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Apparently the universe doesn't want me to give blood.

The last few times I've given blood, my bloodflow has been really slow. That same thing happened this time, and the attendant asked if I would be okay if she moved the needle -- she said it would hurt, but otherwise she'd have to stop it altogether. [I assume because I was gonna time out -- if you're bleeding for more than 20 minutes, they worry about clotting and won't let you keep going.] I said sure (the last time I gave blood, the adjustments to try to make the blood flow more quickly made me wince frequently, but this time I hadn't even noticed them much). It did hurt. And then she put it back -- I'm unclear if that was just because I was in pain (she had been apologizing a LOT, which kinda annoyed me since I wasn't actually in pain -- her expectation that I might be was fair, but I wasn't) but anyway, I then had a bruise so she stopped it altogether. An irritation, I has it. I am inclined to quit donating blood for the remainder of 2011. (I did give blood in January.)
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[2010] i like numbers

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I gave blood:
Mon. Mar 1: Watertown (St. Johns Church)
Sat. May 1: Arlington UU Church
Tues. July 6: Watertown Public Library
Tues. Sept. 7: Watertown Public Library
Mon. Nov. 15: Cambridge (Masonic Lodge near Porter Square)

I got fitted at Intimacy Collapse )

I also got fitted at David's Bridal, so I now know what my "measurements" are Collapse )
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on the sixth day of christmas

As I said, yesterday I didn't leave the house until I went to get my hair cut.  Despite having absorbed the information on weather.com, I was still thrown by just how cold it was when I left the house.  It was good for me to get out, though.  Walking from the salon to dinner, I found myself wishing I had my laptop with me because I wanted to work on my sermon (something I hadn't wanted to all day).

I forgot about Molly's Diesel office hours until I got the reminder email she sent to the listserv Tuesday night ("five golden rings"!), so I chose to sleep in -- having gotten home from dinner around 11:30pm and in bed around 1am.

Today I had a 2½ hr lunch with Cate and then went and gave blood at the Masonic Lodge near Porter Square (and got a free travel mug).

I don't have keys to the church, so I hung out at the library for about an hour (and had wireless, which surprised me).  I got a phone call at one point and went outside and was fine despite the fact that it was 25F (though I did go back inside after I was off the phone).  Yes, today was significantly warmer than yesterday and I remain made of polar bear.
Dear Church,

Tonight at Rest & Bread, we will reflect on the love of God in the flesh.

Music for meditation begins at 6:15 in the chapel, leading into our service of prayer & communion at 6:30.

It was literally me and Keith.

Call to Worship was:
Almighty God, you have poured upon us the new light of your incarnate Word.

Grant that this light, enkindled in our hearts, may shine forth in our lives.
Psalm was from Psalm 96 (vss. 1-3 and 10-13).  Sacred Text was John 1:1-5, 14. We talked about the language we use for Jesus and about finding language that speaks to our contemporary experience.  Keith suggested language of "guide" (as in, on a journey), and I talked about Tillich's Ground of Being and the idea of Jesus being transparent to the ground of his being and how for me that's one way in to understanding Jesus being fully divine and fully human.

I had dinner in Harvard Square with my brother and his girlfriend tonight.  We were thwarted in our attempts to get Thai food (both 9 Tastes and Spice were closed), so we ate at Uno's.

Tomorrow I'm getting up at 5:30am for morning prayer and the going on an adventure to Northampton and environs with Carolyn.  Yeah, I think when I get home I'm just gonna post year-end wrap-up posts and then fall into bed.
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not a waste of a Saturday

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One reason to get enough sleep during the week: that way I don't feel lethargic all day on Saturday.


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I gave blood at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford ~12:30 today.  When they called me on Sunday, I was surprised, not having thought it had been long enough since I last gave blood, but apparently that last was August 6.

So I weighed myself at the gym yesterday -- because the form for giving blood asks your weight, and I want to be accurate.  Collapse )

I didn't get to bed until like 1:30am, but I still woke up a few times before I got up with my 10:30am alarm.  And GoogleMaps was actually fairly accurate about how long it would take me to walk to the hospital.  I was surprised at how few people there were, but I suppose the rain plus it being early afternoon on Saturday...  It did mean I got through quickly.  (temp: 98.4F, pulse: 68, BP: 96/60)  I am next eligible to give blood Nov. 28.

