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[CWM] First Sunday of Advent: Preparing the Way of Peace [2007-12-02]

We're in the chapel for Advent, which is lovely.

I'd forgotten that CWM's Advent theme this year is "Preparing the Way of Peace" until I picked up a bulletin.

Prelude and Silent Meditation:
"Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all.  Peace is dynamism.  Peace is generosity.  It is right and it is duty."
-Bishop Oscar Romero

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In the post-dinner study group on the lectionary text, Tiffany asked us for our visions of peace.  Marla said isn't it frightening that Peace feels so impossible that she can't think of anything besides caricatures of rainbows and puppies and rivers of Kool-Aid.  In the discussion that followed, she(?) mentioned the polarization of opinions.  I suggested that maybe that was one way we could work toward peace, working to reduce the polarization, to engage in respectful dialogue with people with whom we disagree.  This was well-received.

Later, David mentioned what do you with situations where it seems like the only way to stop violence is with violence, like the Nazis in the Holocaust, what do you do with situations where someone deeply believes that life begins at conception and that abortion clinics are thus performing murders.  We didn't really get into this, but I was glad that it was brought up because those are two kinds of problematic twists on nonviolence etc. which I think of a lot, and I think he presented them better than I would have.