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anime night

Makes you feel downright warm here, no?

Tonight i learned that the record low here was negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit in 1961. Temps like that killed people in Russia around this time last year. Don't y'all feel so much warmer now? Temps for the next week (here anyway) are actually supposed to be highs in the twenties, and later into the thirties. And yo, all the lows are supposed to be freezing or above.

The state low was negative 35 back in 1981, and the coldest ever east of the Mississippi in this nation was negative 54 back in 1922. And yes, all these were in the month of January. The national record was -79.8, but that was on an Alaskan mountain, and the record for the contiguous 48 was -69.7 in Montana (again, mountains).