I deposited L's check, bought paper towels, came home and changed out of my rain-touched (yes, I did use my umbrella) clothes into pajamas, and did a load of laundry (including putting it all away).  And felt sleepy doing my Gandhi reading.  Sigh.  So I laid down and didn't-really-nap for much of the afternoon.  I finished the book reading (though I haven't started the online readings), and watched the film clips from Friday, and started my discussion board response.


Prayer from assorted church communities:

UCN: Lillian E. is in the ICU at Brigham with some fluid/blood in her brain after some kind of brain bleed
SCBC: Pastor Vic's wife Mary (age 73) died on Sept. 26
CHPC: LizC's mom (Betty, age 85) died last night after a long illness
FCS: LizD's grandmother had a stroke and is likely in her last days. Liz is particularly saddened that she won't be around to meet her great-granddaughter.

[update] gymming it up / giving blood / restaurants / etc.

Yeah, I have literally not had the energy to keep up with basic updating stuff (I've been keeping a running draft, but as you'll see, even that was incomplete). I am update-dumping before I leave for a long weekend in Maine.


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[MFA] Saturday, July 25

I went to the MFA with WalthamWoman, who wanted to see as much as possible in the time we had before closing, so that was interesting. I think we "saw" like 80% of the museum in under 2 hours. Good thing I've been there a ton and never feel invested in seeing anything particular when I'm with friends.

The Contemporary Outlook: Seeing Songs was all up (it was only partially installed last time I went through), though unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations.

I want to look at a lot more of the Asian art next time I'm there.

I really enjoyed A New and Native Beauty: The Art and Craft of Greene & Greene


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[giving blood] Thursday, Aug. 6

I was hesitant about going to SCBC agan, despite the serious convenience factor, given how inefficient it was last time.

This time: I had a 5:30 appointment and got there at like 5:24. I was handed a #29 and had barely sat down before I got taken over to get my iron checked etc. She asked if I had read the material, and I said yes ('cause I have given blood umpteen times this year and read all the material every time and it never changes, at least not in any ways relevant to me).

(BP 98/60, pulse 64, oral temp 98.4, Hb: 12.8)

In the past I have actually hit their maximum mark of how long you can be blood-drained before they make you stop because of clotting concerns, but this time I was done in like 7 minutes. I was like, "We're done? Really?" The woman said everyone that day had been really quick.
It was like 6:00. I then dutifully sat for 10 minutes, ate two packets of cookies (one pack of Oreos and one of oatmeal raisin) and drank a bottle of water and then left.


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Tues. Aug. 11

I had dinner at Andala with OtherElizabeth. We ate outside because blessedly it was nice enough out to be able to do that. (By the time we parted ways, it was actually cool enough out that I would have wanted a sweater were I to remain not moving.)

I got the Avocado Press Sandwich, because I could. It came with a little like potato salad on the side, which was a nice bonus, except that there was something in the seasoning or something that I didn't like -- even though in theory I should have liked it since it was basically cold potato chunks with some oil. (I also got a banana smoothie, I think.)


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Tues. Aug. 18

Cailin invited me to go out for dinner with her and Katie 'cause it was her last night in Boston or something. I assumed she would wanna do Restaurant Week, but she said actually she'd been planning on Legal. I said I wasn't very excited about Legal 'cause there's almost nothing I can eat. She said she was sorry but she really wanted to get seafood. I said that was fine.

She said she'd be fine getting salads at Cheesecake, but I said Legal was fine.
On our way to Legal (we were driving to the one in Kendall), she mentioned that we could go to Bertucci's. I strongly supported this.
I got the Spaghetti Primavera, which had lots of vegetables. I wilingly ate asparagus with no problem -- go me (asparagus always strikes me as the kind of thing I don't particularly like).

At one point Cailin asked if we thought there was pressure (at HBS, for faculty) to get married, saying yeah academia's a little different than other places but there's probably still "pressure to conform to social norms, as Elizabeth would say." Apparently I am still really obviously a Smith College grad? :)

After we got out at Davis, Katie said: "I'm going to take the bike path. Shorter and cooler. Don't die. Call me if you're going to die." (Because she has a vehicle, so she could come and rescue me.)


