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seven minutes (Michael Moore's 9/11 film)

I’m not going to see Michael Moore’s 9/11 film.

lilithchilde argues that yes it’s a manipulative performance piece but, "If you're going to draw your conclusions from shallow and slanted sources (which most of us do), it's still probably best to get several slants to work with." Yes, i know everyone has agendas/biases, but i try to avoid actual shallowness (personal attacks, twisting/misrepresentation of facts, etc.) altogether, though we know of course i’m all about multiple perspectives. (And really now, defending Michael Moore’s use of deceptive half-truths and carefully phrased by saying that’s what the bad guys do? Gee and here i thought i was ends-justify-the-means girl.) And yes i’m being slightly unfair in basing my opinion of the film on what other people say. For example, akronohten wrote: "Then mom and I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11. I was a bit skepctial going in, after reading this Christopher Hitchens piece, but I doubted whether we were seeing the same film."

At first i was saying that i wasn’t inclined to discuss the film much since it’s Michael Moore, for whom i have about 0 respect, and that from what i understand, it says/shows little that hasn’t already been said/seen before, so i’ve basically had all the discussions already. And yet, i found myself reading everything about the film i came across. Collapse )