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One of these days I will get to bed at a reasonable hour again.

I wrested two giant staples out of the DeathStar Stapler this morning.  I feel I fulfilled my butch cred quota for the day.

I was in the mood for pasta at lunch, but it is risotto this week.  However, the GlobalVegetarian was Greek, so I got spanikopita (and other stuff), which was exciting -- and more filling than I was expecting (I worried I hadn't gotten enough food, but I ended up not actually finishing all of it until later in the afternoon).

Supposedly it was like 71F when I left work.  Regardless, it felt warmer than I was expecting and also warmer than I really wanted it to be.  As I approached Teele Square, it started sprinkling rain a little bit.  \o/
A little after six I was sitting in front of my computer and could smell that rain-on-ground smell, and I looked over and indeed there was all this rain on my windowpane.  I was a little worried I would get soaked on my way to the MFA (I like the rain, but having to sit somewhere being soggy is not fun), but it was just barely sprinkling when I left again a little before 7 and was sunny, so it had that sort of summer feel that I like.  Waiting for the Green Line around 10, it barely started to sprinkle again, and walking home it was sprinkling a little harder and I actually ran part of the way just 'cause I felt like it.

I (finally) finished reading last week's Economist -- and then started on this week's.


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On CNN's This American Morning, they had the electoral map from 2004 and talked about which states might flip given an Obama v. McCain contest, which was interesting.  Hey look, a Wikipedia entry on swing states.

They also talked about Democratic fears that fears that Obama v. McCain will be like unto McGovern v. Nixon.  Collapse )


Last night, mjules linked me to an AP article on U.S. paper currency and the blind -- which also got talked about on CNN This American Morning.
While the government has been fighting to overturn the lower court ruling, it has been taking some steps toward modifying U.S. currency for the visually impaired. The most recent currency redesign of the $5 bill introduced in March features a giant "5" printed in purple on one side of the bill to help those with vision problems distinguish the bill.

Indeed, Treasury has previously considered making different sizes of bills but ran into opposition from makers of vending and change machines. Government lawyers raised this issue in court, saying it could cost billions to redesign vending machines. But the court said such data are murky, especially since one proposed solution would be to leave $1 bills unchanged.

sharpest_rose linked to scans_daily post for Robin #174.  zomg!  I really haven't been following this issue 'cause it's not my fandom at all, but I know enough of the background.


Another round of Things You Might Not Know About LJ But Should:

The Date Out of Order function.
You don't need to actually change the date, just click "Date out of order" and it won't show up on anybody's flist, but it'll show up on the main page of that journal.

Who can create polls.
# Paid, Plus and Permanent Users: You can create polls in your own journal and any communities (whether Basic or Paid) where you have posting access.
# Basic Users: You can only vote in polls, with one exception. If you maintain a Paid or Permanent community, you can post polls in that community.

"This old world well don't it make you wanna think damn"

I did a serious revamp of my UserInfo.  Pithy and therefore hopefully new-user friendly, though it feels fantastically boring to me.  [Ari will sympathize with the fact that I can't figure out how to tag this entry for this piece of content -- some variation on "self: lj: userinfo"?  Oh, this reminds me, though, that I was gonna look up Semagic and tagging.]  Collapse )

I opted not to sign up for the EDS class, 'cause I realized that between ASL and CAUMC I would be attending all of three evenings worth of class.


Jessica and Bianca had to have seen my dogtag this morning when we were talking, and they didn't say anything about it.  (I had been concerned that it would clash with the professional image we're supposed to be presenting -- not that I think queer != professional, but that imprinted dog tags != professional.)

Mary Alice loved my dogtag (and knew immediately that it was re: "Don't ask, don't tell").  I had lovely chatting with her and Greg.

Greg said that on Sunday(?) he and his wife got out at Arlington and walked around and going up either Boylston or Newbury, they passed a church with a big pride banner and she was confused and, recalling our conversation, Greg explained that yes there are a few churches that are accepting/affirming of gay people.  I said there are in fact a lot.

Nicole and I chatted briefly about our weekends and she said she volunteered at an AIDS clinic Saturday morning and got invited to have a spot on the float (but it was like 11am and she had things to do that day, so she declined, though she did end up seeing part of the parade).  When I mentioned how my usual Sunday is church-laundry-church, she said, "You're all-church all-the-time, you're going straight to heaven -- you're on the fast lane."  I said a lot of it is queer church, so probably there are plenty of people who don't think I'm going straight to heaven :)


I had a headache all day, so I was gonna do the elliptical 'cause that's low-impact, but at 5:30 they were all in use.  The students are supposed to be all gone; how is this possible?  So I did the treadmill at 5mph, and it felt like a comfortable jogging pace, but I was so not up for it.  A couple times I took it down to 4mph for ten or twenty seconds of fast walking, but at 14min I ultimately quit.  I've done the half hour multiple times before, so I was telling myself that I could do it, but pushing myself that much just wasn't happening.  An elliptical had opened up, so I did that for 5min, but then I quit that, too.  Going home and taking drugs and lying down seemed the healthiest thing I could do for myself.

I took a quick shower first, obviously, and they've replaced the old scale where you move the weight bars with a digital one, so on a whim I stepped on it.  Collapse )
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How to fix your typoed tags.

Apparently it's time for another round of "Elizabeth explains how to do that LJ thing you've never figured out."