Fri. Aug. 21

I had dinner at Taepei Tokyo in Davis Square. I don't know if it's the same franchise as the one in Northampton. I ate at the one in Northampton once, but I wasn't feeling well then, so I have no real verdict on it (and we were going to a Dar Williams concert at the Iron Horse afterward, so I couldn't really get my meal wrapped up to go), and I'd never been to the one in Davis Square though it opened a while ago.
I got hot and sour soup, which I'd never had before, and yeah, not really my thing.
I got a peanut avocado sushi roll, which was tasty.
We got vegetable tempura for starters -- which lighter than I'd expected (which was good).


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Mon. Aug. 24

I had dinner at The Elephant Walk in Cambridge.
I got the vegetarian spring rolls for starters, which were okay.
I got the Tofu Amrita as an entree, and the tofu was fine, but I didn't eat much else, in part because of anxious stomach.


Thurs. Aug. 27

Make-Your-Own-Sundae in the Dean's House Garden.

I got vanilla ice cream and loaded up as many toppings as possible -- crushed Oreos (sans filling), M&M's, chocolate sauce, sliced strawberries, cherries. Yeah, when the faculty I came over with were getting seconds I was about halfway through my bowl.

A couple of our Unit's RA's came over at one point and we chatted and then headed back. I feel sort of bad that I only socialized with people I see all the time, but I'd been out for about 45 minutes and wasn't really feeling like seeking out more socialization. So it goes.
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my keyboard is being intermittently temperamental

At the gym this morning, on USA I watched the end of one Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode ("Best Defense" 2.04) and the first half of another one ("Monster" 2.15).  Collapse )


Chatting with Ranjan over lunch, we got to talking about tv shows we had grown up on, and I commented that sometimes going back to things I enjoyed as a child they don't hold up, and so then I was thinking about various things.  I mentioned Captain Planet, which was apparently after his time.  I said it wasn't exactly subtle, what with villains with names like "Duke Nukem" and "Hoggish Greedly."  I was kind of impressed at how many details I managed to remember (e.g., visuals, geographic region of origin, and power of each Planeteer), though I was totally fuzzy about a lot of how stuff actually worked (like I couldn't quite remember if they could still use their powers while Captain Planet is out, nor could I remember what they do with their lives when they're not battling evil).  Of course I looked it up on Wikipedia after I got back to my desk -- both to email to Ranjan and also to refresh myself.

Wiki says, "The program is a form of edutainment, which advocates the United Nations as an organization, and the concepts of globalism, multiculturalism, and environmentalism generally."  Blergh.  It teaches you that when we all work together we can create a force stronger than we can alone.  Captain Planet is not exactly a governmental body.

Things I did not know: from Wikipedia:
The episode titled "A Formula For Hate" (1992) was unique for the series in that it did not deal with environmental pollution or destruction. It was also the first episode in an American children's animated series to directly deal with the AIDS-HIV pandemic. In the episode, Verminous Skumm brainwashes a local community into thinking the virus can be spread through casual contact, and thus causing people to hate and fear a young man, infected with HIV, named Todd (Neil Patrick Harris). Todd's mother was played by actress Elizabeth Taylor, who has raised money for AIDS charities.


I gave blood at SCBC after work today.  I was not impressed -- I showed up at the desk and got handed the stuff to read and the form to fill out and I came back and the guy at the desk had vanished, so I (and another woman!) waited there for a bit until someone showed up, and after I got my iron checked and all that I was directed to sit "in the chairs facing the table."  Huh?  There were nice rows of chairs for the people (who had numbers, so it was easy to call people) waiting to do the physical/questionnaire, and there was the table with snacks etc. for after you'd donated.  So apparently you just sat in one of the chairs clustered at or near the "canteen," and then when a worker called, "Next," a whole bunch of people would get up, confused.  At one point, a woman got up and looked over at a guy, not sure which one of them was next, and the guy said, "rock, paper, scissors?"

