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[Saturday] Les Mis // Southland Tales [2007-11-03]

I was vaguely aware that North Station was getting renovated, but when I walked in on Saturday I was taken aback to find that it had become really fucking swanky.

The Hub Express has a bar, but no vegetarian hot sandwiches.  (They do have a couple vegetarian cold sandwiches.) The McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts are still there, so I got an egg and cheese sandwich and a strawberry banana smoothie at Dunkin's.  The smoothie tasted less sticky sweet processed than the strawberry smoothie I got at ABP once, but still not as good as the real fruit smoothies one can get at Harvard T.

As I sat on a bench and ate, a woman with a shaved head, probably in her twenties, was sitting on a nearby bench talking on a cell phone.
Overheard: "My grandfather punched me when I was 11 for wearing lipstick.  I'll never make that mistake again."

The train ride out to Beverly was uneventful.  There's a restaurant right at the station, but it's all meat (incl. lots of seafood).  Leaving aside drinks and dessert, my options were literally 2-3 Appetizers (Tomato and Mozzarella, French Onion Soup Gratinee, Soup of the Season), and 3 "A La Carte Accompaniments" (Roasted garlic smashed potatoes, Vegetable of the day, Fresh sauteed mushrooms) I could have eaten.  It's apparently only open for dinner anyway, so I called Beverly City Taxi and they picked us up promptly.  The theatre's literally in the woods -- though not terribly deep in the woods.

We got the "cheap" seats (Upper Circle is K-P, and we were L, seats 3 and 4) but dude, they were great seats.  The actors played to our side most of the time.  It's a small enough theatre that there aren't really "bad" seats.

The performance was solid, though I wasn't blown away.

I own the Les Mis Original Broadway Cast Recording soundtrack but have only watched the show twice -- a video of a production in 9th grade, and a video of NHS's production near the end of my time in college.  Watching it this time, I was reminded that though I love parts of it, there are a lot of parts I'm not really into.  Collapse )


At 5:03pm I called for a taxi and was told 15 minutes.  A couple taxis showed up for other people.  5:32 I called, and the woman said she was under the understanding that I had already been picked up, so she'd send someone right over.  5:46, she said he should be there "any second."  5:57, "Sweet Jesus, I'll call them" -- she gets back to me and says they driver's "on Dunham Road, which is the road the theatre's on."  I was willing to give them another 5 minutes before I called back, and they just barely made that.
The trains back to North Station were at 5:45 and 6:16 (and 8:05).  We got to the Depot at 6:12; the train ended up not arriving until 6:25.


We went to Uno's in Harvard Square for dinner.  I got Farmer's Market deep dish pizza and a Chocolate Monkey -- and a sip of Cate's pomegranate margarita.


I asked for a student ticket and showed my Harvard ID, like I do.  She asked if I was a student or staff ('cause my ID just says "Harvard University").  Harvard students get in free, while staff pay $6.  I considered lying, but I just wasn't feeling it.  Besides, do I really wanna say that I'm a Harvard student?  (Present company excluded from withering remarks about Harvard students, of course.)

Much like after Donnie Darko, I was left thinking "... and the point of that was?"

I did enjoy watching The Rock on my screen, though :)  I was surprised at how many actors I recognized  -- a slew of SNL cast members as well as John Larroquette, Bai Ling, and plenty of big names I recognized on IMDb but didn't recognize onscreen.

I decided to lj-cut all my commentary on this, even though it doesn't really spoil plot points beyond what you get in the trailer, because apparently various flisters are planning to see the film, and I don't know what all your spoiler policies are.  (towards has a link to download an mp3 of "Teen Horniness is not a Crime.") Collapse )

IMDb says:
In addition to the feature film, an expanded version of Southland Tales will be presented as a six-part interactive experience with the prequel saga to be published as three separate 90-130 page graphic novels, each written by Kelly. The graphic novels will be released over a six month period early in 2007 leading up to the film's release with the feature film comprised of the story's final three chapters. In addition, the film's official website will be one of the largest and most elaborate ever designed for a feature film. Richard Kelly describes the graphic novels as a "work in tandem with the website, creating a more epic multimedia experience for those interested in taking the plunge."
The first one is up on the website, but you have to squint to read it.  Yeah, not bothering.  My brother and I read the "book" that was an extra feature on the Donnie Darko DVD, and that was hard to read and unhelpful, so I'm not feeling especially motivated here.  (Though apparently MLN has Book 1, so I did put in a request for that.  Supposedly it's about how amnesiac-Boxer first meets Krysta, which is actually a story I'm really interested in.  At one point in the movie she says, "He's not who you think he is," and I'm never clear just what she knows -- though I do believe that she loves him.)

