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Fourth Sunday in Lent

Today's Lenten Labyrinth talked about blindness (and at morning church I realized that yes, again it was the day's lectionary story -- John 9).  The meditation said:
    On this first day of a new week in your Lenten pilgrimage, ask yourself in what ways you might be blind.  Are there aspects of yourself, certain behavior characteristics, about which you are unsighted?  Do you blind yourself to injustices in your community or in your church?  Are you God-blind?  Are you able to see God's glory, which Isaiah said filled all of heaven and earth?
    Take time, perhaps with your eyes closed, to quietly explore the various ways in which you are unseeing.

I didn't get to bed until around 11 last night (being so tired means everything I try to do I'm slow in doing) but I actually woke up around 7am this morning, which was a pleasant surprise.  I was awake enough that I could have gotten up, but I stayed in bed, woke up a couple more times before getting up around 8:30.  I slept through most of the sermon at morning church, so yeah, not entirely rested (and here I am up late again, sigh).

CHPC adult ed ran until 2:15, at which point we wrapped up with option to stay and keep talking.  Unfortunately, I was committed to getting picked up for carpool to Bolton for Meredith's bridal shower.  I got to the church right as Meredith showed up.  Jess commented that her own car smelled like dim sum, and I thought of "Arrivederci, Fiero" and was sad that Michelle wasn't there.

I don't know what I was expecting from a bridal shower, exactly, but crafts projects (i.e., putting together favors for 120 guests) was not on the list.  It's gonna be good times when Michelle and I get to "Arrivederci, Fiero" -- she did show up at the shower, and I told her about the dim sum and she looked at me blankly and I finally realized that yes, that's a Season 2 episode.  (We've only watched up through "Best Prom Ever" together, though she's seen some scattered other episodes -- like "Little Boys.")  Anyway, it wasn't excessively painful, and they did feed us -- including pie and ice cream for dessert (I was unimpressed by the "to die for" mocha torte, but was surprised to find the apple pie really good).

Edit: I was wearing my Smith hoodie, and one of Meredith's aunts(?) asked me if I'd gone to Smith College.  I said yes, and we chatted a bit since she had, too (as had one of the other aunts in attendance). /edit

We got home around 8:30, and Meredith dropped me at my house since we were going right near it.  Since I only read the first two stories in the book, I wasn't too broken up about missing evening church book study.  I dislike that I've gotten so busy that sometimes I have to skip out on regular commitments to go to one-time events, but I suppose such is the way of the world.  (I also haven't had the time/energy to really engage with my flist, which is also sad.)

"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-mylittleredgirl [more info]

"Sin is necessary, but all will be well, and all will be well, and every kind of thing will be well."
-Julian of Norwich, Showings

Five good things about today:
1. I got over 8 hours of sleep.
2. I got to spend time outside in the sunny cold (~30F) this morning.
3. Rachel e-mailed me 'cause she wasn't in church today.
4. I sent an e-mail kind of on a whim, and I got a hysterical e-mail response in exactly the spirit my original e-mail was intended.  (And I actually managed a resposne in that same spirit.  Which totally counts as a Done Well item, 'cause being funny is hard.)
5. Megs is in fact coming to visit.  (I just need to find out about taking Monday off before I buy the tickets.)

Three things I did well today:
1. I bought some groceries.
2. I lent my cell phone to both Amy and Michelle.  I helped make wedding favors.
3. I helped a good friend with a decision-making process.

Two things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:
1. The Sarah Connor Chronicles
2. Asking for next Monday off.

"she said i've been out now for all of three hours"

I averaged 7hrs of sleep per night this week.  Last night I got 8 (though I also took a nap for 2+ hours that evening).  I read 20 pages of Portrait this morning and didn't want to go apple-picking but went anyway, which (thankfully) ended up being a very good decision.

We met Caroline and her roommate Heather.  (Why is everyone named Heather or Eric or Michelle or Meredith or Nicole?)  Apparently Caroline had come to church last year and met Trelawney (who was sick today) but hadn't met any of the rest of us.  They were both very cool people.  We went to Bolton Spring Farm, and I rode with Mike and Andrew but then went apple-picking with Caroline and Heather (who recommends Pink Lady Apples if you can ever find them).  We talked about lots of stuff, and tv was one of them, and Caroline watches Grey's Anatomy, and it is still true that having only seen ~4 episodes of the show and sporadically reading jennyo and fox1013 I totally have opinions on stuff.  And by "stuff" I obviously mean the Mer/Der saga.  (Yes, Victoria, I did use the phrase "should be eaten by bears."  As a statement of how some people I know feel; not watching the show much my own opinion is more moderate.  Where did that phrase come from, anyway?)  I bought Cinnamon Bread at the shop and then got a hot apple dumpling, a vanilla ice cream, and a bottle of water.  I rode home with Mike and Andrew and conversation included politics, and I really miss being engaged and informed (I was just thinking about this yesterday, in fact) but I was very pleased that I didn't feel the urge to hurt either of them; and I like Mike a lot.
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[CAUMC] Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost

[Sidenote: Highs around 80F?  For multiple days in a row?  September, don't be that way.]