I feel like I didn't have to wait that long for a bed, but then I was sitting on the bed for so long that I took my water bottle and book out of my backpack.  And then even after they'd started prepping me they still felt understaffed, and after they'd already stuck me the person doing it took her break or something so two other women came over and apparently there'd been some confusion so they thought my blood wasn't flowing well enough because they were looking at the wrong place or something (apparently they first have your blood go into a small pouch from which they do the medical sample testing or whatever, and then into the larger containers for actual blood transfusions) so they were moving stuff around and twice I said, "Ow," and at one point I literally said that if the techs who had needles in my arm could be certain about what they were doing that would make me feel a lot better (they had literally made comments about not being sure, which turned out to be about coming in to a project partway through and the first person not having done it exactly the way you would have).  But once it got sorted, apparently my vein was "fantastic."  My hand felt really pins-and-needles-y the whole time, which was worrisome to me, but I don't seem to have had any lasting ill effects.

At one point while I was actually lying down, a guy at the canteen was talking about he's reading the Old Testament and the prophets are hard to understand sometimes and he read a passage (from what turned out to be Hosea) that ended with "blood touches blood."  I suggested that it might mean that family members are killing each other.
Google-searching now, BibleQuery.com says
Q: In Hos 4:2, what does "blood touches blood" mean?
A: The NIV translates this as "bloodshed follows bloodshed." The thought here is that there was so much murder, that the blood was falling on the dried blood of previously murdered victims.

Sitting at the canteen afterward, a bunch of us were kind of joking about the container of  antibacterial hand sanitizer on the table.  It had a picture of "Mr. 'G' The Transient Germ," for example.  I noted that it warns that it's flammable, so then when I read aloud "in case of accidental ingestion," the woman I'd been chatting with filled in, "do not set yourself on fire."

Her name is also Elizabeth, and she lives with her wife in Central Square.  We exchanged email addresses -- at her initiating, even (though I was actually going to suggest it).

Edible Arrangements [hey, look, Mom] was like sponsoring this blood drive or something -- you got a coupon for a box of six chocolate covered strawberries, and there was a Delicious Fruit Design bouquet at the canteen (with cantaloupe that tasted good).  I joked, "A+, would eat for free again," and she said something about eBay and I realized, oh, that's where that fannish phraseology must have come from.


"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-mylittleredgirl [more info]

"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.  You wait and watch and work: you don't give up." --Anne Lamott

Good things about today:
  • Spangler pasta bar.
  • I made a maybe new friend -- and had more enjoyable conversation at the blood drive than I was expecting, regardless.
  • Cate came over and helped us put my couch together, and we also put a purple sheet over the wall of boxes in the living room (it is totes a tv stand), and it now looks much more like civilized people live here.
Things I did well today:
  • I went to the Collapse )
  • I made a flow chart PowerPoint slide.
  • I gave blood.
  • I emailed my brother about getting an anniversary present for our parents.
Things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:
["anything that you're looking forward to, that means you're facing tomorrow with joy, not trepidation," as Ari says]
  • making the CWM deposit
  • getting to go to bed early
  • I have leftovers from ordering dinner in tonight, so I don't have to think about making dinner tomorrow night.
  • doing laundry

Apparently I'm not making posts of substance today.

I successfully gave blood!  \o/  My veins were slow last time, but this time the guy found a good vein (inside right arm) and everything went fine.  (Well, I felt kind of like Seymour in Little Shop because they had to do a second stick -- my hemoglobin count came out too low the first time -- and after I was done, I was attempting to open a water bottle and noticed that hey, my gauze was soaked through with blood, so I walked over to the nice workers and someone replaced the gauze and wrapped it with pink sticky cloth so it wouldn't come off again and put a cold pack on top of that to alleviate the bruising and wrapped that.)

While I was waiting for the bus back, someone pulled up and honked.  Because this is my life, my first thought was that it was someone I knew offering me a ride home, but no, it was just some random guy.  The third time he said, "Mount Auburn" I finally realized what he was saying and replied, "Yes, this is Mount Auburn Street."

I now have free address labels with my new/current address on them thanks to the Children's Cancer Research Fund.
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// I don't want to live on the moon //

Lacking anything more apropos, post title is from this because Jonah mentioned it.


Last Sunday, Courtney (sp?) at CHPC asked if anyone was having a Super Bowl party and I was like, "Oh, I think my friend Jess who would usually host such a thing said she's gonna be out of town."  I had literally forgotten that the Super Bowl would be coming up.  At lunch the next day at work, folks were talking about the upcoming Super Bowl and so I asked who was playing.  Upon hearing Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals I thought, "The Arizona Cardinals?  Didn't we play them in baseball?"  Yeah, I was thinking of the Arizona Diamondbacks -- and the St. Louis Cardinals.