"This Is Just To Say:"

Leaving work this evening, the air was just so beautifully winter -- the temperature, and something more than that that I can't place, the smell maybe?  And walking over the bridge, the cool blue of the sky ... that made me sad that next week it'll be dark when I leave work (I'm like the opposite of SAD, so I'm usually unfazed by that).

I love winter.

And I got a strawberry-pineapple-banana fruit smoothie.


Reading the metro this morning, I was intrigued by the Maureen Fleming dance performance at the ICA, but by the time I got to looking into location and T accessibility and ticket purchasing, it appeared to be sold out.

Metro also informed me of: Southland Tales "sneak screening" at Harvard Film Archive (Sat. Nov. 3, 9:15pm, $8)
     Hi, I am so there.  My phone was being lame, so I went to purchase a ticket in person.  Now, I know where Quincy St. is, so I figured I'd fine.  Wrong.  I forget how completely non-intuitive college campuses are.  It's housed in the "Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts" (which the banner signs do suggest, as does the Metro listing to its credit), but getting anywhere in said Center basically presumes you already know how to get where you're going.  I'm very glad I asked someone when I did.  The guy at the counter said they weren't selling advance tickets, but that if I arrived a half hour early I should be fine, that they weren't expecting to sell out.  So yeah, I will totally be there.  I'll be up on the North Shore most of the day tomorrow, but feel free to contact me if you would like to meet up somewhere and go together.

I was sold on Wristcutters: A Love Story from the top of the review with its photo of a dark haired woman leaning out a window with the caption "Sossamon, on the lookout for love in the afterlife" and it got better when I actually read the review and learned it was about a "special suicides-only afterlife."

I'm undecided on ImprovBoston's "The Wasteland Comedy Hour with T. S. Eliot" -- Every Friday through Dec, 14, 8pm
hermione by oatmilk

"So she said, 'What's the problem, baby?'"

Collapse )

VH1 actually plays music videos.  This morning I saw J.Lo's "Do It Well" (YouTube).  I . . . don't even know.

I forget how it came up, but I told Greg and Katie about the modern day Trojan Horse experiment.

I go back and forth about how much I want to see Southland Tales (see May 29, 2005 entry and May 31, 2006 entry).  Today I saw this entry.  I was not taken with Donnie Darko, but I inexplicably wanna see Southland Tales.  [IMDb lists a limited US release date of Nov. 7, 2007.]

At lunch, Katie got brussel sprouts with her salad, and I said I thought I really didn't like them as a child, but I tried them once in college and thought, "Well, doesn't suck."  She cracked up.  I'm still not used to being considered funny -- and I'm a little concerned, because it feels like laughing *at,* but I know she means it well.  She said I remind her a lot of Daria.  Is that not one of the highest compliments?  (Why is that show not out on DVD, btw?  Okay, wikipedia provides me some answers.)

Over lunch, the Muppets came up somehow.  Eric said there was gonna be a "Who Wants to Be a Muppet?" but I think he is either lying or delusional.  (Yes, I Googled.)  MaryAlice talked about the Swedish Chef lobster sketch, which sounded hysterical, but I found it on YouTube and didn't think it was that funny.

One of Prof.B's former students e-mailed:
Hope you're doing well.  Not sure if you remember but I was in your Incentives class during the 2003/2004 school year.  I don't think I ever got to tell you, but I really enjoyed your class and it has been instrumental in my career over the years.  Not sure if you've seen this video but it could be a fun one to show your classes.
Attached was a .wmv of the bud.tv "swear jar" commercial.  (YouTube)  It is hysterical.

On my way out of work, I think I saw two guys kissing.

And I am up to an audience of 4 for my most recent sowrong fic pairing.  Guess I really do have to finish that fic I was working on *checks* 2 years ago [early August, 2005].


Game Night tonight at Trelawney and Eric's new place in Wakefield.

Her twin sister and family were there at the beginning, along with Michele from CWM.  I learned that Michele watches HIMYM -- and Heroes.  Nice.  She brought Scene It, but Mike and I weren't really excited about that, plus (more importantly) Mike's work acquaintance Tyler and Michele had both never played Apples to Apples before.  Michele had to leave not too long in, but we did play a few rounds, and she won one hand giving Eric "My Love Life" (the "my" on a card always refers to the Judge) for some positive adjective (Luxurious?).  Later we got the entertainment of Eric arguing that Trelawney's baked beans are Revolutionary.