The Tag Management interface lets you rename tags, but my experience has been that if you try to rename a tag to one that already exists it won't work. The work-around is: go to the entry(s) in question, go to Edit Tags, and select the correct tag(s). Then go back to Tag Management and delete the incorrect tag.

LJ's lack of a tag dropdown menu in the web interface seriously exacerbates this problem. Anyone know if there's anything afoot on this? (The Semagic client does have a dropdown menu, blessedly, though I've noticed that it never gets rid of deleted tags even when you tell it to Update. Anyone know if there are plans on that end either?)
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"two american kids growin' up in the heartland"

I've been having trouble falling asleep nights and what do I do this evening?  I take a nap.  ::rolls eyes at self::  I blame the humidity.

I woke up at 7:46 this morning and still got to work five minutes of 9.  (RA was taking me out, so I didn't make lunch.)  OSS guy was coming out as I was coming in -- of the building! -- and said he'd just taken 6 boxes next to my cubicle and were those the ones I wanted taken to the archives.  (They were)  Rock on.  [I am honestly most impressed that he recognized me]

Cailin came in 10:24am, said "Happy post-birthday." :)

1:12pm, Cailin to me: "So, are you starving yet?"  (I usually go to lunch c. noon but RA had asked if we could go c. 1:15; Cailin said she takes a class at the gym that ends at 1.  When RA came back, she said, "I'm sorry; I know you usually go to lunch around 11:30."  I assured her I was not ready to chew her hand off or anything.)

We left for lunch close to 1:30.  Came back about 3.  Rock on.  (Yes, we went to Bertucci's; yes I got the dessert I'd wanted last time.)  We discussed continuing ed (which will get its own post) and she told some of her travel stories.

I came back and saw UnitHead (who had said he would be back Monday and Tuesday but whom I had not yet seen).  "Have you seen my office?"  He was almost literally bouncing.  Apparently he had come in over the weekend and organized it.  It was actually in pretty good shape beforehand.    More reasons why I love him :)  [Though as was pointed out to me in an FA discussion about reimbursement forms, Prof.B. is now the UnitHead -- it being after July 1.  I could call him Prof.G. but I think I'll go with FormerUnitHead for the continuity.]

I love that Terry called me 3 times (1:34, 1:25, 2:28).  At least he left a voicemail the third time.  (I'd called him last night and left him a voicemail.)  So I called him back on my walk home.  And he is the same as ever.  Which pleases me.  And apparently was in Boston yesterday and drove right by the B-School.

Cat's post-CSIfinale squee messages seem to have gotten deleted from my phone (I've been resaving them every few weeks).  Sadness :(

My mom's birthday card for me arrived today.
Front: "I'd like to give you a big hug on your birthday..." said Pooh.
Inside: "...but you are there, and my arms are here."
And it has a pop-up of Pooh with arms outstretched.  This is totally going up on my desk at work.
I'm really enjoying this extended-birthday thing.

My dad e-mailed:
Subject: Oh brave new world, that there are such people in it.
[World's first "test tube baby" is pregnant.]

Ari, FYI: the tenant - G - gen - hp/matilda crossover - 1577 words

Anyone understand futon mattresses?  Like, how to work out the measurements?  My futon [i.e., the wooden frame that got left in my room by the previous tenant] folds in three and the long side is ~51 wide and each of the three sections are ~22 on the other side.

P.S. Via wisdomeagle: Go here to make the navbar go away.  [There are different tickyboxes for making it display when you're viewing stuff and for making it display when people are viewing you.  Personally, I think you shouldn't be able to force people to see it when on your pages; if people want it they can enable it themselves.]  Edit: And here's a script to get rid of it for all journals you view.
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PSA: LJ Polls

[Because who needs FAQs?]

1. You have to be logged in as an LJ user to vote in an LJ poll. "Open to: All" translates as "open to all LJ users"

2. You do not have to fill out a poll in order to view the results.
2a. Click on the poll number. Then click [ View Poll Results ].
2b. wisdomeagle informed me that you can just null-vote by clicking Submit without having filled anything out in the poll.

3. You can change your votes after submitting (though I know of no way by which you can change a radio button vote to a null-vote, though you can undo check box votes). From anywhere within the poll, click [ Fill out Poll ] and change your submission. (Just remember to click "Submit Poll" when you’re done.)

4. Polls can only be created by paid users.

5. Polls cannot be edited after they are created. You also cannot paste poll code into an already existing entry.

6. You can limit voting to your flist, though there is no filter option. Ditto viewing results. You also have a "results viewable to: None" option. Everyone will still be able to see the statistical results, but only the poll creator will be able to see individual people’s answers. (Clicking "View Answers" within the poll shows you each person who voted and their answers. Though if it’s a multi-question poll you have to view each question individually.)
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Public Service Announcement: Quick lj-cut tutorial

Some people have slow connections or just don't want to look at the 5 million pictures you took of your baby gerbil. Or maybe you don't want your bandwith to get used up by people compulsively refreshing their friendspage. Or maybe you're posting your entire senior thesis and don't want your uninterested friends to have to scroll past it. What to do? Well, LiveJournal has a nifty feature called a "cut-tag" which can be used to hide part or all of entry so that a reader wishing to view hidden sections must click on a link.

To create a cut-tag, type the following: <lj-cut>

This will display as a hyperlink saying "Read more..."

See?: Collapse )

If you want it to say something different, say for example "click here for my pictures," type: <lj-cut text="click here for my pictures">

Example: Collapse )

And if you want to say more after the pictures and don't want that text hidden, just type the following after the code for the pictures: </lj-cut>