My flist is apparently similarly uninterested..  (Has anyone even mentioned who won the Super Bowl?  Not that I rely on my flist for all my news -- I mean, okay I mostly do, but for stuff like this I also have the metro on my morning commute -- but it just entertains me that basically no one was invested in the result enough to post about it.)

From yesterday:
fox1013: Is there a particular team I should be rooting for? I ask this like I'm not just going to be watching the Puppy Bowl, which is a lie, but I don't even know what teams are playing and I feel I probably... should? Or something?

cidercupcakes: You should be rooting for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band!

...what, the halftime act could totally surprise everyone and win it.
Also seen on the flist, post title "Steelers & Cardinals open for Springsteen"

I haven't seen many of the Super Bowl commercials.  Any recommendations?


I went to give blood after work today.  My iron needs to be 12.5 and it was 13.5.  My blood pressure was 110/88, and my pulse was 66.  I do not have awesome blood-giving veins, but the last 2 times I've gone to give blood I haven't had serious difficulties.  This time my blood was coming out really slowly (I guess I was not sufficiently hydrated?) and they need you to be done in under 20 minutes (otherwise they start to worry about clotting in the tube).  Le sigh.


"Joy Sadhana is a daily practice in the observation of joy."
-mylittleredgirl [more info]

Do not be afraid, I am with you
I have called you each by name
Come and follow Me
I will bring you home
I love you and you are mine
     -"You Are Mine" (David Haas)

Five good things about today:
1. This afternoon I was feeling mopey, so I went downstairs to get something with chocolate from the vending machine.  It told me "Transaction Invalid" and "Card Deleted."  It's beautiful out, so walking over to Spangler isn't exactly a hardship, but…  I emailed Ian to be like, "have they not calibrated the vending machines for the new ID cards?" and he replied (in part), "Well i'm sorry to give you the news, but they did talk about staff cuts at the last faculty meeting, and I think this is their way of giving the news to you….. "  I LOL'ed.
2. [redacted, v. 2]
3. I am loved.  This is included in #2, but I also wanted to say it explicitly.  Plus, I am demonstrably loved by other folks today as well.
4. I called Ari while waiting for the bus back from blood donation and told her all about my day, and then we drafted our "25 Random Things About Me" posts aloud to each other.  (I think the most "us" moment was each of us trying to list all the churches we've each been to, largely utilizing LJ tags.)  After 2 hours and 55 minutes on the phone, she posted hers and I let her go get ready for bed.
5. My cup runneth over.  So much more chocolate than I was expecting (and the abundant generous love that implies), and my best friend, and folks who oblige me on the love meme, and an email from my mom that almost made me cry (in a good way).

Three things I did well today:
1. Collapse )
2. I took care of a bunch of the expense stuff (albeit not all of it) and contacted people about getting together.
3. I successfully found St John's Church in Watertown and was cooperative and gracious throughout the whole blood donation process.

Two things I am looking forward to (doing [better]) tomorrow:
["anything that you're looking forward to, that means you're facing tomorrow with joy, not trepidation," as Ari says]
1. CWM Lenten Worship Planning
2. finishing my "25 Random Things About Me" post
anime night

"Are you relieved? Disappointed? Just eyerolling at the predictability?"

First off, can I say how much I love Ari?  Yeah, a lot.


My hair didn't freeze this morning, but walking across the River I saw patches of it were thinly iced over -- which is an indicator of winter I'd forgotten about.  This week is going to be warmer than last, so I don't expect it to last, but it pleased me.

I've been thinking sometimes recently that my insistent fondness for and literal tolerance of the cold is in part that I am committed to this idea of who/how I am, but I was jogging outside tonight and the feel of cold air in my throat gave me this nostalgic happy which it wouldn't have occurred to me consciously to cultivate/perform, so I was comforted that it is at least in part still legitimately organic.

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Recruiting eating me up last week has put me so off my game.  Sigh.

I did have a moderately productive day, though.  And I was relaxed enough to feel like I could begin to skim some blogs again.  (Yeah, I know, I should really plug everything into a GoogleReader or something.)
The Bush twins, Barbara and Jenna, taught the Obama girls, Sasha and Malia, how to jump on the White House beds.

