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on taking notes

Right around one of the many times my mother joked about my being the only person she knows who takes notes while watching TV, hernewshoes provided proof (as if I needed any) that I'm not the only one.

Today Neil Gaiman writes of his daughter:
Last night Miss Maddy watched the episode she missed on Thursday "America's Next Top Model" on a Tivo 4000 miles away, and it made me smile, mostly because I'd never watch something like that for pleasure, but watching it with her, as she covers notepaper with the names of the contestants she likes, crossing them out when she decides she doesn't like them after all, drawing thumbs downs next to them when they don't get selected or get sent away, makes it somehow enormously enjoyable.
no one can stop us now

The humidity seems to have broken, or perhaps it's just early.

FLB has a new Weetzie Bat book out. I’ve been meaning to reread Dangerous Angels, so i added my name to the waitlist for Necklace of Kisses and will read them all in a chunk.

Danke to hedy for reminding me about Queer Soup.
Date: July 20th, 2005 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:30 PM
Event: Summer Simmer: Queer Soup's cooking up this latest endeavor "HOME" delves into a world of drag kings, transgenderism and religion (a world not unlike Boston). Lulu's ready to graduate from seminary following in her grandfather's footsteps when her world is shaken up by a death-bed revelation. Join us for a journey into four lives never allowed to leave the stage. Discussion and cookies to follow the reading.
Location: Boston Playwrights' Theater, 949 Commonwealth Ave, Boston
Price: Free
Gee, i guess i don’t need to ask my dad to tape The Inside since FOX is showing the 2-hour premiere of So You Think You Can Dance instead. Boo. [Edit: TVGuide has an episode listed for next Wednesday, though, which comforts me.]

The new Serenity trailer? Far too spoilery for my taste. Yeah i know i refused to see the first trailer, and i am still glad that i saw the images for the first time in the movie, but this trailer feels like it gives away too much, too many plot points, while the first one mostly just gave you a feel for what the movie would be like. Admittedly, i was absolutely gonna see the movie without need of any prompting from a trailer whereas people who aren't already Firefly fans would need additional prompting. Though i'm not sure how well either trailer works for selling the movie to people who don't already know the show. (And of course i think everyone should watch the series first and then watch the movie.) [Edit: Love this article pimping Firefly. link via justhuman]

Edit the umpteenth: *is jealous* (via wisdomeagle)

Joe’s reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and is so far away from the culture as to not know of the Americanisation brouhaha, though to my delight he said he actually consciously wondered whether the book had been Americanized.

He is also a darling and knows me so well. Excerpt from our AIM conversation last night:
[Joe]: btw -- do you like Gertrude Stein?
[Joe]: I know that's a loaded question
[Joe]: I probably should ask is there any GS that you like and if so, what is it

geek like whoa

Wow there's a plethora of Whedonverse scholarship out there. I thought i had acquired all the essay books (figuring i could mostly take a pass on the episode guides/trivia books) save the particularly recent The Watcher's Guide, Volume 3, Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale, and the Firefly essay book -- which really i thought was rather a lot -- but apparently there are a slew of recent and upcoming books i didn't know about: Collapse )

Amazon has this new feature in which it tells you the "statistically improbable phrases" found in books. I have no idea what practical purpose this serves, but it's sure fun. Ones surprising to me include "vengeance demon" (from Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale) and "unbaptized babies" (The History of Hell by Alice Turner) are some such phrases.

I was telling Emma that if i ever grow up and teach it's gonna be like teaching Shakespeare or something -- "Well, there's a ten year archive of a journal, plus twenty essay collections and a number of episode-by-episode guides to the series. These four websites are also particularly good, as are these eighteen online discussion forums." This of course warms the cockles of my academic heart.

And the two people i know who are studying abroad this semester are both currently working on papers about fanfic/fandom, so i'm being introduced to more scholarship in that area.

Yeah, i will be a dork for life, with or without resume credentials. (And i really should add to my summer reading list some of the stuff that gets referenced a lot, like Joseph Campbell, maybe read some Nietzsche or at least a primer, etc.)
hermione by oatmilk

"Love is the rhythm, you are the music ... You get what you're given; it's all how you use it"

Checking my mail today, i finally got my official letter from UPenn. It ends with: "I trust you have been, or will soon be, admitted elsewhere to a university of your choice, and I should like to take this opportunity to wish you luck and success in your graduate studies." How bittersweet.