Gary (the pastor at CAUMC) was having a luncheon after church today for the young adults (he's gonna be doing a bunch of these with various different groups of people) so yay, free food, and I figured it would be tacky to just show up at the end of church to go, so I went to service there today.

I liked it better than the previous times I've been there.

Collapse )

After church, CAUMC!Michelle and I were sitting at Coffee Hour and she was talking to someone else and said "I was telling Liz earlier--" and then stopped herself and asked me whether I had a Liz/Elizabeth preference.  This made me happy 'cause she's called me "Liz" before and I haven't been able to bring myself to be bitch enough to call her on it but it honestly doesn't feel like my name.  She said she had heard me called Liz by someone else, that that's where she got it from.  This may be true (I feel like one other CAUMC person has called me "Liz" -- and again with my not making them stop/change) though I can't remember who it would be.


At the luncheon, Gary asked me where I was from and apparently he's v. good friends with Leah O'Leary (and her deceased husband) so he totally knew my town.  Earlier, CAUMC!Michelle had been talking about hiking at Blue Hills and I said I should start saying Norwood is near Blue Hills 'cause people know that (I'm used to just naming towns and hoping something rings a bell for the person I'm talking to).  I forget which one of them said it, but one of them mentioned the Auto Mile.  I said I try to avoid mention of that :)  But I also added, which I hadn't thought of until just then, that a lot of people recognize the town name from the commercials, but unless they've actually been there it doesn't help them any in getting a sense of where the town is.

I forget how we got talking about it, but we got talking about homosexuality and churches and Gary (or maybe it was Andrew) said that oftentimes homosexuality is the only time churches talk about sexuality at all, so it gets weighted with all that baggage and awkwardness.  I would love to talk about what the church's (any C/church) sexual ethics is (are?) 'cause that's totally been a recurrent Thing for me personally.

(Sidenote: One of Gary's friends was at the World Council -- or whatever it's called -- and is fluent in French and heard some of the interpreters telling some of the African delegations about the homosexuality resolutions using "promiscuity" for "homosexuality."  That's disturbing.  He went over and talked to the delegates and explained the issue, but who knows how often that happens other places/times.)

Gary was making jokes about Trelawney ('cause, yanno, she wasn't there to defend herself -- but I recognized it as good-natured and all from the interactions I've seen between them before, though it still made me a little uncomfortable 'cause as nikitangel was talking about recently: it's awkward when people badmouth people they're civil/friendly to 'cause what do they say about you when you're not around?) and of course this included her wedding, and it's so weird being around peer groups where a majority are married.  [Admittedly, they're all older than I am.]

We dismissed around 2:30 but I was feeling slightly crampy -- plus hi it was hot out -- so I did not go for a boat ride.


I finally added some links to my mainpage sidebar.  I'm not entirely satisfied with it (I can't figure out how to add a top border to the sections I added, plus I want the text in the grey boxes vertically as well as horizontally centered)

On LJ's Edit Style page it says:
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        S2 - For users who don't know HTML or CSS, or make only minor alterations.

Hey mom, NewRoomie is more hardcore than I am -- wants people to not cook meat in her pots&pans.  Okay, in my ideal world I probably would prefer that, but so long as stuff is washed thoroughly between touching meat and touching my food I'm okay.  (My vegetarianism is not kosher.)

OriginalRoomie actually did not know that I was a vegetarian (though she knew NewRoomie is).  I really thought this had come up in conversation at some point, but perhaps not.  She asked if my vegetarianism was "self-inflicted" -- she stopped herself partway through that phrase realizing the connotations were not what she wanted at all.  I think the concept of myself as a "self-inflicted" vegetarian is awesome.


You know, I sometimes think/worry that at some point you've watched an episode enough times that there are no new thoughts to be had on it, but paper_crystals just rewatched "Out of Gas" [flocked, link for my reference] and talked about the symbolism of Mal's "journey" through the ship and other stuff I hadn't thought about at all and now I wanna rewatch the episode and pay attention to that stuff.
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[CAUMC] Labor Sunday & the wedding

I woke up on my own around eight o'clock this morning, which pleased me.  (Among other things, it meant I was well-rested after a solid eight hours of sleep.)

