  But I'm hardly ever home, so would it really matter?  The whole place looks like actual grownups live there -- nice furnishings and all -- but that's a good thing, right?  I don't want to take it, but I worry that I'm shooting myself in the foot -- like am I gonna find anything even nearly as nice for such an affordable price?  Going in, I had thought it would be awesome and surely I wouldn't get it, but now I suspect I could probably get it but I don't want it.  And I'm trying to convince myself to take it -- but I also don't want to go against that almost gut feeling... 'cause it's not fair to anyone for me to up and leave after a year, and I want to be happy where I'm living (which brings me back to worries that I won't find anything even nearly as good).  And they want an answer Wednesday at the latest.
moon house

son of apartment hunting...

I walked like 5 miles today.

First apartment: $800 studio, utilities (except electric) included; coin-op laundry in basement
~20min. walk from Davis Square (down Highland).  On the 2nd floor.  You enter into the kitchen.  This whole the-kitchen-is-its-own-room is a definite step up from yesterday.  The bedroom is good-sized.  (And I actually enjoy seeing a place while it still has the previous tenant's furniture in it 'cause it helps with the visualizing of how my stuff would fit.)

Second apartment: the one people liked -- $533 for 1of3BRs, electric and utilities not included; laundromat a 5min. walk away
Walk back on Highland to Davis Square, then head onto Holland and walk ~15min.
2nd floor again.  Large living room, and what I imagine is intended as a dining room (it has the lack of doorway that my parents' place has).  The "dining room" is basically wholly empty.  Good-sized kitchen -- lacking any table or chairs.  Apparently a folding table is in storage.  It's a 3BR and the one person who is staying is very much an open-space person, and grew up eating in front of the TV.  She's big on change, though, and seems amenable to compromise -- certainly says bringing the folding table back in to the kitchen wouldn't be a problem.
I said I was gonna sleep on it, but I think I'm gonna take this place.

On my way back, I got out at Harvard.  The spray paint artist is back.  I also bumped into Susan N. and we caught up for a bit.  I got a strawberry-banana smoothie from OlderSmoothieGuy and it was zyum.

I stopped at the library on the way home to pick up books for my mom.  Told Terry about my drunken hit-ons.  'Twas amusing.

Picked up Rieslings for tomorrow's Easter dinner.  They were having a free wine-tasting, so I got a sample of a Pinot Gris and a Pinot Noir.

My mom and I were gonna go to Easter Vigil tonight, but today neither of us were feeling all that into going, so we're staying home.
hermione by oatmilk

secular Friday

(~6hrs last night.  Sigh.)

Today was really slow.  So I had LaunchCast on off-and-on.  Sometimes I am seriously weirded by what it picks out for me.  Today's best: "I Need Someone" by Lenny Welch; Album: Anthology (1958-1966).  Explanation: This song matches your genre preferences (Genre: Pop)

Also: One of the songs it played was Dar's "Are You Out There" which I now have stuck in my head and find I do not have on mp3.  Help?

Am reminded that dogwood is really pretty, though.

I saw YoungSmoothieGuy at the fruit stand at Harvard but didn't say hi -- was on my way to see an apartment.
I always forget how nonintuitive Davis Square is.  I didn't have too much trouble finding the street I wanted, though.
Walking down Dover, after a few blocks there was a sigh that said, "exiting central business district."  (No, there isn't a complementary sign on the way back.)
When I hit Mass. Ave. I saw Cafe Barada, which Amanda had told me about.
Ah, Cambridge et al.  On my way down Mass Ave. I saw "aesthetic restorative dentistry" with a pride sticker, a hippie dippie health store for pets, among others.
It was 15 minutes from the T Station and that was strolling.  I was ~10min. early, so I walked around a bit.  The area reminded me a lot of Norwood -- in a good way.
Oh studios, though.  I realized that the problem is that it's a good size for a bedroom but you're also fitting a kitchen in there. (I keep saying I just want a room the size I currently have, but that's plus a kitchenette.)  I'm looking at two places tomorrow -- a studio and a multi-bedroom, and I'm thinking that studio is really not the way to go for me.  And I've been warming to the idea of housemates (I think of it like the good parts of Smith living).

