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hard at work

"Members of the UN are currently using my computer." -Katie

Work continues to be busy.

Things that made me happy today included listening to OMWF songs ("Rest in Peace," "Walk Through the Fire," and "Standing") on YouTube.  I am now listening to the bootleg Ally (not to be confused with Allie or Aly) burned for me back when the ep first aired -- which I far prefer to the official one as it actually includes relevant dialogue bits.

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I made actually dinner for myself tonight.  Winnar.


I remember seeing at least one entry on someone else's flist linking to an article about translating Harry Potter into Hebrew, and I was telling my mom about an excerpt from it, but I hadn't actually gotten around to reading it, so I did tonight.  ("When Harry Meets Hebrew")
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From whedonesque:
Amber Benson's "Death's Daughter". Amber lands a three book deal with Penguin, and this will be her first release.

From the press release: DEATH'S DAUGHTER, the story of a young woman trying to make it as a young urban professional in NYC who slowly comes to realize that her father is actually the Grim Reaper and that she must rescue him after he's kidnapped by unknown forces in order to save her entire family (not to mention the world.
I'm definitely interested.


The weather was beautiful today and we ate lunch outside and Eric joined us and we talked tv.

I told him about the adorable pictures of the girl who plays Molly Walker (Adair Tishler) from the Emmys [though IMDb doesn't have this one] and we swapped casting news for the JJ Abrams Star Trek (okay, he already knew mine -- which I of course got from Vik -- but whatever).

He apparently loves Eureka (which makes me laugh, because all I know about it is jennyo talking about how femslashy it is) and is upset that he doesn't have the Sci-Fi channel (he got the first season on DVD).  I live in like the only town in the Boston area that has RCN rather than (as well as?) Comcast.  He says Comcast is buying RCN?

I feel like all the TV starts back up again next week.  [Note to self: catch up on Heroes online comics this weekend.]  And somehow I'm supposed to get enough sleep and also do the readings for my class?  *tries to remember what this felt like last semester*  I'm basically not adding any new shows to my schedule -- so if there are any new shows you think I absolutely must watch, this is the time to convince me.

HIMYM @ 8:00 [CBS] (I'm lending Eric S2 when it's out 'cause he liked S1 but hasn't seen S2)
Heroes @ 9 [NBC]

Thursday -- taping because of small group
CSI @ 9 [CBS]
WaT @ 10 [CBS]

And, midseason replacement:
The Sarah Connor Chronicles @ 9 [FOX]
moon house

Third Sunday of Advent

This morning I went to church at Trinity Boston (11:15am), which is a bit of an impressive sanctuary.

Despite having read the Sunday Services page, it hadn't clicked for me that I was choosing Sermon over Eucharist.  Which would have been my choice if I had to make one, but I've come to expect Eucharist as a given at an Episcopal service, so I was a bit jarred.

The stand/kneel/sit directions were written into the program, which I prefer to the "BCP -- go!" approach I stumbled through at St. James.

After the Opening Acclamation they did the Lighting of the Advent Wreath, but with no specific mention of any weekly theme.  Boo.

I continue to not be grabbed by the music.  (The Hymnal 1982, blue)  One of the hymns reminded me in melody of "Our God, Our Help In Ages Past," though.  And one ("Savior of the nations, come!") was by Luther, which amused me.

We said/sang "Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit: As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever," three maybe four times (Invitatory, both canticles).  I prefer the "is now and ever shall be" Gloria Patri I grew up with.

They did the Apostle's Creed.  I don't like the Harrowing of Hell, "i believe in the Holy Ghost" seems a random beginning to the last section, and I like the sound of "one holy catholic and apostolic church" (versus "the holy catholic Church").  Looking back at the Nicene, though, it goes into much more detail about the Holy Spirit (and lots of other bits), which can be problematic (I'm thinking of glacierscout saying, "there really is a lot of room for a diversity of positions about what each of the creedal statements means.").  The Apostles' states belief in "the resurrection of the body" which always strikes me, and looking back at the Nicene, it has the broader, " We look for the resurrection of the dead."  sk8eeyore: in LTJ's Creed book, does he do both creeds?

Lord's Prayer was "trespasses ... For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen."

In the prayers after the Collect of the Day, the Officiant called all the leaders by their first names (George, Mitt, Deval, Tom, etc.) and prayed for leadership, soldiers, peace, etc. in a way that actually didn't make me feel very uncomfortable.

Zephaniah 3:14-20
Isaiah 12:2-6
Second Lesson read at 6pm only, so we didn't get Philippians 4:4-17 (which always makes me think of you, of course)
Luke 3:7-18

The sermon (Rev. Michael B. Dangelo) was about expecting and expectations, and it wasn't bad, but.  Talking about Ancient Israel and the Messiah, he talked about how God offers us limitless possibilities, but that limitless possibility is really difficult to live into, so we create limits and expectations.

I went down to coffee after service, but it was just coffee, so I turned around pretty quickly.

The insert with events had at the bottom of the first page:
Statement of Affirmation
Trinity Church in the City of Boston welcomes and honors everyone. In accordance with our baptismal covenant, we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person. We strive to include all persons without regard to sexual orientation, race, nationality, gender, family configuration, ethnic background, economic circumstances, difference in ability, culture, or age. Our love and acceptance of each other embody our commitment to unity with God and each other in Christ.

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My amusement of the day: On the Red Line home from church, these two guys (probably mid-20's) were talking and one says to the other: "I was looking at this website that [air quotes] rates [/air quotes] movies, and they were giving all my favorite movies 4's and 5's -- out of 10.  So I looked up Gladiator, like: I'm gonna kick your ass if you only give Gladiator a 4 or a 5.  It only had an 8.1.  You can view results, and there were people giving it a 1.  How can you give Gladiator a 1?  Unless you're like a hippie who hates violence."