I got Intelligent (for Men in Black?) and Stereotyped (for Sunday Drivers).  I gave Michelle Dangerous (for Snakes, beating out toys -- which could have won for the entertainment value, if people had argued it in a sexual fashion -- because she argued Snakes on a Plane) and Sue Mystical (for Swiss Chocolate).  Oh and I gave Friendly the win with "Canadians" -- which Michelle validated as beating out Carnival Workers (which I think was her card); I think the winner was Tyler's card.

Mike drove me to and from Game Night.  Tyler just moved to the area (from Ohio?) less than a month ago, and Mike was telling me about how he was asking Mike about places to meet people.  I said I wouldn't even know what to tell people, and said I was so grateful that I found communities of people (church and work) relatively quickly, but finding available people I'd be interested in and who like girls?  Yeah, hard.  And honestly, I'd rather spend what limited time I have cultivating the friendships I have, but I know sometime I will want that and I really don't have good ideas for how to go about it.


I watched the CSI premiere (see preceding entry) and found that CBS doesn't show streaming video of Without a Trace.  Not watching the show wouldn't be all that much of a sacrifice, but I am gonna have to get a new tv soonish so I can watch DVDs etc., so I'd like to be able to just jump back in.

A TV/DVD combo is like $200. Even just a tv is like $100.  A DVD/VCR player is like $100, and I think I'm gonna get that, so that if the TV craps out I can still play VHS as well as DVD.

I also need to solve my CD-burner problem.  (In case you missed my post/s, I can't find the USB cord.)

I know, I know, first world problems (as gloss put it recently).
cc sexeh crouch [wickedripeplum]

sex, media, comedy [not nearly as profound as that sounds]

The 25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written -- says Playboy

This seems a misleading title.  They themselves say, "Some titles were famous for being dirty books for decades, contraband smuggled in from Paris. A few were champions in the courts, books that freed the language. Some tackled taboos. Others showcased attitude -- either curiosity or humor or energy."

The few books I have read here (numbers 4, 6, 11, and maybe 23) wouldn't even be contenders for my "sexiest novels ever written list," and skimming the blurbs for the ones I haven't read, it seems that the main theme is kinky and boundary-pushing -- which is fine, and might in fact entice me to read it, but doesn't in and of itself make it one the "sexiest novels ever written."  I really don't read a whole lot of erotica (outside of fanfic, natch) so I have difficulty coming up with any contenders, but my point still stands.

Anyone have suggestions?  (Anon commenting enabled.)

I remember seeing Southland Tales on IMDb when I was poking to see what Whedon alums had as upcoming projects, but it didn't much stick with me.  This article for the most part does not sell me on wanting to see the film, but "with wrestler Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as an anxious, amnesiac action hero and Sarah Michelle Gellar biting down hard on the role of socially conscious porn queen Krysta Now" totally does.  I have no shame.

My family bonded over the Last Comic Standing 4th season opener tonight (Tuesday).  My brother and I caught part of one episode of that one summer, and there was definitely some funny stuff there.  This seems to me way more entertaining to watch than a lot of the reality/elimination shows.

The first city they went to (L.A.?) had a lot of good talent.  There were good people who weren't selected.  But the rest of the country?  Not so good.  (The 5 other cities were: Tempe, AZ; Austin, TX; Miami; Chicago; NYC.)  My favorite was the 19-year-old girl from the first group.  "My dad's gay.  My friends are always like, 'I wish my dad was gay,' and I say, 'Yeah, my dad wishes your dad were gay, too.' "

Reminder: books (and a couple magnets) free to good home
tell me a story [lizzieb]

fannishness that's primarily non-Whedon

"They get attacked by deer.  It's kinda awkward." -my brother on Ring 2

"[Eva] Longoria joins past #1 picks, Jessica Simpson (2004), Christina Aguilera (2003), Jennifer Garner (2002) and Jessica Alba (2001)."
So, the Maxim 100 has always been on crack, huh?

drabble != "a shorter piece"

Hey, akronohten -- pengies (and Morgan Freeman, though not actually in the trailer)

Kate came over on Saturday.  I'd been feeling a bit off on Wonderfalls since our last DVD viewing, but i did wanna finish the series, and the next two episodes we saw -- "Barrel Bear" and "Lovesick Ass" -- got me back loving the show.  Next we watched the first two episodes of Dead Like Me.  I approve, though it's gonna take more for me to have mad love for the show.