First Lady Laura Bush verified the story, and added that there was a real trick to proper White House bed-jumping: "They're really tall beds; you need to get a running start."


In some families, you can jump on the beds, and in some, they tell you no jumping on the beds. Both the Bushes and the Obamas allow bed jumping. Or, no, maybe Barack and Michelle are the no-jumping-on-the-beds kind of parents. And Malia and Sasha will say but Jenna and Barbara jumped on the beds -- they showed us how to jump on the beds. And Barack and Michelle will be all: The American people voted for change. No more of the failed policies of the Bush years. No more jumping on the beds.
Speaking of the Obama transition, I was reading a blurb in the metro this morning about the Richardson appointment, and it concluded along the lines of, "the aide spoke on condition of anonymity, not being authorized to speak about this matter," and that always squicks me (I mean, I know I share inappropriately, but not like that), but having watched The West Wing, part of me also wonders, "Was that an intentional 'leak'?"


[giving blood again]

I just missed the 94 bus, so I walked to Temple Shalom [from Davis T].  It took me just about 40 minutes, hustling but not booking it.  I had a 6:30 appointment and arrived about 6:15.  An hour later blood was actually dripping out of me.  The paperwork is such a process, plus there was a delay because like six people came in like ten minutes before me.  Also: apparently I have thin veins?  Whatever.  Anyway.

When I sat down at the "cantina," a man was explaining to a woman about the early episcopal councils anathematizing the Jews.  He's not Jewish but is very committed to seeking "God's will" (I got the conservative Christian vibe from him around there).  Later in conversation, she asked him if he was familiar with The David Project and he said yes and then brought up CAMERA, which he said exposes anti-Semitism in the media, including all the b.s. from Jimmy Carter and the like around Palestine.  I don't have strong opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict, but this was the part at which I started withdrawing internally.

But during one of the conversations, she mentioned that this Temple has a Torah study from 9:30-10am on Saturday morning before service (which is 10-12!) which he would be welcome to come to (he'd be welcome to the service, too, but obviously might be less desirous of going to that).  I wasn't really engaging in the conversation (in part because I was anxious to get home for The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- and it took me little over 15 minutes to get home, which pleased me, though I was definitely hurrying), but I made a mental note of that ... 'cause clearly I need more religious engagement in my life.  (Torah study, though!  How is that not win?)

Also: They gave me a Red Cross blood donation t-shirt which I will probably never wear, so if anyone wants it...  (It's a size Large.)
hard at work

[Wednesday] "this is who i am, what i do, and what i say"

This should have been posted last night, but I was too tired when I got home from class to finish it. So all the "todays" &etc. remain as if it were posted Wednesday night.


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Ed Rollins (R) was on CNN AM and said that neither candidate was inspiring, which was what he thinks people want, that it was a lot of Senate floor talk. That sounded exactly accurate to me.

I avoided the liveblogs last night, but I just about hurt myself laughing reading this one [Will Wilkinson]. (I don't know what the "transvestite" line at the beginning is about, and I'm choosing to ignore it. It's a libertarian blogger, so a lot of the economic stuff &etc. may rub my liberal flisters the wrong way. It gets better as it goes along. The timestamps are Central time zone.)
Collapse )
Daniel Drezner summed up:
In the end, both candidates put forward mainstream internationalist positions on most issues related to national security, stressing the prudent use of military force, working in concert with allies and insisting that America could still be an active force for good in the world.

What was odd was that this hopeful vision of America's role in the world clashed badly with their rhetoric on the global economy. When talk turned to economics, the rest of the world was viewed as a scary, scary place.

The power went out shortly before noon (and stayed out for a half an hour).

Ian went and got lunch (tofu stirfry!) and was hanging out by my desk chatting while the power remained out. (It's hard to do much work here without our computers, and we FAs were still gonna wait until about 12:30 to head to lunch in order to miss the student rush.)

I forget how we got on it, but Ian said, "You're not worried about getting electronically outsourced?" I said the amount of person management I do...