I picked up a copy of The Improper Bostonian 'cause the cover story was about Boston's top bartenders.  It's 25 profiles, and each has a Signature Drink.  One is "The Nymphomaniac" -- equal part's Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, peachtree schnapps, and Bacardi Coconut, with a splash of cranberry juice.  Shake on ice and serve straight up in a martini glass; garnish with a cherry.  *makes mental note*

On the Red Line home, someone was reading the Boston Phoenix -- article headlines I read from across the way: "peeps star in prom. snuff film" and "Will This Judas Save Us?"

There were a couple women sitting near me, talking, and as they got off at Park St. one of them said something about Mt. Holyoke (in a way that sounded like she had gone to college there) and I was sad that they were leaving so I couldn't continue to eavesdrop/potentially butt in.

Talking with my mom about my boys, I made a crack about funeral invitations and was actually momentarily boggled that that isn't how one does things -- 'cause other than elder people, who reads the Obituaries?  I declared that when my parents die I am totally sending out invitations.

My dad was watching Smackdown when I came home, so of course I watched.

They have a poor man's Jack Sparrow.  King of the Ring dates back to 1993.  (I was 13.)  One of tonight's historical clips included the beginning of Austin 3:16 (they brought Jake "The Snake" Roberts back as a Bible-thumper?).  Slamming the steel cage door on the wrong person in the JBL match = awesome.

They have a new wrestler -- over 7 feet tall and the Undertaker totally failed against him.  His manager (Daivari) was talking about how for 16 years we have talked about The Phenom (I'm really not sure that nickname for the Undertaker goes back to his inception, but okay) but this guy really is phenomenal, and the crowd started chanting "U.S.A." and I was grossed out.  The Undertaker is teh awesome, and you can righteously hate on the bad guy who knocked him down without making this about villifying the Other.  The politics of patriotism in WWE are one of the things I totally wanna get all academic about and on the other hand I feel like I have nothing to say besides pointing at stuff (which of course leads to questions about what the purpose of any textual criticism is when so much of it is just pointing at things and making explanations/connections).  Anyway, his name is The Great Khali and I was wondering if it was a play on Kali, Hindu goddess of destruction, or just a euphonic conjunction of syllables.  *misses access to OEDonline*  My dad suggested it might be a Persian name.  His manager talked about the Punjab jungles of India, so I suppose that answers that..  His manager: "You will fear The Great Khali, You will [something I forget] The Great Khali, You will worship The Great Khali."  [dramatic kneel with upraised arm]  I would be interested to see if they do anything further with that.  *is religion/symbolism/story geek*
hermione by oatmilk

weekend update

RA is going to be in Puerto Rico this week, so I stayed a bit late on Friday making sure I knew everything I needed to about anything I would have to deal with this coming week.

Then I went and met Cat at Harvard.  She had bought flowers for my family (‘cause we're hosting her for much of Break) so yeah, we walked through the Yard holding hands and flowers :)

After dinner we totally mainlined S1 CSI.  I started dozing off during the end of the penultimate episode on the 3rd disc but figured I'd finish the disc and then go to bed.  Um, I definitely slept through the middle half-hour or so of that last episode.  So we went to bed around 7am.  And then around 12:30 I woke up and was ready to get up.  What's up with that?  Cat was already up, but she at least had slept until 11 on Friday; I sure hadn't gotten any particular extra sleep recently.

So after we had food and I had a shower we recommenced mainlining (beginning with the episode I slept through, of course), breaking for dinner and that was about it.  Finished S1, including the (minimal) Special Features, and then went to bed ~3am.  17hrs5min, baby.  [Individual episode writeups coming, eventually.]

I woke up a couple times and did actually consider going to church, but I didn't haul myself out of bed until around 12.