I e-mailed Michael and Doug and heart them both muchly. Collapse )

Only one person on my flist mentioned Andrea Dworkin's death. Interesting.

I am jealous of Chloe's necklace that says "Homo" on one side, and "Sapiens" on the other.

"Does one kiss in youth make you a lesbian?"
"Does thinking about it for the rest of your life make it a possibility?"

Having the flist try to guess my favorite character/pairing in assorted fandoms seems rather silly, not least because i don't exactly have favorites. I'm more intrigued by the "which character am I like," though the answers to that one feel rather obvious. I'm interested to hear what the answers for Firefly would be, though. So yeah, which character (can be a boy) am i most like in any of the fandoms i'm familiar with -- Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, Harry Potter, X-Men movieverse, TNG, Voyager, BSC, anything else that comes to mind.

Not that i don't love the weather we've been having, but i feel a twinge of jealousy re: Boston's snow. Yes, i am a freak.

In other unpopular opinions, i have no problem with the following (other than the fact that i'm unsure how one tells the difference between feral and non-feral cats and suspect that could lead to some serious problems). Clearly my father was far too much of an influence on me.
"A wild or feral cat is an unprotected species in Minnesota," said Mark Holsten, Department of Natural Resources deputy commissioner. They can be shot or trapped or otherwise killed as a nuisance animal, like gophers, skunks or weasels, Holsten said.

"If you have feral cats on your property, you can shoot them. They're [like] a gopher or a woodchuck," Holsten said.

-from the Minneapolis Star Tribune as quoted by Ann Althouse
I can't actually stand to plod through this entire 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2004, list, but i do enjoy that John Kerry beats out George W. Bush in with the explanation: "Managed to lose to the most hated president in American history by virtue of his total inability to convincingly portray himself as a human being."
Lynne Edwards (Editor) and Katy Stevens (Associate Editor) invite your submissions for the first issue of Watcher Junior, a refereed, electronic journal for undergraduate student scholarship in Buffy Studies. Completed essays and research papers will be reviewed by members of the board and will be accepted for publication if three reviewers approve. Essays that do not receive approval for publication will be returned with feedback for re-submission.

We welcome completed essays and research papers on any aspect of BtVS, Angel, or both programs. All papers should exhibit familiarity with previously published scholarship in Buffy Studies. The editors accept essays with a variety of recognized documentation styles (APA, MLA, or Chicago); however, all submissions should include a list of Works Cited.

Submit your work electronically as an e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word (.doc) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf). Be sure to number your paragraphs in the text you submit. Send it simultaneously to Lynne Edwards at edwards@slayage.tv and Katy Stevens at stevens@slayage.tv.

Please contact us (Lynne or Katy) via email with questions.

-from here, hat tip: viciouswishes
Must edit and submit my "Sacrifice and Chosen-ness from the Israelites to Sunnydale: The Aqedah, Jesus, and Buffy Summers" paper.
hermione by oatmilk

5 weeks of classes left? *boggles*

Why is it that the more pressing something is, the less motivation i have to get it done? So much fandom these past couple days, so little homework. My seminar paper is eating my brain, though -- in a good way. I've gone through all the tales i have on hand (save Zipes) and included in my preliminary bibliography all the short stories and poems i suspect i'll be using, though some of them may only be passing references, and others may end up not getting incorporated at all. I haven't yet read all the nonfiction i have, so the secondary sources are just books rather than specific articles. My preliminary bibliography does not include any of the stuff from my second ILL round (i.e. the books i don't yet have in my possession). I also keep finding more stuff on the web via SurLaLune. Oh and then there's the academic databases stuff, some of which i'm ILL-ing and some of which i have to go fetch. Currently my preliminary bibliography is nearly 3 pages long.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is, like Frankenstein, a story which has become part of the collective consciousness, but whose original form was rather more complex and also just different.