Talking about how people are forever asking me where something/someone is, Ian said, "You like it. You could be all passive-aggressive [mimes turning his head down and away as if sitting at a desk avoiding someone] but instead you [demonstrates how I'll perk up and say, "How can I help you?" -- I didn't nitpick that what I actually say is, "Can I help you?"] I've seen you." I said yeah, I totally love being helpful. (I didn't mention that it connects to my being a control-freak, but that might have been implied.)

I said if someone could develop a Marauder's Map, that would be great. Ian asked, "Marauder's Map?" I said yeah, from Harry Potter -- it's a map of Hogwarts, the school, and it'll show you where anyone is on the school grounds, as a dot on the map with their name.
He said he's the only person who's never read one word of Harry Potter. I said my mom read them to my younger brother when they were first coming out in England and I was doing homework on the computer in the other room and got sucked in.
He said, "You're a geek, I know," in this tone of like, "You don't have to defend yourself, it's okay." I said I'll get militantly defensive about other stuff (I didn't specify, but of course Buffy was what immediately came to my mind), but I wasn't getting defensive, just explaining.

[Dude, you can get it as a screensaver!]


I used the phrase "marginal utility" at lunch, and MaryAlice said, "You are taking an econ class." She said she recognized the phrase, but she wouldn't have thought of it to use it.

She said something about Chinese buffet night, and I restrained myself from saying, "AT THE CHINESE BUFFET, WATER IS ON THE HOUSE." (ref. this Dinosaur Comics, and musesfool's subsequent tag)


How have I not learned to just be proactive ALWAYS when it comes to work stuff? It always works out better that way. Sigh.


I got to Rest and Bread early and walked into the church office to make myself useful. Laura Ruth introduced me to Jamie, the new church administrator (I think), and said, "Elizabeth is..." I thought, "I see you searching for a phrase appropriate for public company" -- because when she introduced me to Meck at brunch a few weeks ago, she used the phrase "church whore," among others -- and she ultimately finished her sentence to Jamie with: "resident church whore." I laughed. She continued: "She frequents all the houses of worship up and down the street." (This is an overstatement, because there are at least six distinct faith communities on College Ave. and I'm only affiliated with three of them, but I LOVE that phrasing.)

At one point while we were setting up I said to Laura Ruth, "Am I allowed to ask you how you've been, or would that be too distracting?" She said yes at the moment that would be too distracting -- but the short version is that she's doing great.

Rest and Bread ("Welcoming the Stranger")

In the Welcome, Laura Ruth said, "We know each other some," but that we don't know all parts of each other -- which in light of Sunday at CWM I read as a subtle nod to National Coming Out Day &etc., whether it was intended so or not.

She said when thinking about welcoming the stranger, we have to ask ourselves, "Who is stranger, us or them," which I thought a nice pun.

The Psalm was Psalm 120.

The Sacred Texts were from Deuteronomy ("...love the stranger") and Hebrews ("let mutual love continue ... entertained angels unawares").

Laura Ruth talked about welcoming the stranger. She talked about how encountering strangers brings newness into our lives and that can be disruptive and threatening.
She said that prayer is about curiosity, not control. (I forget exactly how that related, but I liked it.)
She talked about the "entertained angels unawares" thing and said that one way we can react when we encounter the stranger -- even when it's that crazy guy in the park yelling -- is to think, "Maybe it's Jesus" (I thought of that bit in Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies I think it was, where talks about making a conscious effort to just when she takes the dog out for a walk to see Jesus in the face of every single person she encounters -- or maybe it's just the first person she encounters? but I think it's everyone). She said that Jesus is pure holiness, . I have issue with this because thanks to Old Testament classes and stuff, I can't help thinking of "holy" as "whole," and we are (as she said) broken. [By the time service was over, I had forgotten about probing about this -- and I couldn't stay too long anyway, as I had class -- so I'll be emailing her about this.]

(In other news, Laura Ruth made me an official, computer print out, clip-on, nametag.)


Today's mail included:
* my voter registration confirmation (though "I Vote You Vote - a project of the non-partisan American Democracy Institute" says, "Sorry. We can't confirm Elizabeth [redacted] is registered to vote in Massachusetts." -- I suspect they're just a little behind)
* a $36.75 refund check from RCN
* my American Red Cross donor card (I'm O Positive!)


Yom Kippur began at sunset tonight. If I've hurt you, or you think you've hurt me, please let me know.