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1. hi-res X3 poster images

2. a download of the Bones ep w/ Adam Baldwin -- which I downloaded last night and which plays as a blank avi, wtf?

3. Gina Torres is being hot on The Shield? *is sad to not get FX*

4. Prompted by the X3 pictures on my wall, Eric told me that the Ghost Rider trailer is gonna be attached to the X3 movie. He is annoyed that Nicholas Cage is playing Ghost Rider 'cause he doesn't like Nicholas Cage. I said I didn't particularly have strong feelings either way.
     "He named his kid Kal-el." (Kal-el Coppola Cage)
     "Not his best moment," I admitted. But not as bad as "Moon Unit," I pointed out.
     "Moon Unit"? Apparently this was completely new knowledge to Eric.
     I couldn't remember the other one ("Dweezil") so I Googled. And thereby learned that Frank Zappa had 4 badly named kids. (Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet Rodan, and Diva) I totally thought there were just the 2 (Moon Unit and Dweezil).

5. glossing made my day like whoa.

I am yet again considering getting a del.icio.us

Probably as public service much like tagging since LJMemories-dump basically works for keeping track of the stuff I personally have yet to read/officially rec. [Though I could also tag by themes etc., thus aiding my own searching/referencing purposes. *ponders* And yes of course my tagging system function as a search aid probably even more for myself than for anyone else. I mean, it is about me first and public service second.]

This is gonna be the part where nobody responds and I ultimately decide to go ahead and do it, right?

(Ooh, if I did del.icio.us I could also do it for fanart. Though, see, the danger in that is that then I might never do up a fanart recs page on my site.)

Day before Break? Yeah, 's been a slow day.

My trains ran fast this morning, so I was in at like 8:35. (Usually I'm in around 8:40, 8:45.)
Greg (who's always in before me): Do you live sufficiently close, or do you get up sufficiently early from far away?

Yesterday I decided not to bring a brownie with lunch and ended up craving one and bought a Snickers bar.
So today I brought a brownie and (before I'd eaten it) Barbara came back from a meeting bearing (among other things) fruit and cookies.

Wednesday's Metro there was a kerfluffle about IHOP coming to Harvard Square. 'Cause, um, it's a chain.
Non-kerfluffly, The Hempest is coming to Upstairs at the Garage. Oh the Northampton convergences.

Millionaire the other day I was wrong. Synovial fluid is cracking your knuckles, not popping your ears.

The receipt from a previous person who had my Martín Espada library book has 2 items on it:
   Imagine the angels of bread: poems
   Betty Crocker's Step-by-step cookbook
I was amused.

Rich's cell phone alarm went off and I jumped.
"I startle easily; it's not my fault."

Edit: Almost forgot: club_joss is doing BK's "Cry Havoc" -- which still makes me cry.
hermione by oatmilk

tv listings are dumb

Air Date: 3/15/06 (WEDNESDAY)
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on FOX

Dude, that is the stupidest way to list a time.  Way to make me think it was 9pm.

Later it says "episode of BONES airing Wednesday, March 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX," which is clearer I suppose.

I'm so used to hearing stuff like "nine, eight Central" that I just assume the later time is the Eastern time.  Yeah yeah, assumptions are bad.  (And in fact I usually actually check tvguide.com/listings somewhat compulsively to make sure I have it right.)  Still miffed.  I made it home in 10 minutes, rock on.  And it's not like I was dying to see this or anything; I mean, it would have felt a touch like overkill to actually bother taping it (esp. since I'm having company these coming weekends) but since I thought I'd be home for it.  Okay, this is me moving on now.
tell me a story [lizzieb]

(televisual) planning ahead

     Adam Baldwin // Bones // Wednesday, March 15; 9pm, FOX // 1.15 "Two Bodies in the Lab"
Adam Baldwin has some Bones to pick.  Adam will play Agent Kenton, a fellow FBI agent of David Boreanaz's character Booth on the March 15th episode of Bones called "Two Bodies in the Lab".

     Michelle Trachtenberg // House // Tuesday, April 4; 9pm, FOX // 2.16 "Safe"
Michelle Trachtenberg to guest star on April 4th episode of Fox series House.  She'll play a teenage girl who recently had a heart transplant.

     (guest) starrage liek whoa // How I Met Your Mother // Monday, May something; 8:30 pm, CBS // season finale
links: whedonesque / zap2it / tv.com


Apparently Asia Argento and Winona Ryder are in The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things.

Thoughts on NBC's pilot Heroes?

In my mail today, a postcard from The TheaterOffensive:
Christine Jorgensen Reveals
Calderwood Pavilion, April 6-29
I actually don't see it on said website, though now I'm debating some of the other shows that have been added to the website.

Edit: found.
Christine Jorgensen Reveals
by Bradford Louryk
Directed by Josh Hecht

4/6/2006 – 4/29/2006
The Theater Offensive
Roberts Studio Theatre

"Ex-GI Turns Blonde Beauty!” In 1952, America’s first famous transsexual was a scandal, and arguably the most famous person in the world. In Christine Jorgensen Reveals, Bradford Louryk’s exquisite, tour de force performance brings to life Jorgensen’s only recorded interview. The result is a disarming and enlightening new play about personhood and the nature of humanity in which Ms. Jorgensen–displaying extraordinary intellect, charisma, poise, and grace– speaks candidly about her sensational life. Banned in Boston since 1954, Christine was ahead of her time in understanding gender identity as a social construct, and forced the world to reconsider. Nominated for a 2006 GLAAD Media Award!

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes
[polymexina, I will definitely be in touch when the full Huntington Play Reading Series list is up as I definitely wanna see Voyeurs de Venus.]

So, the following came to my fannish e-mail address, escaping the Spam filter probably because it was only sent to a few dozen people.  I recognize lots of fannish addresses on there.  So this'll be a repeat for some of you, but it's too funny not to share.
Subject: yo bro, hit me back

Its proven that guys with bigger cocks last longer.
You wanna be known as a sex god among the ladies?
would ask of Sam at the dinner table, breaking in on a conversation of
him and he struggled to his feet.Without stopping his work, Grover began swearing."Damn it, man, get out of here."Sam groped with his hand for the door. One of the white-clad, ghoulish