Cat and I took the train in to Boston and L. (one of the uber-chatty library patrons) was sitting in front of us but actually only talked to me a little bit; I was shocked.  St. Patrick's Day parade today, who knew?  So there were definitely crazy teenage type people on the train, but not too bad.

I checked out the apartment.  I like it a lot.  I'm not certain I'll get it -- the woman's 28 and seemed a bit hesitant about the fact that I haven't really done the apartment living with other people thing before, but for the most part I think we'd be a good fit as housemates.  We shall see.  (And zomg, April 1st move-in?  I already have social plans for various times in April.  Crazy to think I might be living in an apartment in the city that soon. And also the idea that I'd be switching churches before Easter -- though of course I could always come home for stuff.)  For my reference: Walking easily, it takes 15 minutes to get from the apartment to Memorial Hall -- of course, then it takes another like 5 minutes to get through the Yard to the T station.

When I got back to South Station the parade was over, so of course there were more crazy people on the train home.  I actually moved one car down because I didn't wanna put up with one batch.  One of whom actually got kicked off the train right when it was gonna leave.  The conductor just told him to get off.  I almost wished I'd stayed ‘cause I was curious as to why he got kicked off.

Okay, bedtime now.  Will catch up on flist and comments tomorrow.
hipster me

"but without all the acceptance of getting by..."

Fought with PowerPoint today.  That was probably the big accomplishment.

During my down time I had difficulty focusing, so I didn't really make any dent in my To Read (and respond to) List.  Did do some more entry-tagging.  Love the tag rename function so much.  It means I can put descriptive tags on and then later figure out how to systematize them.

P.S. I had the best white board evar.

My major non-work accomplishment was remembering to check housingmaps.com
I'm excited about this.

P.S. Reminder: Adam Baldwin (Jayne from Firefly, Hamilton from Angel) is on Bones (i.e. that show Angel David Boreanaz is on) tomorrow [Wednesday] night (9pm Eastern, on FOX).
moon house

"So I am going down to nowhere / It is steeped in history."

Killing time before today's apartment showings I checked out Ann Taylor Loft 'cause I've been wearing the same like eight shirts to work.  I actually found some stuff I liked (and their color theme seems to be beige, sky blue, and dark bluegreen, of which I mightily approve).  Going to pay I realized I had left my debit card on my desk (I never do this, but I had been doing online bank stuff).  The woman kindly said she'd hold the stuff through Monday (in case of blizzard -- I'll believe that one when I see it; note to self: they close at 7). In retrospect, I'm glad to not have had to carry around a bag of clothes all day anyhow.  That and tripping going up the Government Center stairs (tripping on my coat maybe?  I don't know) were my only incompetencies today, though, which was pleasing -- especially given my recent track record.  I even correctly instincted which way I was supposed to go a couple times and was actually capable at reading my maps.

I took the Green Line out to Allston and when I got on at Park some crazy (but not in a bad way) girls asked me if this train went to Newbury Street.  I was a bit thrown 'cause all the Green Lines go to Copley but hey, Boston's subway system is totally nonintuitive, so I said yeah and told them they wanted to get off at Copley (and I could even point them to a wall map as we pulled in).  I got two free Jelly Bellys for my trouble, too :)

The most forward of the girls kept not holding on to anything and thus being thrown around my the movements of the train, so when some people got off and their seats were thus available she promptly plunked down.  She then tried to strike up conversation with the guy sitting behind her.

Her: "Do you go to BC?" ["The destination of this train is..."]
Guy: [shakes head]
Her: "Harvard?" [where they had come from]
Guy: [shakes head]
Her: "Are you in college?"
Guy: [shakes head]

'Twas amusing.

Killing time in between apartments one of the places I ended up in was a used bookstore that made Puddingstone look positively uncrowded.  They were playing something like techno music, though, so I didn't stay all that long.

Anyway, the studios.