I actually have yet to see Gladiator, so I have no real opinion on it, personally.

[I pulled up Gladiator on IMDb and lo, 8.1, so I'm thinking that must be the site he was talking about.]


Nobody told me that Wedding Wars doesn't just have Sean Maher but has him playing a gay man whose boyfriend is played by John Stamos.  [I glossed right past the whedonesque announcement.]  I didn't see it but was informed by helholden.


Today was less with the motivation than I had hoped for, but I realized Secret Slasha fic is due Dec. 21 and actually wrote it.  Anyone wanna beta?

I also reprogrammed my VCR now that all shows are in winter recess.  (Ari, they reran the VMars season opener, so I have all of this season so far on tape for you.)

return dates:
CSI: Jan. 4
WaT: Jan. 14
Heroes: Jan. 22
VMars: Jan. 23


Frank Crowley (whose wife my high school best friend interviewed for our AP US History WWII project) died.  Funeral's on Saturday.
hermione by oatmilk


link via ann1962: new LJ UserInfo/profile page setup being tested out
I'm not particularly a fan.

In a similar vein: The current LJ Portal is too cluttered for my taste (thankfully the normal webupdate page is still an option).  I would like LJ to have a page like myHBS where I can add my own bookmarks -- Tag Management, Poll Creator, other stuff that you have to poke to find, and also stuff that is on the sidebar like Recent Comments for convenience, and maybe even outside links like Joule).

On the Red Line home today the woman next to me was telling her companion that some guy had gotten killed at South Station this morning ~8:00, that some guy was leaning over to look for the train and it came too fast.  I find this difficult to believe, but okay.  This woman got her information from a friend who was stuck at the JFK stop for at least 20 minutes.  I know I got on a train to Alewife a little after 8:05, and when I got out at Harvard I heard something over the PA about a disabled train though I didn't hear which direction.  Boston.com and GoogleNews give me nada, which lends credence to my theory that this woman (women) is wrong.  I boggle at how this story got created if it wasn't true, though.  She was all full of details including "blood everywhere."

Update the next morning:
Coming into South Station on the commuter rail, I heard a woman a few seats away from me telling someone about how a guy had gotten hit by a train, don't people know you're supposed to "stand behind the yellow line," something about he couldn't hear though I'm not sure I caught that correctly, train had to be taken out of service.
I actually picked up a copy of the Metro, but nothing there, and Boston.com and GoogleNews still give me nothing.

TVGuide for May 1-7 came today.  The HotList actually intriguing.
Tuesday @10 on NBC: SVU focuses on teen obesity.  This is gonna make me angry, I know, but I feel like I have to see it.
Sunday @10 on NBC: Crossing Jordan season finale.  That was fast.  They win points with me for not dragging the Thing from the end of last episode through a month of sweeps.
I'm watching CSI and Without a Trace, natch.  Think I'll skip the upcoming House, though.
I should keep an eye our for the guest star season finale of How I Met Your Mother.  (trijinx, lemme know if there are other eps I should see.)
tell me a story [lizzieb]

(televisual) planning ahead

     Adam Baldwin // Bones // Wednesday, March 15; 9pm, FOX // 1.15 "Two Bodies in the Lab"
Adam Baldwin has some Bones to pick.  Adam will play Agent Kenton, a fellow FBI agent of David Boreanaz's character Booth on the March 15th episode of Bones called "Two Bodies in the Lab".

     Michelle Trachtenberg // House // Tuesday, April 4; 9pm, FOX // 2.16 "Safe"
Michelle Trachtenberg to guest star on April 4th episode of Fox series House.  She'll play a teenage girl who recently had a heart transplant.

     (guest) starrage liek whoa // How I Met Your Mother // Monday, May something; 8:30 pm, CBS // season finale
links: whedonesque / zap2it / tv.com


Apparently Asia Argento and Winona Ryder are in The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things.

Thoughts on NBC's pilot Heroes?

In my mail today, a postcard from The TheaterOffensive:
Christine Jorgensen Reveals
Calderwood Pavilion, April 6-29
I actually don't see it on said website, though now I'm debating some of the other shows that have been added to the website.

Edit: found.
Christine Jorgensen Reveals
by Bradford Louryk
Directed by Josh Hecht

4/6/2006 – 4/29/2006
The Theater Offensive
Roberts Studio Theatre

"Ex-GI Turns Blonde Beauty!” In 1952, America’s first famous transsexual was a scandal, and arguably the most famous person in the world. In Christine Jorgensen Reveals, Bradford Louryk’s exquisite, tour de force performance brings to life Jorgensen’s only recorded interview. The result is a disarming and enlightening new play about personhood and the nature of humanity in which Ms. Jorgensen–displaying extraordinary intellect, charisma, poise, and grace– speaks candidly about her sensational life. Banned in Boston since 1954, Christine was ahead of her time in understanding gender identity as a social construct, and forced the world to reconsider. Nominated for a 2006 GLAAD Media Award!

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes
[polymexina, I will definitely be in touch when the full Huntington Play Reading Series list is up as I definitely wanna see Voyeurs de Venus.]

So, the following came to my fannish e-mail address, escaping the Spam filter probably because it was only sent to a few dozen people.  I recognize lots of fannish addresses on there.  So this'll be a repeat for some of you, but it's too funny not to share.
Subject: yo bro, hit me back

Its proven that guys with bigger cocks last longer.
You wanna be known as a sex god among the ladies?
would ask of Sam at the dinner table, breaking in on a conversation of
him and he struggled to his feet.Without stopping his work, Grover began swearing."Damn it, man, get out of here."Sam groped with his hand for the door. One of the white-clad, ghoulish