I've been to tired to get up for church these past few Sundays, and I haven't come up with an ecumenical church-going plan (I've learned not to assume that all Protestant churches have 10am Sunday services), so I just went to CAUMC.

Trelawney and Eric did a duet of the African-American spiritual "I Will Trust in the Lord" [the song from when Eric proposed] with verses like "Sister will you trust in the Lord..." and then adding ones at the end first in question form and then in affirmation form about "will you love me... I will love you..."  'Twas lovely.  Also would have made a beautiful photo 'cause they were framed by that wooden like doorway behind the altar with the blue cloth.

Attending a liberal church on Labor Day Sunday is probably not something I'll repeat.  (Honestly I was reminded why I dislike attending liberal churches, period.  And they weren't even being all "The Administration is evol;" it was totally legit "people dying is bad... poverty is bad..." I just have like an allergic reaction -- an analogy I quite like because it's about your body overreacting to a threat.)

The call to confession was Amos 5:11-15 [though more poetical than the NIV which is my default linkage].  The Words of Grace included "despite our sin and our participation in structures of sin."

Gospel Lesson: John 6:5-24, 26-27 (You must work for the food that lasts) [He actually only read 5-13 before skipping to 26-27.]

Sermon: "Our Worth, Our Work"
Talking about how we tend to define our worth (and that of others) by our work (or their work, as the case may be) and ja, that's bad.  He had some other points, too, and I didn't really have any argument with his points -- though I had some quibbles with how he argued some of them -- but I really wasn't impressed by the sermon either.

I was not in a headspace (soulspace?) wherein I had any interest/desire to take Communion, but they had a loaf of dark bread which you tear plus intincture, so I was mildly curious to try this new combo.  [As soon as I saw the table set up when I walked in I considered avoiding going to church anywhere on the first Sunday of the month -- when Protestant churches usually do Communion -- and was immediately amused recalling how different this is from some of my friends... for example those for whom it so important to get Communion every Sunday.]  Trelawney held the cup and said "poured out for you, Elizabeth," which is one thing in favor of the non-communal way of doing Communion (i.e., not passing the tray around amongst yourselves) at least in a congregation where the clergy know everyone by name.


NewRoomie organized the pots&pans&etc. under the counter -- including getting rid of the lids that match nothing, etc.  Woot.


The wedding was at 4pm and I got home c. 10pm.  The wedding was beautiful.  And one fab thing about attending weddings is seeing what terrific ideas exist that you can steal for your own event if you ever have one.  Collapse )

When all the people I would talk to had dispersed, I departed as well.  I said goodbye to both bride and groom (separately because they were with different pockets of people) and they were both so sincerely glad that I came (Trelawney practically even apologized for my not getting an invitation until so close to the date).
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"Are you going to Scarborough Fair?" [some of the guys were doing guitar+vocals for various S&G]

Getting from my place to Trelawney+Eric's requires a bus transfer (87 to Union Square, then 85 or CT2) and then a .31 mile walk, so CAUMC!Meredith offered to just drive me.  On the drive there, it seemed to me like one could walk from Target (though the highway cluster there might be prohibitive).  She picked me up about quarter past eight and dropped me back about eleven, so that was a pretty decent length night.  (And on the way back, Google Maps Satellite came up in conversation, which I had totally forgotten about but which yes would totally enrich the usefulness of that mapping service for me.)

Eric has always looked so v. v. tired all the times I've seen him, but from the first moment I saw him tonight he had real energy, which was so pleasant to see.

I met Laurie, though I don't remember much about her, and Michelle (yeah, another) who was cool.  Big fan of Buffy/Angel/Firefly.  Her husband (Bill) test plays video games, and she was waxing rhapsodic about Guitar Hero, which does sound v. cool. [She also lives right in Davis Square, near the theatre and the bike path.]

Eric and Stuart were talking about smoking (Stuart regularly picks up and drops the habit casually -- will literally stop smoking for a year or three and then start again) and Eric asked me if I smoke(d).
I made a little bit of an ugh/shudder and v. calmly said, "I have always thought it was incredibly foul and you would probably have to pay me to kiss someone who smokes, nevermind put it in my own mouth."
"Elizabeth likes to speak her mind," Eric said sagely.

Later talked to Eric's cousin Greg from Cincinnati, who commented on how he really hasn't heard the stereotypical Boston accent much at all during his visit here (including his touristing today).

We didn't really see Trelawney until we were leaving.  We did the well-wishes see-you-Sunday thing, and she hugged me and Mike (Meredith was getting her purse) in that way where she's in the middle, hugging each of us on one side, and said something like "I'm so glad I have you people around me," and I was struck by how quickly, easily, and sincerely I've been adopted into this group of people she cares about.