     "I suppose, Lanyon," said he [Mr. Utterson, whom the narrative follows], "you and I must be the two oldest friends Henry Jekyll has."
     "I wish the friends were younger," chuckled Dr. Lanyon. "But I suppose we are. And what of that? I see little of him now. [...] would have estranged Damon and Pythias" *coughs* [Fandom!Dork sidenote: Axis of Pythia]
To someone who doesn't know the story (or, ya know, to the people living in the story) it looks like Jekyll cut off ties with everyone and gave this brutish newcomer Hyde intimate access to everything he had. That combined with talk about friendship at the beginning, and how Jekyll inspires visceral disgust/repulsion in people... It doesn't help that i was reading X-Men fic with Charles and Erik in the 1950s talking about homophiles and mutants. The pages that follow in the book don't help, though.
Utterson: "It turns me cold to think of this creature stealing like a thief to Harry's bedside; poor Harry [Jekyll], what a wakening!"
Jekyll to Utterson, re: Hyde: "But indeed, it isn't what you fancy; it is not as bad as that" (20) and "I only ask you to help him for my sake, when I am no longer here" (21).

NonAcademic Life:

Groove performed at tea on Friday. The woman who did "Walkin' in Memphis" was nowhere near as good as Emi. *tear* (I still lack an mp3 of that, btw -- the Emi performance, that is.) The woman doing "Wide Open Spaces" had a surprisingly strong voice, though. And they did "Bitch," which i love and which always makes me think of (Wes and) Lilah now, because i could have sworn i saw a fanvid once, though now i can't find it.

Katherine channel-surfed some before dinner, and one thing that was on was "Shells" (Angel 5.16). Emma said to change channels, 'cause she doesn't watch dark stuff, and then we hit Red Dragon (i recognized Azura Skye in her bit part, as i have a habit of doing) and she gushed about Hannibal Lecter. Oh the cognitive dissonance. (Not that it surprises me anymore. Titus, anyone?)

Min Ji: "Get your hands off my roommate."
Felicia: "But I like my hands on your roommate."
Me: "And you're the straight one?"

Emma: [something about the leather-clad Catherine Zeta-Jones in Ocean's Twelve]
Cat: "I really need to see that now."
Me: "Hey, that was my line. You're supposed to be straight."

After dinner we watched some more Blackadder the Third -- "Ink and Incapability," which pains me but i heart the bit with the Romantics, and "Nob and Nobility," which is not particularly memorable.

I didn't go to Rugby Prom on Saturday, but i did go with a friend to buy booze (and then to 7-11 'cause i'd been craving chocolate earlier) and got sucked into playing Taboo when we got back. I'd actually been kinda in the homework groove, so i thought i really should go back to it, but i'm a pushover, plus i figured they'd never lay off if i didn't. And yes, i did have a very good time.


I was two episodes behind on ats_nolimits. (6.11: Waking The Dead by soundingsea, 6.12: Legacy by stakebait) Really glad i watched read them in immediate succession. Not sure they got a certain character's voice quite spot-on, but quality writing nonetheless.

tartanshell started a feedback meme, basically saying, "If you read a story of mine and didn't send me feedback, just drop me a line and tell me you read it."

I've been trying really hard to feedback everything i read. (Well, everything i like anyway. Saying "This fic didn't really do it for me" seems rather mean.) When i rec, i try not to link to LJ entries, but it occurs to me that with LJ entries it's easy to leave a comment saying "This was great" whereas e-mailing an author takes additional effort and there's also often a feeling of obligation to say something substantial.

There's another meme:
Off the top of your head, right now, what ten 'ships would you likely drop what you're doing to read fic for. Or, alternately, what are the top ten ships that you'll give a fic a chance for, or that you've been dying to write, or that you've been dying to read.... These can be new loves, old flames, or something in between. Explain if you like, but you don't have to. Then tell us 3 things these ships say about you. Leave a comment about what you think these ships say about me, then repeat in your own LJ.
Thing is, most of the 'ships i'm particularly interested in seeing at the moment are cracktastic ones inspired by stuff we've read in Telling and Retelling. And to speak more generally, i'm easily influenced by stuff i've read recently in terms of ships and characters and even fandoms (hello X-Men and TNG) that i wanna see more of. As for stuff i wanna write, well that's a whole lot of stuff-in-progress and which one(s) i'm inclined to work on fluctuates.

paranoidkitten's doing a femslash ficathon over at bsclove. (Signups end April 9.)

mpoetess posts bad euphemisms for female masturbation.

Everyone, go fill out the survey for Paige's fanfic&sexuality paper.

authorial intention as canon? hoyay as Othering? etc.

So, people are listening to the Angel S5 DVD commentaries, and a few remarks are getting a lot of play.