Reading this interview with Caroline Dhavernas, i think i need to see her next three movies.  (Also: looking at IMDb, she was in Lost and Delirious?)

I used to not care about the HP ‘verse enough to seek out fanfic, but i got sucked in because the flist kept reccing stuff -- though most of it wasn't/isn't pairings that interest me anyway.  (P.S. Why does no one on my flist rec stuff in my fandoms of choice?)  I'm so Source Text Girl, though, and am used to having a hardcore grasp on the canon including minor events and subtleties of characterization.  I do read ‘verses other than Whedonverse, just not a whole lot, and i always feel like i'm missing out on stuff.  But i find myself actually wanting to read more HP fic (Hermione, Luna, Neville, Ginny, McGonagall...) so i think i'm actually gonna reread the books.  This was prompted particularly by a fic summary which mentioned Ginny and Tom and the diary and my subsequent realization that not only do i not have a feel for some of the characterization and stuff like that, but that i forget the details of major canon events.

I recently rewatched the first two TNG movies.  So so good.  (I also watched the next 2 for the first time.  Insurrection felt very Been There Done That, though it was good.  Nemesis talk following.)  It was occurring to me that there's no Q in the movies.  I read ship_manifesto for Picard/Q and lo i have more fic to read (though admittedly i haven't finished the crack_van for TNG).  [And one of these days i will watch all of Voyager on DVD.  Gee, i could buy it all for only $607.46.]  I heart this articleCollapse )

Meredith sent me this traumatizing link.  Look for Michelle Trachtenberg's movie, and know that Sean Maher plays Simon in Firefly.

This got me looking at what Whedon's people have been doing recently.  I need to see Southland Tales.  And Vinyl.  And Outing Riley.

More IMDb trivia: Nathan Fillion wanted to be a high school English teacher.  And originally auditioned for the part of Angel on Buffy.

At dinner on Friday, my mom said she'd passed a guy on the street who looked familiar, and she was trying to think if he was one of my friends or something, and then it occurred to her: Seth Green.  It wasn't Seth Green, but it looked like him, and those people are like family.

And um, Wang (Yankee) is a Pitcher?  *falls over*  I mean, i've been coughing all weekend anyhow, but this is not helping.

Ashley (and Sharon) made me do the book meme.

Total number of books I've owned:

Um, a lot.  What kind of question is this?  At least with "Total number of books I currently own" one could conceivably make a count.  Being an English major, i've bought over a hundred books in the past 4 years for school alone -- though being a Bad English Major (tm) i don't still own most of them :)  I probably own less than a hundred books currently, since i'm picky about what i like and don't tend to reread books.

Last book I bought:

You say this like i buy books :)  I recently bought Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage, and i think the last time i bought any books before that was when i made purchases for my last semester at Smith.

Last book I read:

Our Lives as Torah: finding God in our own stories by Carol Ochs

(Currently reading Artificial Mythologies: a guide to cultural invention by Craig J. Saper.)

Five books that mean a lot to me:

1. Silver by Norma Fox Mazer.
I read the book and wrote to the author and she actually wrote back.  That experience means more to me than all her books, though she has a lot of quality books.

2. Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden.
First lesbian love story i ever read.  It's beautiful and real and just so well-done -- though the real Cloisters disappointed, and i later became frustrated that the Biblical condemnations of same-sex relations were not countered within the world of the book.

3. Angela Carter, Burning Your Boats: The Collected Stories.
Retellings of fairytales and other well-known tales as well as original stories.  Lush and dark and full of sensuality.  Plus my intro to incest.  Are there any buttons of mine that this collection doesn't push?

4. What The Bible Really Says About Homosexuality by Daniel A. Helminiak.
So thorough and accessible.  It doesn't cover absolutely everything, but it comes close, and it's very lay accessible.  I got it out from the library for reference so frequently i finally put it on my wish list to be bought for me.

5. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.
I thought about putting A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) or The Odyssey (Homer) here, because they're both stories i was introduced to at a very young age and still love and which are easy to select as origin points for things i continue to love in literature (lengthy description and Greek mythology, respectively).  But A Wrinkle in Time just has such a place in my heart/soul.

Tag 5 people and have them fill this out in their LJs:

I'm interested in people's responses to the "5 books that mean a lot to me" question, but no one's obligated to do this meme.