First was 56 Brighton Ave.  Basement level studio apartment.  Coin-op washers exactly the same as we had at Smith -- also in the basement, so right near the apartment I'd be living in.  Decent sized bedroom.  Closet.  Bathroom.  Kitchen nook -- including a microwave left by the previous tenant :)  Dumpster outside and recycling (blue containers just like Smith) in basement.  Heat and hot water included in the $850/mo.  Electricity estimated at $30/mo.  Supposedly something like 15 degrees cooler in the summer 'cause it's basement level.  Quiet couple lives directly above.  I get a good vibe from the property manager.

Next was 38 Linden St.  On the outside it looks like a nice two family house, lots of wood, big lawn.  It's actually broken up into lots of studios inside, though.  The open one is on the second floor.  It comes furnished -- or not, if you want, but it was furnished when I saw it -- nice rug, low bed that would fit two, some sundries, a sink/cabinet/small fridge conglomeration with a microwave on top of it.  No stove.  You could purchase a hot plate if you wished.  Utilities included in the $800/mo.  The laundry options are the nearby laundromats.  Tiny bathroom.  Closet.  Have I mentioned how I suspect the bedroom was smaller than my room at Smith?  It's very much for students, so I guess they all have laptops and dump their books in a corner and just don't have many clothes.  Or something.  I could fit a desk in there or a bookcase or a dresser -- though with a single bed I could maybe fit a bookcase and one other item of furniture.  And I could fit like one friend.  I mean, okay, I'm attached to the idea of an apartment-warming party but dude, I had more socializing space in my Smith room.  The guy showing me the place seemed in a rush, but he did ask if I was a realty agent, which made me who is always taken for younger than her age happy.

Intellectually I know I'm not gonna have something like Layna's apartment, but I was thinking of studio as meaning a bedroom larger than the one I have at my parents' house plus a bathroom and kitchen(ette), but this tiny (combined with the fact that I would still be paying good money for it) was, I hesitate to say "depressing" but . . . sobering.

Suddenly the Kendall 1 bedroom looks amazing.  And it makes me seriously reconsider my no-roommate stance.  I'm willing to pay extra money to not have to worry about clashing with roommates, having to find a new one when somebody moves out, etc., but to pay this much money for basically a roof over my head?  (I'll be out at work or wherever a lot, but I do want a place to live.)  Takes a lot of the enthusiasm out of the search.  Anyone within commuting distance to Harvard looking for a roommate?  (Or know anyone who is?)

Coming home we hit Copley at 3:15 and I knew I couldn't get to South Station by 3:20, so proving I am learning I got out and walked to Back Bay to catch it at 3:25.

Oh, forgot to mention from last night.  One of the commercials I saw during the Olympic coverage was: Gunn plays a NY ADA!  (Conviction.  And IMDb reminds me that Eric Balfour played Jesse.)  I heard an "all will be well" refrain playing during bits of the commercial and thought of my mom and sk8eeyore and tried to discern if it was the hymn I remember from First Churches Daffodil Sunday.  Today I learned it's an original song by The Gabe Dixon Band [lyrics here] and there's even a full ad/music video (which I don't think is what I saw on tv, but maybe I just wasn't paying much attention).

I saw a snippet of the figure skating pairs program tonight and wow, the new scoring system.  I'm surprised nbc.com doesn't have some sort of explanation on their website (I assume the opening of the televised program had some sort of explanation).  I Googled and found explanations here and here; the most succinct explanation [from my limited searching] comes from here:
Gone is the traditional 6.0 scoring system we grew up with. In its place is a complex, multi-faceted scheme that essentially transforms art into science — or worse yet, mathematics.

Skaters start at zero and accumulate points, based on the difficulty and presentation of their routines. A technical panel identifies each of the executed “elements,” all of which have predetermined and standardized numerical value. A judging panel then evaluates how those elements were performed and assigns a “grade of execution,” using a scale from minus-3 (worst) to plus-3 (best).

The judges also evaluate the five components of the overall program — skating skills, transitions, execution, choreography and interpretation — and award marks from 0.25 to 10.00.

And all of this transpires while the skater is performing.