Spike and Angel; they were hanging out for years and years and years. They were all kinds of deviant. Are people thinking they never... ? Come on, people! They're opened-minded guys!
-Joss Whedon commentary on "A Hole in the World"

I already had the perfect couple. It was Spike and Angel.
-Joss on "The Girl In Question"

doyle_sb4 has the Hole in the World commentary remark in fuller context.

Collapse )

Edit: Via mutant_allies: nothingbutfic talks further about authorial intent, slash, and queerness/homophobia on ME shows.

"Never win first place, I don't support the team..."

Meg and i missed each other on Thursday, and Moriah had to cancel on me for Friday. Life is pain, as Meg said. Only, not really. My life is not Tess of the d’Urbervilles (which is nigh on 400 pages and which i didn’t start in earnest until Friday, because i suck). P.S. Oh, memories.

Friday was positively balmy. Predictions of snow, what? Crazies. I slept in, had a leisurely lunch, did assorted errands including laundry and finally putting a picture of myself up on facebook. Thursday night i finally posted to slashthekey and futureverse.

And yeah, there endeth-ed the productivity. On Friday i hung out with people -- or at least Emma -- from tea (4pm) until nearly 10pm. Though i did do lots of Tess reading afterward. And finished it on Saturday. (Oh, textual entrances into slash, how i love thee.) Now i just have to read Death of a Salesman and do my reader response journal for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (and reread and take notes on the end of Surprised by Joy). That’s for tomorrow. For now, fanfic to quell the Hit With Big Sticks feeling that carried me through most of the novel.

ZOE: You sanguine about the kinda reception we're apt to receive on an Alliance ship, Captain?
MAL: Absolutely. (then) What's sanguine?
ZOE: Hopeful. Plus, item of interest, it also means bloody.
MAL: Well, that pretty much covers the options, don't it?
-Firefly, “Safe”

Every time i read the name Angel Clare i kept thinking of Angel Juan. Oh, things i don’t have the time to reread.

209 rearranged their room, so i swapped my bookcase for a 4-shelved one. The shelves aren’t as deep as my old one, but that’s almost a non-issue; and there are 4 shelves instead of 3, which is the important part. And the dark wood is yummy.

Friday, Felicia called me and Emma (and Cat?) repressed. Somehow not the word that usually comes to mind. And it’s possible i’ll never be able to look at pineapples with a straight face again, at least around certain people.

Emma, on Time Bandits: “I still haven’t decided how I feel about the ending. I need to write that fanfic.”
Me: “I’m already writing that fanfic.”
Emma: “Why haven’t you finished yet?”

I’m thinking SuperBowl is prime time to work on fic ‘cause i clearly can’t do homework during it.

"Sometime before 6:30, the game will start. Remember the game, between the Patriots, who could win their third Super Bowl in four years, and the Eagles, who last played (and lost) in the Super Bowl 24 years ago?"
-Richard Sandomir, on the excess of pre-game programming

Oh, look, young Ian McKellan and Judi Dench from my MAT class copy of Macbeth.

David Lenson, my UMass Comp-Lit Brave New Worlds prof, mentioned during the Maria Tatar radio interview that one of his students wanted to do a senior honors thesis on fanfiction, and from his tone it sounded like he denied said student. I e-mailed him and mentioned Susan Cocalis, my UMass Grimms to Disney prof, in my e-mail. This is the response i got:
I'd never deny a student the opportunity to do new research! C'mon! I think the project may be a bit bogged down at the moment, but her name is [name removed] and she's in my current class. I'll see if it's ok with her to give out her email address.

I invited Susan Cocalis to join us on the show, but she had a prior commitment. Tatar, Cocalis and I are old pals from graduate school.

"Your recs page is my new crack."

And wisdomeagle wrote me fic for buffyverse1000! I have love.

I caved and signed up for the Ethan Rayne ficathon.

I am not, however, doing the Multifandom One Ring Fic Challenge, obviously.

I’m excited about my femslash05 assignment.

Emma, i thought of you.

I have the “Normal Again” outtake [JM/NB kiss] vid clip again! ::loves mpoetess::

There is an Angelus prayer. Yeah, it’s named for the Latin beginning, but still; being in fandom makes one’s brain extra-confused. (Hat-tip, sigrun.)

BlogThings says i’m 30 :)